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The three-times Grammy nominated Cuban band Tiempo Libre will release their new album My Secret Radio the 3rd of may 2011.
The Album features an intense, sophisticated mix of Latin jazz and danceable Afro-Cuban rhythms. My Secret Radio features also Jorge Gomez, with the legendary Cuban singer Albita and includes a guest vocal by Rachelle Fleming.Though the group may be Miami-based, the members of timba band Tiempo Libre are all Cuban-born, -bred, and -inspired.
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Our  supporter in Australia, Brett Groman, interviewd fellows rockers from down under  My Secret Circus. 1) For those international fans that may not be familiar with your work, can you tell us abit of background history on the band? I remember as a little kid always watching my father play drums in his band every weekend and was instantly hooked. I think the great thing with MSC as a band is that we all have different influences that blend together. 6) What do you think makes you unique & do you have a message you want to get out there? These days there are so many bands and artists out there trying to stand out from the rest, we just enjoy our music and write what we would want to hear ourselves.
10) What state do you think the Australian & the entire music industry is in at the moment?

11) Do you feel rock is being killed by pop or do you think it never will & that it’s here to stay for a long time? No matter how many reality TV shows they try and feed the new generation, there will always be the ones that rebel and raise their horns. 12) You have done some huge gigs in Australia can you name some & what was your favourite?
I think the most enjoyable one is when we got asked to write the theme song for the MMA, which they asked us to come in and play it live in the cage as the fight beamed live around the world. We are heading back to Cali in August to complete the album then we will be based on the road. 18) Do you have any future plans of working together in the future, maybe doing a tour together?
19) Are you working on any new material at the moment & if so when can we expect it’s release?
Tiempo Libre pays tribute to magic of American radio and the profound influence it had on their lives and music. Hand crafted in satin, precious lace and fine veil, this bodycon gown highlights your waist thanks to the playful contrast of texture and color. Also Fear – which is based on the 80’s movie ‘The karate kid’ is always fun to play live with the crowd call and answers.
The internet has been great in that bands can be linked and exposed anywhere and have a closer bond with fans around the world, but yes the downfall is the illegal downloading.

In Australia, some regions offer better support than others, They need to work hard to keep the live venues open. We are really looking forward to working with a great producer – we will be announcing soon so stay tuned 20) From your experiences what advice would you give to any up & coming bands just starting out?
The back is in itself a statement detail, with a fine veil bow that levels just a little bit the drama of the spectacular open back.
The energy of the songs really worked well with MMA, Surfing, Motorcross, etc which put us out there. It’s a foundation of poetry and story telling with energy of vibrations and sounds to move to. Streaming has really been taking over but there will always be live music, which has seen an increase of bands touring.
Learnt a great deal from those guys and we still keep in contact so they are great to have around. This is a dress you wear best with a charming smile and with the attitude of the woman who knows the world is at her feet.

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