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We're giving away three amazing guided visualisations with every MindSpa System - Deep Relaxation and Meditation, Developing Your Intuition and Manage Stress & Anxiety.
MindSpa utilizes specifically tuned frequencies of light, together with soothing, calming sound to lead your mind gently into one of two major states depending on the desired outcome. The lack of good quality sleep can have a very debilitating effect on your physical and mental health. Using your MindSpa immediately before you go to bed will help naturally to quieten your mind and relax your body. In a more general way, using your MindSpa over time will improve the way you handle stress and and condition your mind to be quieter and calmer.
This has been due to a number of reasons but stresses, over-tiredness, a cluttered mind which won't switch off have all contributed to my anxiety. I have tried endless remedies, some of which have helped but I decided to try the Mindspa Meditation Machine and it has been absolutely brilliant.
Knowing how much lack of sleep has pulled me down in the past and in fact how ageing that is, I only wish I had known about and bought a Meditation machine sooner.
The pressures and pace of modern life take a heavy toll on many people and more and more of us increasingly suffer from stress and stress-related conditions and illnesses.
The MindSpa Personal Development System will help you to manage stress and relieve the effects of stress-related health problems. Simply find a relatively quiet place, put on the Visual Stimulation Glasses and headphones, choose one of the programs and press the start button to begin. This sensory combination of pure white light and sound removes outside distraction, gently bathing you in a pleasant world of peace and tranquility. In addition to relaxation programs, the MindSpa also includes sessions designed to enhance your focus, concentration and memory skills. These glasses use six lights for each eye placed along the outside edges in an oval pattern. When Emily Gundle was 23, she was studying to be a lawyer at a top university and had her whole life ahead of her. But she then became pregnant and due to complications during childbirth she was given a double dose of anaesthetic and was left with what was described as partial dementia. She sought a cure from GPs, neurologists, haematologists and Chinese doctors but no one was able to help her and she was forced to give up her dream of becoming a lawyer. Recently, however, the family were watching Channel Five programme, The Gadget Show, when they saw our MindSpa system..
To make MindSpa easy to use, it includes a highly effective Progressive Relaxation Training Method™, developed by Dr. The MindSpa's Progressive Relaxation programs enable you to work towards deeper and deeper levels of relaxation over several weeks. The early sessions lead you to mid and low alpha, while the later programs progressively take you to theta and delta levels. This program can be used before any performance-related task including athletic competition, intense work requiring high mental capacity or complex activities that require superior mental concentration. This program has been designed to help improve focus, attention and concentration abilities.
The new MindSpa includes light-glasses based on cutting edge research at one of the world’s most prestigious medical schools. The CalmBlue Glasses included with the system uses blue light of the particular frequency that has been found to be most effective for treating circadian rhythm disorders. Most people will find that the built-in sessions available with the MindSpa will satisfy all their needs.
I had put it down to my age, 52, but I do seem to be getting a better quality of sleep.My problem was a very active brain which wanted to think of all sorts of things as soon as I laid down in bed. The MindSpa Package also includes exclusive web download sessions specially developed by Dr.

Just select a program, put on the proprietary led glasses and headphones, gently close your eyes, take a few long, relaxing breaths and allow your MindSpa to envelop you with deep, pulsating rhythms.
Always looking for advice about how best to use any new tool, I find that the emails you send me very useful in enabling me to get the very best from the equipment.
During the Autumn, we are giving away three amazing guided visualisations with every Meditation Machine - Deep Relaxation and Meditation, Developing Your Intuition and Manage Stress & Anxiety.
The Gentle Motion Standing Back Stretcher is a device that tenderly alleviates back pain and stiffness without the need for the user to kneel down on the floor.
This uniquely designed Gentle Motion Standing Back Stretcher is great for people with back pain problem who wants to try easing back discomforts without taking medicine and because this back stretcher is light and compact, using it for just 10 minutes a day anywhere anytime will not be a problem. This Gentle Motion Standing Back Stretcher is easy to assemble and can accommodate body weight of up to 350lbs. I find the MindSpa to be of the most important new tools that can open the doorway to better quality of life. For a limited period with each Meditation Machine we are including a FREE four week 'Concentrate Your Mind' e-course worth £25. Use the easy-to-follow exercises during your Meditation Machine sessions and start to see amazing results in in a few days. Your brain carries on with its internal chatter and you go over and over problems in your minds. Ruth Olmstead, a clinical psychologist and leading expert in Auditory and Visual Stimulation (AVS). You move through the programs at your own natural, comfortable pace progressing step-by-step into deeper states of mind and body. These programs utilise the higher frequencies that have been shown to enhance your ability to focus, concentrate and retain information. You'll find that you're able to focus on activities that require superior concentration, and absorb and remember more information than ever before. Just as your physical muscles respond to and grow with physical exercise, using these programs two or three times a week will help your mental abilities to expand and strengthen, making you better able to cope with the many demands placed on you.
Regular use may have a positive and long lasting effect with noted improvement in concentration and alertness. Over time and with regular use, they can be help to regulate your internal body clock having a very positive effect on your sleep patterns and other physiological cycles. They are designed specifically to help promote deep states of soothing relaxation and are excellent for evening or late night use. This sensory combination of pure white light and sound removes outside distraction, gently bathing you in a pleasant world of peace and tranquility. This allows specially encoded music CDs to control the Mindspa's lights resulting in perfectly synchronized audio-visual experiences.
Well, simply stand straight facing the back stretcher device, lean forward and allow the stretcher to create a strong and firm traction perfect for easing pressure on the spine and helping you relax stressed muscles.
IT Rush was launched with the aim of bringing you the latest Cool New Gadgets ever invented. I do get back pain due to excessive exercise sometimes, I really need to take it easy a little I guess.
This will enable you to function in a state of relaxed awareness that will result in increased focus, concentration and creativity.
These include sessions to aid sleep, improve learning, and enhance memory, creativity, goal visualisation, reduce jet-lag and much more.

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