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Our group offers regular meditation sessions and instruction as well as periodic retreats, gatherings and special events.
All are welcome to participate, regardless of spiritual tradition, or the lack thereof, and level of experience with meditation and mindfulness practice. Jetthe Fabioola, MA in anthropology, therapist, meditation teacher and mother of two grown children. Our offerings also include programs, courses and workshops in the Buddhist tradition as well as non-secular courses of study.
Cultivate the positive attitudes of mindfulness and calm abiding such as non-judgment and patience.

He has studied and practiced meditation in multible Buddhist traditions for over 30 years and spent 5 years in meditation retreats. Jetthe has a background as an anthropologist specialising in dreams and child culture; in leadership training with Montague Ullman, in cybernetic dream-work at the Vedfelt Institute and Jungian psychoanalysis with Pia Skogeman.
Stephan was a monk in the Tibetan tradition for 11 years and teaches meditation in Buddhist centers in Europe. She is a student of Lama Tsultrim Allione and is a certified trainer of the Feeding your Demon process. Course activities include group discussion and contemplative exercises that allow us to connect to the teachings at an experiential level, and find ways to integrate the path of meditation, wisdom and compassion into our daily lives.

Members are encouraged to suggest related offerings that may be of interest to group members.

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