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SOMEONE LIKE YOUA mystery shopper is an independent contractor and “secretly” shops and evaluates products and services. TUTORIALSEllis provides online tutorials with tips for completing shop contracts to help ensure your success. Mystery shopping is a tool to measure quality of service and gather specific information about products and services. Ellis specializes in apartment mystery shopping in all 50 states nationwide for some of the largest apartment management companies in the U.S. Target Agent Is Not There?When you accept your mystery shopping assignment with Ellis Mystery Shopping Company you have to complete part of the assignment from home before you even go on site.
You definitely don’t want to complete a shop and a have conflict of interest.  Especially one that can be avoided by looking at all of the shop details including who the target agent may be. Next, you might have to map out the shop and make sure the amount you will be paid would be worth the trip. When you get there and it seems your target agent is not around, take a look and see if you see the golf carts in the front of the leasing office.
Lastly, if you have waited for over thirty minutes you should take a photo of the sign and then leave.
You might be curious to ask why the mystery shopping company would need a social security number from their shoppers.
Furthermore, the demographics area of the mystery-shopping site has questions to help narrow down the shoppers who are the best fit for a particular assignment. When you first signed up to be a shopper you had to fill in certain particulars about yourself on the site. As you can see the mystery shops are listed and you can choose which assignments you might want. Now let’s say you are away from home and you would like to complete mystery shop assignments for Ellis Mystery Shopping. Most companies do not like you to just hang up on each call you make since that can draw suspicion.  Hanging up three to five times a day can trigger an employee to suspect that something is wrong or worse yet, an employee might think a mystery shopper is involved! I had wanted to try mystery shopping for many years, and during a hiatus from work my cousin who was an independent contractor mystery shopper for Ellis encouraged me to go ahead and sign up. There are so many reasons why I like doing mystery shops as an independent contractor for Ellis.
Do you have questions about becoming a mystery shopper or do you simply want to get in touch? The payment for each assignment does vary (depending on what is involved) but is usually between $30 and $100 per completed report.
Be wary of commission-based, 'work-from-home' positions that offer an unrealistically high projected income. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback.
Being a Southerner at heart, I truly believe in being polite, making people feel welcomed, and basically treating people like the human beings, they truly are! In this day and age with cellphones, social media, and texting, it is very easy to become disconnected from real genuine communication with others. Your ability to give feedback that will be insightful and valuable for the company to read is priceless.
I enjoy apartment shops because it keeps me up to date on what is available on the market and whether I am still getting a good deal with my place.
I realised that people didn't mean to do the wrong thing, just that they didn't know the right thing to do. I wrote a book, giving all the inside information so that they knew what to do to become a big success! Shoppers who don't like feeling like they have failed, but don't know what to do to be a success.

You also get real assignments to do in your own time so that you have real time experience. FREE BONUSES: We have included some great bonuses to jump start your new career as a mystery shopper! We are not someone claiming to be a 'professional mystery shopper' and handing out questionable home-spun advice. We know there are scams out there, and Inside Mystery Shopping shows you how to identify scams and avoid them. Inside Mystery Shopping is by Shadow Shopper Pty Ltd, and we have been mystery shopping since 2004. We know that you will recoup your investment in your first 3 assignments - jobs you will get easily after you know the secrets in Inside Mystery Shopping. The Inside Mystery Shopping package (Information EBook + Bonuses) is only $39.95 for a limited time during the initial phase. INFORMATION EBOOK : 100 pages of essential information about how mystery shopping companies work. All the information and tips you need to launch your career as a successful mystery shopper. Inside Mystery Shopping will be updated regularly to cover new aspects that our mystery shoppers request. As new editions are released you will receive all Inside Mystery Shopping updates absolutely FREE!
We will contact you by email and send you instant download instructions so that you can stay totally up to date.
Remember, this offer is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and may revert to standard pricing at any time.
You can use your Paypal account, or your credit card, bank transfer, debit card or any other payment method accepted by PayPal.
Remember, nothing happens unless you make it happen - and everything starts with the first step. Legitimate Work From Home Jobs - You can pick as many of the Mystery Shopper assignments that  interest you.
These stores and restaurants need to know what shoppers, just like you, think of their goods and services. This means the person or business you are evaluating does not know that you are there to observe and report on your experience. A mystery shopper is someone like you who signs up as an independent contractor and “secretly” shops and evaluates products and services. Such as simply reading the instructions.  For example, you need to make sure you don’t know anyone working at the community.
Keep in mind you might have other shops to do from other mystery shopping companies and you need to be mindful of the time you will be at the apartment shop. Especially since shoppers are 1099 employees and not salary based employees.  Fraud happens in all areas of life and the company would need to ensure the applicant is legally okay to work in the United States. For example, if you currently wear corrective lenses whether it is contacts or glasses – you should update your profile. For instance, you probably put in your home address and there you could see shops in your neighborhood and what was near by.
You would go to the same map and there up top where it says “zip code” you would put in a zip code where you would like to shop. This is what can determine whether a company barely survives or thrives by creating raving fans. Sure, they will tell you general information and they may have a training program and certification test. You see how they assess shoppers after they have done the shopping jobs - to decide whether they get any more jobs.

The payment is to Shadow Organisation Pty Ltd, the parent company of Shadow Shopper, and that is what will show up in your receipt. There is always a great variety of survey work to chose from, like Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Fast Food, Retailers, Movie Theaters and even major Theme Parks. Many of these survey companies are hiring men and women such as yourself for these mystery shopper jobs. This provides you a Excellent opportunity to make some extra money wile still shopping and dining at your favorite stores and restaurants. Our contract mystery shoppers, rather than trying to “catch” someone doing something wrong, are there to look for everything that’s being done right!
If you see another phone number, like a local number listed, call it and see if you can get someone to answer. Required Field Check this box to confirm you are human. There are times when you could be called upon to do a glasses shop.  Similarly if you have acquired a new car, then updating your profile will help you gain better shops. You might be pleasantly surprised to see some questions that once answered could help you get additional mystery shops. For example, if you were in Los Angeles you would simply put in the zip code of where you wanted to go.
Then I signed up with Ellis as an independent contractor, and now several years many shop contracts later, I am glad I gave mystery shopping a try. With that said, allow the person who you are shopping the space to do the best job they can, as our role is to create a space for this person or staff to show off their training. This was a great way to stretch out my comfort zone and be reimbursed for the cost of food while doing so. From food to apartment shops to car test drives to amusement parks, there is something for everyone.
We offer hundreds of Mystery Shopper Jobs at brick and mortar stores & Online Secret Shopping opportunities that you can do online so you don’t even have to leave your home. Yes you can get paid to eat and shop in these great restaurants and name brand stores in your location. These survey companies more than happy to pay people such as yourself to rate numerous different stores, restaurants, theme parks, movies theaters and more. Then they fill out a report on their entire experience, including any areas where opportunities for improvement were noticed!
If none of these options work, then see if you see a resident and ask if they know where the target agent might be at the moment.
Wait for a response, but know that you tried your best when you went there to do your assignment. For instance, if you put in the zip code “90210” and the map populates with all the apartment mystery shops available. They pay the shop contract fees promptly and you can always reach them if you have a problem.
I enjoy the variety of shops, as it makes the mystery shopping experience exciting and interesting. Ellis consistently pays higher fees for this type of mystery shop than other companies offering similar shops and payment is always on time and always accurate. With this particular information they are able to better understand what aspects are successful and just what areas need to be improved on. All of this information is required to make sure you are a legitimate person looking for work.

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