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Washington Redskins Name Change Demanded By 50 Senators, Will NFL Owner Daniel Snyder Act Against The Racist Slur? A Washington Redskins name change is being demanded by 50 United States Senators who have signed a letter to the NFL.
In a related report by The Inquisitr, last year it was rumored that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder was considering changing the name to the Washington Bravehearts, but he also sent a letter defending the Redskins name. Still, the name is so politically sensitive right now that the Colbert Report TV show got into trouble by making a joke about the situation and some people started a social media campaign to get Colbert cancelled.
The NY Times reports that 50 Democratic Senators (which pretty means almost all of them considering that there are currently 53 Democrats in the Senate) signed a letter to the NFL which was circulated by Washington Democrat Maria Cantwell and endorsed by Harry Reid. Essentially, since the Redskins owner has repeatedly not shown any interest in giving in to the whims of political correctness, these Democrats have decided to pressure the NFL into complying instead.
Geneva Reed-Veal, left, mother of Sandra Bland, embraces her daughter, Shante Needham during a ceremony renaming University Boulevard to Sandra Bland Parkway on Friday, April 15, 2016, in Prairie View. PRAIRIE VIEW _ The last time Shavon Bland was in Prairie View, it was to watch her younger sister Sandra graduate from Prairie View A&M University. The north-central village of some 50 inhabitants voted in 2014 to change its name from Castrillo Matajudios ("Camp Kill Jews") to its current form.
He said the graffiti and vandalism by groups came from outside and would not change the town's push to honor its Jewish origins.
The town hall plans to visit Israel in July for a twinning ceremony with the village of Kfar Vradim.

In the latest attack, the old town name was sprayed onto new road signs and as well as the extremist symbol of a circle with a cross.
Documents show the original name was "Jews' Hill Camp" and that the "Kill Jews" name dates from 1627, after a 1492 Spanish edict ordering Jews to convert to Catholicism or flee the country. Researchers believe the village got its previous name from Jewish residents who converted to Catholicism and wanted to convince Spanish authorities of their loyalty. No Jews live in the village now but many residents have Jewish roots and the town's official shield includes the Star of David. The State of the Union 2016: Watch the Live Stream and Republican Response Webcast a€“ What will President Obama cover in his final address to the nation?
On May 22, 50 American senators signed a letter addressed to the NFL, compelling the league to change the name of the Washington Redskins as it is deemed offensive.
According to Bleacher Report, the recent incident with Donald Sterling and his racial slurs, which caused him to lose control over the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA, urged the United States Senate to cause such move. Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, has been requested for months to change the name of the team. Brian McCarthy, spokesman for the NFL, replied that it was not the NFL's intention to offend any ethnic group or community and that the league has been committed to leadership and diversity on and off the field. The Huffington Post comments that although some senators support the name change, it was concerned that the tone of the letter forwarded by the Democrat senators may not bode well.
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While some are lucky enough to be born with a nice name, there are some with funny names that for some reason decided not to change it.
Even though the Oneida Indian nation petitioned the NFL to force the Redskins name change, nothing came out of the effort and Snyder claimed only 10 percent of Native Americans support a Redskins name change based upon polling data. The street was renamed near the location where Bland, who died in custody at the Waller County Jail, was arrested. RodrA­guez said that since then there have been six vandalism incidents as well as protests whenever Jewish or Israeli representatives visited. The Democrats said that they invite all senators to join them in their call to action, although Republicans were not given the time and opportunity to also sign the petition.
According to Harry Reid, a majority leader from Nevada who also signed the petition, "I have 22 tribal organizations in Nevada. To this, the NFL then decided to act immediately to stop any racial element in the league, in the same way that the NBA did. According to a spokesman for Cantwell, they are convinced that if all members shows adequate resolve, they will force the change.

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