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Explore your top-secret feelings, gab about crushes and gossip about friends using your very own password protected journal.
Fill up your watering can and sharpen your hoe, because it's time for Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns! Made for Nintendo DS, this game is a sequel to the fifth generation of Pokemon games, known as Pokemon Black & Pokemon White. Unlike many other journal apps, My Secret Diary does have plenty of tools for you to bring more variety to your entries. If you are an avid diary taker and want to have a way to do it on your iPad, you can’t go wrong with My Secret Diary.

Players can test themselves and their closest friends with a number of personality quizzes, keep track of their busy social lives with a personal secret calendar and discover what's next with the game's Fortune Cookie and Crystal Ball features. As you work on your farm, you'll find yourself interacting with other members of your community. I suppose it’s nice to have a way to remember those good old memories vividly and a diary could certainly help in that regard.
It even supports sticky notes, just in case you want to add even more details to your entries. My Secret Diary is a journal application for iPad that you can use to note down your thoughts and memories.

Unlike your paper diary, you can add multimedia information to your entries to help you better remember things in the future.

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