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Petition for Change of Name of an Adult, which is the document you first file with the court to begin the name change process. All name changes in Texas must be accompanied by a fingerprint check with additional fees are payable to these third party agencies. File the original signed and notarized with the district clerk in the county where you reside. After paying the filing fee, the clerk will issue you with a hearing date and further instructions for your documents and fingerprints, if necessary. Once your name change order has been issued your name is considered legally changed, but it is your responsibility to arrange all identity and account records to be updated. Always update your name with Social Security first, and form SS5 should be filed within 10 days. Get ready to send forms, letters and faxes for all the organizations that need your name change in writing.
Thanks for your fast and accurate response to my questions and the delivery of my easy name change kit.
Purchased it for my new wife after she was hesitant to change names because of the hassle and we're both very happy with the outcome! Your court can provide you with details on agencies that are authorized to take your fingerprints. Any Pennsylvania resident can file for a name change in the county where they currently reside. If you have special circumstances, such as a need for confidentiality, have a felony, have claimed bankruptcy, or have judgments or liens against you there are additional considerations.

At the time of filing your petition, court administration will provide you with an Order for publication. Once the Judge grants your name change, you can usually collect your court order approving the name change on the same day as your hearing. Your name is considered legally changed once the court issues you an order granting your name change. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The exact process for fingerprinting changes between counties, so check ahead before filing. You should attend your hearing with the copy of your Petition for a Change of name of an Adult and Order Granting Name Change. Submit your approved fingerprint card to the court at the time of filing, then they will be sent to the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository where a criminal history check will be done. There may be requirements on the length of time you have resided in the state or county before you file.
This document lists your hearing date and other particulars necessary for publishing in a newspaper. This provides sufficient time to have your Order for Publication executed with an approved newspaper. We recommend contacting the county clerk where you reside for the latest forms as these can change between counties and copies found online may be dated. Attend your hearing and take the necessary proof of newspaper publication, plus the stamped copies of your court filed documents.

This document is essential to prove your name has changed and have organizations update your identification and records. File your forms, original birth certificate and fingerprints together at the County Court of Common Pleas where you reside.
Ensure you arrange for the order to be published at least 30 days before your hearing date.
The court must be satisfied that you have a reasonable and proper cause for your name change. We provide ready to send forms for SSA and the DMV, plus forms and ready to send letters for over 500 other organizations.
You will have your paperwork stamped and be provided with a copy of your forms, plus your Order for Publication.
It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of the newspaper where the order appeared and take along to your hearing. Pay the $262.75 filing fee (while correct at time of writing, fees are subject to change without notice).

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