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In order to take back this day for all kinds of love, I created a Secret Valentine gift exchange. Unfortunately, my Secret Valentine was snowed in for a few days so my gift is still making its way to me.
In the mean time, this amazing day filled with love is the perfect opportunity to celebrate my love of all things geeky. Disclaimer: Actions taken from the hyperlinks on this blog may yield commissions for Eternally Wanderlyn. Having yet to receive that year’s pity card from my parents, I opened up the red envelope expecting the usual sweet message from ‘A Secret Admirer’ scrawled in my Ma’s handwriting.
Unable to process this information, I ran upstairs, fell on my bed and consulted the ceiling. Perhaps I had spent too long watching romantic comedies or perhaps it took a Valentine’s card to make me realise that I harboured a small crush but this card was absolutely, definitely 100% from my friend Peter. My skin crawls with the embarrassment of it all but that one Valentine’s card made me obsessed.

Many years later, the subject of Valentine’s Day was brought up during a conversation with my Ma.
Right about now the endless posts of flowers, chocolates, and gushing sentiment are taking over all social media sites.
You should head over to her blog, A Peek at Karen’s World, to find out what I sent her.
Then check out all the other Secret Valentine’s to see what lovely gifts they received.
Couples will be making googly eyes all day, while singles will either be uniting in solidarity or protesting the Hallmark holiday.
Until the morning of Valentine’s Day in my 16th year I had resigned myself to the fact that unless my facial situation improved dramatically, I would be destined to a bitter, eccentric existence surrounded by cats and days spent mumbling to strangers on the bus about the state of all things. He was in the same crowd and although we barely spoke to each other this was clearly because he was madly in love with me and couldn’t function in my company enough to make words.
My actual first Valentine’s gesture came in the form of a giant fluffy horse with ‘I LOVE YOU’ in a heart on its arse which says more for the relationship at the time than I care to admit.

The next time I saw him I held his gaze, staring at him blankly like a ghoul, to see if I could expose his passion for me. That 16th year, my Ma in her kindness decided to change up the handwriting that year unaware that it turned me into a monstrous version of myself hell bent on dragging kind words out of an innocent boy who in the end turned out to be as gay as they come. I tried flirting with him by regularly batting my eyelids like the cartoon character I am and he merely asked if I was feeling alright because I looked like I was having a stroke. Over the next following weeks, I gave him plenty of opportunities to confess his undying affection for me.
We all deserve to celebrate the love in our lives – romantic, friendly, and self-love.

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