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Mindfulness Based Meditation practices are ideal for cultivating greater awareness and unity of mind and body for improved emotional and physical health.
Shambhala Meditation is based on the premise that the natural state of the mind is calm and clear.
Shambhala International (Vajradhatu), Shambhala, Shambhala Meditation Center, Shambhala Training, Shambhala Center and Way of Shambhala are registered service marks of Shambhala USA".
The study was conducted in a group of teachers, but one of the scientists behind the research says there's an important takeaway lesson for all of us. The study was published in the September 2013 issue of the journal Mind, Brain and Education. The issue of whether one should call breath training as Mindfulness has been an ongoing discussion in Mindfulness training circles. We will explore Mindfulness Based Meditation while stationary, and with gentle accessible yoga movements.  You will learn that Mindfulness can be practiced anytime and anywhere for stress-free living.

It’s a practice that anyone can do. Learn to meditate and develop mindfulness awareness by attending any of our open houses or introductory classes.
Continue »Sadhana of Mahamudra May 7thAll are welcome to this monthly Vajrayana practice.
While this article infers there is more in the cited Mindfulness program for teachers, the emphasis described is on using breath training as Mindfulness practice.
And while the new study's findings were based primarily on questionnaires and classroom observations, previous research--including a 2011 study by Harvard researchers--linked mindfulness-based stress reduction to structural changes in the brain. My personal opinion based on my writing about the original teachings of the Buddha regarding meditation practice and my own teaching and practicing meditation, is that breath training is better described as a concentration or Samadhi practice and not Mindfulness. It brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity to the mind and body while leading awareness through many levels of mental processes to a state of supreme stillness and insight. Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep.
I am interested in bringing together those who want to learn more about mindfulness and people who want to continue to cultivate their mindful practices.

Other research linked mindfulness meditation to lower levels of cortisol, a so-called stress hormone. Because one is defining apples as oranges by saying breath practice is Mindfulness and, therefore, the 'real' practice of Mindfulness is mislabeled and misunderstood leading to confusion in research as well as the practice of meditation. In Meditation, you remain in the Waking state of consciousness, and gently focus the mind, while allowing thought patterns, emotions, sensations, and images to arise and go on.
However, in Yoga Nidra, you leave the Waking state, go past the Dreaming state, and go to Deep Sleep, yet remain awake.

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