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The Scafone family moved to Detroit in 1946, where Giovanni’s love of country music was fuelled by radio shows such as the ‘Louisiana Hayride’. The group went into a recording studio, United Sound, in Detroit to make some acetates of songs Jack had written.
Scott then began working on a song called ‘Greaseball’, inspired by an incident to do with his friend, Bill Johnson, a local hard man with greased-back hair. Fortunately, Lucky Carle, a promotion manager for Southern Music, was in the office while ‘Leroy’ was being played.
The result, ‘Baby She’s Gone’ and ‘You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar’, eventually came to the attention of a representative at ABC-Paramount.

At United Sound, where Scott and his band went to cut the song in January 1958, it was suggested that the title might alienate the Italian community. Carlton’s sales manager persuaded a DJ in Cincinatti to push the other side, ‘My True Love’, though Joe Carlton was fearful that split sales would hinder the momentum built up by ‘Leroy’. As airplay began to be diverted towards ‘My True Love’, Scott found himself with a double-headed hit. It was Detroit DJ Jack Ihrie who suggested the change of name after seeing John and his sister Linda performing at a high school show in 1952.
A contract was signed and the two numbers were issued back-to-back on ABC9818 in April 1957.

A few days later, both men came to see Jack with a contract for Carlton Records, a fairly new label started by Joe Carlton, who had been chief A&R man for RCA on the East Coast. He invited them to sing on radio WEXL, a regular venue from which Jack Scott became a well-known country singer in the Hank Williams mould. He instantly changed the name of the character in the song to “Leroy” and took the acetate of the song to ABC-Paramount, where the executive listening to it was having a telephone conversation at the same time.

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