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As issues of transformation in tertiary institutions, name changes and controversial statues continue to spark debate across the country, SAFM held a live panel discussion in the Barratt lecture theatre on Wednesday 22 April to stimulate constructive discussion among students and listeners. The debate included a discussion panel consisting of distinguished historian Professor Paul Maylam, SRC President Siyanda Makhubo and South African Union of Students representative Sakhe Badi. While most speakers acknowledged the need for transformation in various aspects of the university, a chief concern of the students in attendance was the issue of the financial cost that would be incurred by changing the university’s name. Other students held a contrary view, which became the prevalent attitude of the room as the discussion progressed. The SRC came under criticism throughout the discussion, for its continued neutrality on the issues of transformation and name changes.

When asked about the success of the discussion, SAFM’s Krivani Pillay concluded that although she felt the students in attendance did not accurately represent the diversity of the student body, and that the issues discussed remained rather narrowly focused on the university, she was confident constructive conversation had been further encouraged among students and listeners. Emdeon executives' plan to rebrand the Nashville-based health care data and transactions company to Change Healthcare looks set to wipe out -- on paper -- about four months of the company's 2015 adjusted EBITDA.In a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Emdeon's leaders said they will need to book a combined $126 million in pre-tax, non-cash charges because they need to accelerate the amortization of value of other trade names they own. Key issues such as Rhodes University’s name, the role of the Rhodes trust and the need for greater transformation in the university curriculum were addressed.
These students advocated keeping and re-appropriating the name “Rhodes”, believing that it can be dissociated from Cecil John Rhodes and his legacy through dedication to dealing with deeper, more practical issues of transformation at the university. This neutral position was vehemently defended by members of the SRC, who claimed that taking a stance on the matters at hand would alienate a certain portion of the student population, of whom the SRC claims to be wholly representative.

At one point, a representative of the EFF claimed that Rhodes students who raised issues of transformation at the university were expelled from the institution. Although unable to attend in person, CEO of the National Heritage Council Advocate Sonwabile Mancotywa also formed part of the panel telephonically.
As maintained by Vice-Chancellor Doctor Sizwe Mabizela, “Different people hold different views and we must respect that.

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