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A Southern California high school sports team is not scoring any points for its name, the Arabs. LOS ANGELES (CNN) — A Southern California high school sports team is not scoring any points for its name, the Arabs. In a letter this month, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee accused Coachella Valley High School of stereotyping and demanded a name change.
Coachella Valley Unified School District Superintendent Darryl Adams says he is taking the concerns seriously. The Arab mascot recognizes the influences of the Middle East in the area’s date farming, said Rich Ramirez, president of the Coachella Valley High School Alumni Association and a 1959 graduate of the high school. By 1921, the valley held its first date festival in Indio, and people who dressed in Arabian style were admitted free to the festival, he said. The Coachella Valley, a popular winter retreat that includes Palm Springs, now produces 95% of the country’s dates in two dozen varieties, Ramirez said. Middle Eastern influences are also reflected in community names of Mecca, Oasis and Arabia. The high school band and drill team dresses in Arab style, and a girl in a genie costume dances during football halftimes, Ramirez said. Ramirez wants the school to keep the Arab mascot, but he’s willing to change the facial features, he said. He noted how the community stood up for Arabs shortly after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The school district and the national group are meeting to see whether a resolution can be made, the affiliate reported. Whether refried, baked, falafelled, or complementing a nice Chianti, the humble bean has long been a part of gourmet and everyday food culture around the globe.
How to Change Your Name in California ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. He believes his school district and the civil rights group can come to a compromise by altering the mascot’s caricature and removing features that insult Arab-Americans. Department of Agriculture acquired date shoots from Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries and used them to establish date orchards in the valley’s desert climate, Ramirez said.
The Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival now attracts 300,000 people over 10 days every February, said Ramirez, a former board member of the Coachella Valley History Museum. The city of Coachella has street names of Damascus and Baghdad, and the valley’s largest city, Indio, has a street named Deglet Noor, a date variety, Ramirez said.
It was a common way of nicknaming communities then, much like the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, Ramirez said. Superintendent Adams will brief the board in closed session on the potential legal implications of the mascot, but he expects there will be many public comments during the open board meeting, he said. As Ken Albala shows, though, over its history the bean has enjoyed more controversy than its current ubiquity lets on. Divorce, complicated spelling, tricky pronunciation, personal preference -- there are lots of reasons to change a name.

From the bean's status as seat of the soul (at least, that's what Pythagoras thought) to seed of sin (or so said St.
And though the rules have changed recently, it's still a relatively straightforward procedure in the Golden State. Jerome, who forbade nuns to eat beans because they "tickle the genitals"), Beans is a ripping tale of a truly magical fruit.
How to Change Your Name in California provides the step-by-step instructions and legal forms you need to: - choose a name and make it your own - change back to your former name after divorce - change your child's name - get a new or amended birth certificate for you or your child - get a new driver license, Social Security card and passport - get a court to recognize a change of gender This edition reflects the latest rules and regulations on changing your name, a new section on changing your name after a same-sex marriage, including discussion of potential conflicts between state and federal law that can affect how the name change process turns out. An entire school uses them and their culture as an iconic reference to success, and winning in general. Plus, it's been updated to reflect a recent law that allows either spouse to change their name after marriage. Thats SO awesome to be great enough to be used as an American icon and the fact that they thinks its wrong shows some inept intellect somewhere along the chain. Americans love motivating things, and Arabs are really, historically, amazing as a culture.

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