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Though he is nice gentleman outwardly, he is just a whining materialistic husband for Hyewon.
But Inseo has more popularity among people, more capability as a pianist, and better personality. At the time of Art-Center-opening-ceremony, he finds out that Inseo is selected as an important performer with his student during ceremony.
Andi Eigenmann » ANDI EIGENMANN WITH HER DARING AND SEXY ROLE IN HER NEW MOVIE “A SECRET AFFAIR”. As seen on the big screen performance Andi’s a daring and sexy role in her new movie A Secret Affair a love triangle. In recent press con, said Direk by Anne Curtis and contrast its Nuel No Other Woman, to discuss the couple’s relationship because embroiled in a woman who had fittings husband.
On October 15 of that movie presscon held at Citybest Restaurant, Tomas Morato, Andi was interviewed about her role in the film and his preparation for the 1st birthday of her daughter, Adrianna Gabriellie Eigenmann. Because of betrayal A Secret Affair, we asked how he was Andi been handling the betrayal in real life.

According to the source, an Alice In Wonderland-themed party do for the first birthday of Baby Ellie in Blue Leaf, McKinley Hill, Taguig City.
The theme of the story of the movie is about betrayal, how do you set it relate to the movie? Vanessa Steward (Turner), travels to Venice for her family's expanded line of retail stores.
After that, she accompanied her high school mate, Seo Youngwoo to America as her assistant. This man has talent, handsome, so perfect for audiences and he also has a heartbreaking story. Bill is immediately struck by Vanessa's beauty, but she is unhappily engaged to be married to Stephen, her father's right-hand man.
Bill turns out to be everything her husband to be is not, and everything she desires in a man, and as strongly as she tries to resist her attraction to him, they soon become embroiled in a passionate love affair.

She experiences increasing friction at work and unhappiness with her fiancée, when a bouquet of flowers and a plane ticket to Dublin shows up from Bill, inviting her to meet up with him and his young daughter. By chance, Vanessa sees a news story about a lost news reporter, presumed dead, and is horrified to learn it's Bill. She travels to the war zone with his mother, to get details of his apparent death, where the discovery of a scarred body puts Bill's identity into question and hope prevails, in this contemporary quality television romantic drama.

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