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The legal name change kit is for people who wish to change their name legally (not due to marriage).
This kit includes all the official forms and instructions for legally applying for your name change at your Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages, and for changing your drivers licence, registration, passport, bank accounts, electoral enrollment, Medicare, private health fund, superannuation, insurance policies, memberships, store accounts, and more!
The Official New Bride Name Change Kit is a complete name change kit containing Instructions, Checklist, All Government Forms for you to complete, ancillary record change forms, labels for your envelopes and it is customized to the Bride State and local jurisdiction! After getting married, we needed to focus on our family planning, KitBiz has great do-it-yourself planning kits that helped my wife and I get organized and protect our future.
Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! Name Change Kit is currently priced at $32.95 includes shipping and handling for domestic orders. From date order is placed, product(s) will be shipped within 7 - 14 business days by USPS (United States Postal Service) via First Class mail for domestic orders.
Have you decided what to change your name to?  Are you taking your husbands name or maybe a combination of both of your names.  No matter what option that you choose, as any married lady will tell you, changing your name is a completely laborious task that quickly looses its appeal after the first couple of items. Easy Name Change cuts out all the name change research, administration and waiting on hold. Easy Name Change kits are personalized, so all the letters and faxes are pre-written in your name and addressed to each company. If you want a different name you must successfully apply for a legal name change with additional costs payable to the necessary government agency. French Wedding Style readers get free unlimited use of the code appearing on this site until 1st August. Be sure to save yourself some extra time as a married lady and claim your FREE name change kit today!

Helping me to organize and complete important personal record updates, protecting my personal and private interests and information. If you were to spend 15 minutes calling around, waiting on hold, organizing paperwork, it would take over 4 hours to get your name change administration done. Get the name change procedures and paperwork for all your necessary companies in just minutes. French Wedding Style readers are getting the exclusive change to access a FREE name change kit, until 1st August. You can add this to your current surname (Angelina Jolie-Pitt), or replace your own surname (Angelina Pitt). If both you and your husband want a different surname, he should legally change names before applying for your wedding license. Just make sure you pass them the link to this page, as the code is subject to change throughout the promotion. Just be aware that forms and procedures are constantly changing, so the longer you wait before sending out your notifications, the greater the chance of you having an old form or procedure. I am  delighted to be teaming up with Easy Name Change to help you get all your name change paperwork done in just minutes, and totally free of charge! Simply select who you need to notify and Easy Name Change sends you all the forms, letters and information you need. Each document lists what name change proof the company needs, such as your marriage certificate or updated license. Order an Easy Name Change kit now, then it’s ready to send the moment your marriage certificate arrives.
We always recommend getting a government issued certificate from Vital Statistics or your county registrar as many government organizations don’t accept religious certificates.

Easy Name Change site has been rigorously tested, has encrypted passwords and is hackproof tested daily.
Worst case scenario is the company would contact you and advise you of their new form or process.
This code is subject to change over the promotion, so if you’re telling your friends, get them to check back here for the current code. Most American states also allow you to move your maiden name to become a middle name (Angelina Jolie Pitt, where Jolie is her middle name).
Easy Name Change site has been developed in house and they don’t use any third party platforms. They have partnered with us here at French Wedding Style so that more brides to know about the service and tell their friends about it.
Beyond name and contact details, they don’t require any additional information to build your kit. Most other companies do not change for name changes, unless a new certificate or credential needs to be issued. All other information is disclosed at your discretion, or can be handwritten after printing.

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