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MindWork Training started its activities in Vietnam in 2011 with the support of Schouten &Nelissen from the Netherlands. The methodology of MindWork Training is based on the theory and principles of “experiential learning” as developed and published in the USA by David Kolb in the 1970’s.
From these candidates’ experiences, we coach them in gaining insight into their own behaviour and the effects that this has on others.
The techniques that we use originated from the Client Centred Approach as founded by the American psychologist Carl Rogers in the 1950’s. MindWork Training works with Vietnamese as well as with expatriate professionals who all are trained in our methodology. Through regular personal meetings with your coach, you will be supported in applying new behaviors in your working situation. Phan Thu Hang obtained a Master Degree in Business Administration from the International University of America. She has more than 15 years’ experience in Construction in various roles in Management, Leadership, Training and Marketing. Diana has more than 15 years of management and professional, international human resources experiences in Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Logistics, Trading and Manufacturing industries. Jos Langens obtained his Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands). He has more than 20 years experience in Banking, Life-Insurance, Marketing, Sales, Corporate Training and Human Resources.
Revise your plans and revisit concepts that need clarification based on assessment results.
Add flexibility of delivery: students can take a test from anywhere and at any time convenient for them (as long as they have Internet access). Provide multiple opportunities for learners to practice understanding when quizzes or tests are repeatable. Instant grading saves time and effort in grading, which can then be used for planning and instruction.
Verify identity with login security options, such as ID, password, or other unique information.
Prevent copying by randomizing order of questions, views, or answers especially when taking tests in close quarters.

Mindfulness Workshops range from a two-hour session to a full day, and provide the perfect balance between theory and practice. Our workshops typically include an exploration of the theoretical underpinnings of mindfulness, the role of mindfulness in the workplace, an examination of stress, and how mindfulness can be used to address stress-related issues. Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen an exponential growth in the number of peer-reviewed journal papers about mindfulness. An emerging body of research5 is demonstrating the links between mindfulness and performance across a number of tasks. A mindful attitude is vital in the working environment, as it enables us to be aware of new information in any given situation.
Meditation improves heart and circulatory health by reducing blood pressure and lowering the risk of hypertension. We provide a variety of soft-skills training, public training and in-company training to support people by improving their management skills. This means that the experience of the participants is the starting point for their learning process. The insights are reinforced by actually practicing new and more efficient behaviour, depending on the learning goals of the participants. Our trainers have experiencein diverse sectors such as Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, IT, Construction, Health Care, Real estate and they use their expertise in various fields like HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Customer Service and Business Development to comply with client needs. Since many standardized tests are now offered electronically, using this format in a course introduces students to such emerging test strategies. Electronic assessments are re-usable and don’t require paper, ink, or dedicated scoring equipment. They are the ideal opportunity to give participants a first-hand experience of mindfulness in action. Theoretical presentations are interspersed with a variety of guided mindfulness exercises which offer participants an insight into how mindfulness can improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Scientists all over the world have been examining the effectiveness of mindfulness in various contexts, including the workplace, healthcare and education.

Mindfulness contributes to performance by improving cognitive flexibility and alertness, and guarding against distractions and performance blunders. Examining workplace mindfulness and its relations to job performance and turnover intention. Dane E (2013) Things seen and unseen: Investigating experience-based qualities of attention in a dynamic work setting. These experience can be actual experiences from the work place, or created experiences in, for example, role playing. Teachers must find out how well a student has learned regardless of the level and subject of study. While this benefit alone is enough of a reason to switch to online assessment tools, it is not the only advantage.
In addition, shorter more frequent assessments lower stress levels, as well as stakes, for test takers. You can easily manage course assessments, results, and individual or overall class statistics.
In the work environment, mindfulness has value not only by increasing engagement, but also in focusing attention. Mindfulness training helps individuals avoid those errors and mistakes that occur when attention strays.
Take a look at a few other great reasons to include online assessments in your instruction.
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