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The Commission on Elections presents to the media the vote-counting machines to be used in the elections on May 9 at its warehouse in Sta. COTABATO CITY—Residents appeared hesitant to report to authorities alleged errors appearing in test-runs of vote-counting machines (VCM) in southern provinces, after the Commission on Elections warned of possible polls-related offenses when complaints were proven false. Comelec Chair Andres Bautista on Thursday denied VCMs in test-runs switched votes from Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.
In this city, the VCM operation testing went smoothly with names of Philippine heroes, such as Emilio Aguinaldo and Antonio Luna, voted as “president.” At the Oblate of Mary Immaculate Building, reporters observed the VCM correctly read the trial ballots with shaded names of either Aguinaldo or Luna.
But in Tamparan, Lanao del Sur, the municipal board of elections inspectors (BEI) on Thursday videoed trial voting where a VCM failed thrice to read the ballots correctly.
On a second trial, the oblong next to the name of Davao City Mayor Duterte was shaded, but still Roxas’ name appeared in the receipt. One of many residents present, Rohani Liawao, said the Tamparan testing was conducted in public, hours before the Muslim congregational prayer in the community.
The same error has been noted on one of the VCMs consigned to Kiamba, Sarangani, reported Alena Gale Yabes, a lawyer working for Duterte. Earlier, Comelec Commissioner Arthur Lim has also warned of legal consequences of false claims on social media, as possible violation of the polls fraud provisions of the Omnibus Election Code. Apparently reacting to social media posts claiming elections fraud occurred in overseas voting, Lim said making false claims about election fraud is considered an election offense. He was reacting to calls by some quarters for Poe to pull out from the five-way presidential race and give way to a “united front” led by LP standard-bearer Mar Roxas to stop survey frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from winning the May 9 polls. The decision to pick the country’s next set of leaders, he said, rests with the electorate. With two days left before the general elections on Monday, Escudero stressed the importance of people’s participation in the democratic process.
Three months later, Senator Grace Poe and her allies in Partido Galing at Puso (PGP) will return this Saturday to Plaza Miranda, just beside the Quiapo Church, to conclude their campaign. Poe also explained, in her speech during the kick off rally last February 9, why she chose to launch her campaign in front of the Quiapo Church. But her journey to the presidency was not a walk in the park as she was slapped left and right with disqualification cases to stop her disqualification bid. A petition seeking to unseat her in the Senate for being a foundling was filed at the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET). Several disqualification cases were also filed at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) seeking to stop her presidential bid over her citizenship and residency.
The Comelec ruled in favor of the cases and decided to cancel Poe’s certificate of candidacy for president.
But the SC reversed the Comelec’s decision and allowed Poe to the join the presidential race.
After surviving the disqualification cases, Poe faced more challenges as her detractors and rivals continued to question her and her family’s loyalty to the Philippines after she renounced her Filipino citizenship and swore allegiance to the United States when she decided to live and work there with her family. She returned to the Philippines after her father died in 2004 but she only renounced her US citizenship she was appointed as chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board in 2010.
As the campaign season heated up, her detractors had also accused her of allegedly owning mansions in the United States and using an alleged faked Social Security Number while she was in the US. She promised to fight until the end despite alleged attempts for her to withdraw in favor of administration bet, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas. Robredo made this appeal after Marcos claimed that the LP has a “Plan B” if Mar Roxas, the party standard-bearer who is still trailing behind Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, would not win the election. In an interview on Friday in Tacloban City, Marcos told the media that the ruling LP will ensure Robredo’s victory if Duterte wins. If Marcos plans to convert supporters of Duterte against Robredo, she asked the senator not to spread lies.
She stressed that even if Marcos’ claims were true, she would not let the party use her for election cheating. The Camarines Sur lawmaker’s numbers dramatically rose from once percent since the day she declared her vice presidential bid to 30 percent, overtaking or tying Marcos in the surveys. LEGAZPI CITY—Police on Saturday seized at least 27 firearms during a raid on the house of a village chief in Iriga City, reports from the police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) in the Bicol region said.
Tejada, in a telephone interview, said CIDG operatives were tracking down Lucena, a suspected leader of a 10-member armed group in the city. Tejada said Lucena’s group is included in the police’s watchlist of local private armed groups. The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) on Saturday maintained that it has no jurisdiction over political advertisements during the campaign season, following the uproar over a negative advertisement against presidential poll front-runner Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that aired on ABS-CBN.
Villareal said MTRCB “affirms its regular policy of respect and deterrence” to the Commission on Elections (Comelec), which he said has the jurisdiction to “supervise and regulate” such advertisements the Omnibus Election Code, the Fair Elections Act, and Comelec Resolution No.
For its part, the Comelec said the airing of negative advertisements is permitted by election laws.
Villareal assured the public that the agency “will always be solicitous in regard to the welfare of children, women, and other usually vulnerable sectors in media and entertainment” and asked to support the Comelec for an “honest, orderly, and peaceful” elections. Hackers who identified themselves as “Pinoy Hackers,” meanwhile, defaced MTRCB’s website on Saturday, accusing the agency of “turning a blind eye” on a supposedly “malicious political mud-slinging advertisement” against a candidate. Marcos toured Cavite and Tacloban City and Panabo was supposed to be his final stop for his Luzon-Visayas-Mindanao one-day tour. The senator did not elaborate on the security threat: “Put it this way, we had the warning and we’ll check first what’s going on.
Marcos, who has warned of possible cheating in the elections in favor of his closest rival, Camarines Sur representative Leni Robredo of the Liberal Party, urged in his final bid to voters to protect their ballots.
NAGA CITY—Two village councilors in Tinambac town in Camarines Sur were wounded when they were shot by an undetermined number of suspects on Friday, police said on Saturday.
Ibis said Pineda and Corre were hit on their shoulders and were taken to the Bicol Medical Center in Naga City, some 50 km from Tinambac. Ibis said investigators cannot discount politics as one of the possible motives in the attack.
Detained police officers SPO4 Gerald Ruiz, P03 Arnais Aguilar, P02 Emmanuel Carlos and P01 John Merle of the Provincial Holding Administration Unit (PHAU) also face charges for violating the Omnibus Election Code, said Senior Insp.
The arrested cops surrendered to DRT police officers who responded to a Friday morning (May 6) alert from Mayor Ricardo Flores about armed men roaming in Barangay (village) Kalawakan. The DRT team encountered Ruiz and the three policemen with Vice Mayor Hilario Cruz, a reelectionist. Solomon said the Firearms and Explosives Office of the PNP in Camp Crame is tracing the ownership and licenses of these weapons. CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – A mayoral candidate in Lantapan, Bukidnon was shot dead by still unidentified suspects early Saturday morning, police said. Police identified the victim as Armando Ceballos, a resident of Barangay Balila in Lantapan. Ceballos is an independent candidate and was pitted against Ernie Devibar of the Bukidnon Paglaum Party (BPP). Serenas said although Ceballos was a candidate, the police have yet to determine if his killing was election-related.
As early as the time of President Elpidio Quirino, the rambunctious Philippine media bewailed the “guns, goons and gold” campaign tactics employed by practically every serious candidate for local and national office. And yet, the absence of true political parties with detailed and clearly articulated economic policies and development strategies has left our people inexplicably drawn to the fiery outbursts of petty demagogues, adventurists and charlatans, like moths to a flame. I have heard cynics say more than once that the Filipino people are not mature enough for democracy. The rest of the world probably thinks that Philippine society must have made a wrong turn somewhere on its way to the modern tech-driven world, because the era of the strongman ended in the 20th century.
Even the best and brightest among us are wearily disappointed and deeply frustrated by an electoral process that has yielded leaders unable to inspire us to be the selfless Filipino citizens that earned the admiration and respect of the global community just three decades ago.
And maybe that’s where we should all begin: When Marcos called for a snap election in 1986 he was supremely confident that he would get his way. The situation is a lot more complex now, because those seeking public office today are wildly popular sports heroes, action stars, media heartthrobs, and one heavily romanticized vigilante. If or when Duterte wins, he is duty-bound to do what is right for all of us, not for just the ones who contributed to his electoral victory.
THE ENDGAME is usually about tying up loose ends and finessing the final touches required to ensure a smooth victory. Mere days before May 9, the charges are still flying thick, fast and loose, such that Grace Poe, for instance, had to call a press conference just to deny the rumor boiling on social media that she was on the verge of quitting to give way to Mar Roxas, and thus ensure the defeat of frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte. Meanwhile, VP candidate Bongbong Marcos has aired suspicion that some manipulation is going on; his noticeable slide in the surveys, he said, appears to be a ruse to condition the public mind to his eventual loss to Leni Robredo, whose rating has soared at his expense. It’s a prelude to cheating, he warned—a warning that, ordinarily, would be met with sympathy and concern, except for the rich fact that this time it’s the dictator’s son complaining of poll fraud, something he would presumably know much about given his late father’s record when it came to stealing the vote.
You’d think that episode in history would have taught subsequent leaders that cheating in elections is so high a crime that it can lead to revolution and the ouster of anyone foolhardy enough to tamper with the people’s will.
Impunity does not erupt from a vacuum; in this case, impunity is Arroyo escaping accountability for the poll sabotage in which she directly participated, and other candidates learning all too well that they, too, can attempt the same without consequences.
THESE DAYS we are witnessing a lot of anger expressed everywhere and in every manner, much of which I can understand and empathize with. Alas, Aristotle again tells us, that’s only as far as we can agree, that we all aim at “some good.” Beyond mere verbal agreement, we differ on what this good is.
Aristotle thus locates our unique human function in our soul, specifically in the rational part of the soul.
Aristotle thus arrives at a definition of what doing well as a human being means—that is to say, what happiness means. These days when it’s so easy to be angry, we must ask: What is it that which we assume to be good, that makes us all angry, and which we are so convinced we should aim at (and makes us angry if the others don’t get it)? Remember the Tankman in Tiananmen Square, who faced a line of military tanks without noise, and carrying nothing but what looked like mere grocery bags? Imagine if the collective energies we spend getting angry these days—the wrong kind, the vicious and not the virtuous kind—imagine if those energies were instead used for social justice, that the land that belongs to all of us may be set free to feed all of us, and no one, least of all those who till the land, may go hungry.
Let us then aim all our efforts, all our energies and all our dreams toward that which will bring out the best in us. Following his charges of unreported income and misdeclared statements of assets, liabilities and net worth, Sen. The last presidential debate, held in Dagupan, added little information on Duterte’s plans for realizing his extravagant promises. The medical assessment, reported by Aaron Lozada of ABS-CBN News, came from documents presented for the civil annulment of Duterte’s marriage with his first wife. The biggest damage Duterte suffered in Dagupan was inflicted by his statements giving credence to the psychological diagnosis. Pangasinan fishermen, appealing for assistance against Chinese ships barring them from traditional fishing grounds in the West Philippine Sea, underlined the link between national and economic security.
Force cannot be the main response to all aspects of security, nor to the electorate’s concern for inclusive economic development. WITH TWO days to go before we go to the polls, I would like to state my choice of conscience: the Mar Roxas-Leni Robredo tandem. This campaign has been a marathon journey, and now is the time to draw upon our collective courage.
Since our country’s landmark experience in 1986, the task still remains essentially unfinished, because the past is not truly past. We need to redouble our efforts and renew our resolve to build a lasting legacy of a just peace, based on democratic participation and rule of law. Before the Iglesia ni Cristo announced its anointed candidates, Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio Ledesma issued a pastoral letter, “A Matter of Conscience,” where he condemned the practice of summary killings documented by the testimonies gathered by the Redemptorist priest Fr. Politics is the art of imperfect creation, and there are no perfect candidates running for public office. Mar and Leni represent what is best in the Filipino and can ensure the building of a just peace in our land—where the needs of the most vulnerable are given priority and the concerns of all are addressed. The combined experience and accomplishments of Mar and Leni in the executive and legislative branches of government enable them to understand the complex issues of leading a country. If we are to make a difference in the life of our nation and build a future that is different from the past, we must sustain the Mar-Leni momentum. Hope, in the words of Vaclav Havel, is to find meaning and purpose in the work we do and the life we lead.
We stand firm in the hope that this campaign and our collective courage will give us the victory that our people so richly deserve. Ed Garcia, one of the framers of the 1987 Constitution, worked with Amnesty International and International Alert based in London for over two decades.
Item: She has been exposed to the best in Philippine politics by osmosis, since 1991 through her husband, the late great Jesse Robredo, who transformed Naga from a mediocre city into one of the most awarded cities, both nationally and internationally. Item: After she married him, she studied law (she holds a degree in economics from UP Diliman) at the University of Nueva Caceres. She founded an NGO (not a family enterprise, as most politicians establish, but a legitimate one): the Lakas ng Kababaihan ng Naga.
Item: She refused to run for mayor of Naga when term limits prevented her husband from running again, bucking pressure from him and political leaders.
Item: She ran for Congress with utmost reluctance (most politicians are dying to run), and she beat her rival, who was the matriarch of a dynasty in her province and who wished to succeed her husband. Item: Her roughly 15 years doing propoor, propeople work is reflected in her advocacies in her almost three years in Congress. The other measures authored or supported by her have titles that are self-explanatory: the antidynasty bill, the participatory budget process bill, the people empowerment bill, the proposed Healthy Beverage Options Act, the bill creating an Agrarian Reform Commission to validate the accomplishments of and investigate violations against the CARP (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program), and the open-door policy bill (which removes any dress code requirements of government offices so that the poor can come in anytime).
Item: And we all have seen the picture of Congresswoman Robredo waiting for the Naga-bound bus, no aides, no trappings of royalty, carrying her own luggage.
The ISSP is a network of some 50 organizations that continuously collaborate in doing annual national surveys on important social science topics. The Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia had all been occupied by the Soviet Union for about 50 years, from the onset of World War II until 1990 when they were able to break away and regain their independence. The ISSP is based on voluntary cooperation, with each member self-funding its own survey and its own attendance at the assembly.
For the 2013 ISSP survey on national identity, KTU took a sample of 1,194 adults in Lithuania and SWS took a sample of 1,200 adults in the Philippines.
Lithuania appears much better off than the Philippines, according to its very high Human Development Index (HDI), which was 0.834 in 2013, ranking it 35th among 187 countries. On the other hand, we Filipinos give ourselves much higher ratings on happiness, according to the 2011 ISSP survey of Health and Health Care done by SWS, which found 87 percent of us feeling “completely” or “very” or “fairly” happy, 6 percent feeling neither happy nor unhappy, and 7 percent feeling “fairly” or “very” or “completely” unhappy. Arvydas Sabonis had been on the national teams of both the USSR and Lithuania, and was a Most Valuable Player in the European leagues, before being drafted as a Portland Trail Blazer in the National Basketball Association.
Lithuania’s largest basketball stadium is the Zalgirio Arena in Kaunas, home court of BC Zalgiris Kaunas, and the cathedral of Lithuanian professional basketball. Senator Alan, more than anyone else, you can deal a fatal blow to the presidential ambition of Mayor Duterte. IF THE trend will not change, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will be the next president of the country. Duterte, knowing that he could be impeached considering that his allies would be a minority in the House of Representatives, has threatened to abolish Congress in retaliation for such a move. A leftist group, the New People’s Army with which Duterte has no qualms about admitting his connections, could join the conspiracy and sow anarchy to justify the situation. If Duterte should fail in abolishing Congress, he would likely be convicted by the Senate, where he would have few allies. Both scenarios would have the same impact on our country: negative economic growth, less investments, high unemployment rate, inflation, rising commodity prices, worsening poverty, more crimes, etc. THE BRUTAL act of China in releasing chemicals to destroy the corals and marine species around Pag-asa island does not just destroy the immediate vicinity of that island.
The Philippine government does not pay much attention to this due to the busy election campaign. All Filipinos should join hands to put an end to the insurgency and separatist rebellion so our country can focus on addressing its dispute with China over the West Philippine Sea.
Until his replacement is announced, Helen Yuchengco-Dee will oversee the bank’s operations, as president and CEO, supported by a management team composed of RCBC vice chair Cesar EA Virata, director Armando Medina and the current group of senior managers. Tan was implicated in the money laundering issue after the bank’s former Jupiter Street branch manager Maia Deguito said he asked her to “take care” of valued client Kim Wong, a casino junket operator whose Chinese client was said to have brought in funds that were later found to have been stolen from the Bangladesh central bank. In a statement, Tan expressed his gratitude to the shareholders, officers and customers of RCBC. ALL FIVE presidential aspirants—Jejomar Binay, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Rodrigo Duterte, Grace Poe and Mar Roxas will support moves to lift the bank secrecy law in order to examine the accounts of suspected tax evaders. For his part, Roxas pointed out that he had earlier signed a waiver of bank secrecy law for the duration of his candidacy.
Binay, Defensor-Santiago and Duterte did not elaborate on their responses to the said question. Bank accounts allegedly belonging to the front-runner Duterte were leaked last week by vice presidential candidate Antonio Trillanes, while Binay had also been accused of keeping billion-peso bank accounts. All of the five presidential candidates said they “would institute moves for a genuine, comprehensive tax reform” when catapulted to the highest post in the land.
Binay, Santiago, Duterte, Poe and Roxas also said they would support an immediate adjustment of the personal income tax brackets to take inflation into account. In the cases of Binay and Poe, they committed to implement the income tax rate adjustment within their first 100 days in office while Duterte said he would do so in his first 180 days as president. Roxas did not commit to implementing the tax bracket adjustments within his first 100 days in office. The country’s dollar reserves reached a 29-month high of $83.47 billion as of the end of the first four months of the year, preliminary data released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Friday showed. The increase in GIR in April, however, was partially offset by the government’s payments for maturing foreign exchange obligations, Aquino said. The GIR level as of end-April can cover 10.4 months’ worth of imports of goods and services.
The BSP defines short-term debt based on residual maturity as outstanding foreign debt whose original maturity was a year or less, plus principal payments on medium- and long-term loans of the government as well as the private sector that were due within the next 12 months.
DBS Bank Ltd., the largest bank in Southeast Asia, sees the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) Monetary Board keeping interest rates steady at next week’s policy meeting. As of April, inflation—the rate of increase in prices of basic goods and services—averaged 1.1 percent, below the government’s 2-4 percent target range for the year.
Separately, think tank Oxford Economics sees the Philippines’ monetary authorities holding off from any adjustment in key policy rates this year. Taylor rule refers to a monetary policy tenet that stipulates how much the central bank should change the nominal interest rate in response to changes in inflation, output or other economic conditions. Inflation settled at an average of 1.4 percent in 2015, the lowest annual rate in almost two decades. But in the case of the Philippines, “although its negative inflation gap suggests a low Taylor Rule interest rate, robust domestic growth momentum means there is little need for rate cuts in our view,” Kishore said.
Century Pacific Food Inc., the company behind the Century Tuna and Argentina Corned Beef beef brands, secured a loan to partly pay for the acquisition of a Mindanao-based affiliate that makes coconut-based products like juice and oil. In a stock exchange filing Friday, Century Pacific said it had sealed a five-year P1.15-billion fixed-rate term loan. Proceeds from the loan will be used to refinance short-term debt that was used to buy Century Pacific Agricultural Ventures Inc., which has an integrated coconut manufacturing facility in General Santos. It said that P1.65 billion of the amount had been converted to fixed-rate term loans, while P600 million remained short-term. Century Pacific Agricultural Ventures was already part of the company’s latest earnings report. Century Pacific, the country’s biggest  canned food company, said net income during the first three months of the year hit P636 million, up 45 percent from year-ago level.
Century Pacific added that revenue was up 22 percent to P6.4 billion in the first three months of 2016. Its first quarter operating income and earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization amounted to P860 million and P934 million, up by 40 percent and 43 percent respectively. LOCAL stocks slipped Friday amid cautious trading in the region and as investors took money off the table on the last trading day before voting on May 9. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other involved state agencies will request Congress for an extension of the period given to formulate the proposed implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for the Tax Incentives Management and Transparency Act (Timta).
According to the DTI, the IRR is already 70 percent done but issues on data submission and evaluation of tax holiday applications continued to hound its completion, Trade Undersecretary Ceferino S. He said the DTI, through the Board of Investments, has yet to reconcile certain concerns with the Department of Finance.
Within the BOI, trade officials also conducted regular meetings and came up with different versions of the draft IRR last January. Global food prices went up for the third month in a row, reversing a four-year decline, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In its monthly Food Price Index, the FAO said the increase was driven mainly by rising prices of palm oil as well as cereals. The United Nations agency said, however, the outlook for world output for cereal, including rice, was slightly better for 2016.
The latest forecast was “virtually the same as in 2015 and potentially on course to be the second largest global harvest ever,” the FAO said.
FAO observed prices declining marginally for rice, as the forecast for worldwide production was almost unchanged at 495 million tons or one percent higher than the 2015 output.
The index is trade-weighted and tracks prices of five major food commodity groups in international markets—meat, dairy, cereals, vegetable oils and sugar. In the Philippines, the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) said last Thursday domestic prices of rice were on a downward trajectory, partly due to the timely arrival of additional rice importation. With the El Nino phenomenon likely to last until July, Esguerra said appropriate timing of rice importation remained critical to avoid supply disruptions, which could result in unstable rice prices. He said the possible onset of La Nina in the second half of the year could also provide upside pressures on the prices of agricultural commodities and utilities. Fried chicken and pizza sales in the Philippines and overseas gave the Max’s Group a big earnings boost in the first quarter of 2016. Commissary sales, however, dipped by 13 percent to P222 million, offset by revenue from franchise, royalty and continuing license fees.
In the first quarter, the Max’s Group opened nine stores across brands Pancake House, Yellow Cab Pizza and Krispy Kreme.
These include three international outlets—Max’s Restaurant in Qatar, Yellow Cab Pizza in United Arab Emirates and a Sizzlin’ Steak concept store in California. The Philippines was the most improved in terms of perception of corruption among 16 Asia-Pacific countries because of President Aquino’s “clean” image, although corrupt practices persist in the country, a recent report of Hong Kong-based consulting firm Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd. Leading Russian musicians staged a classical concert on Thursday in the ancient theater of Syria's ravaged Palmyra in a show to herald Russia's successes against terrorists in the war-torn country. Famed conductor Valery Gergiev led Saint Petersburg's celebrated Mariinsky orchestra through pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergei Prokofiev and Rodion Shchedrin in front of a crowd of Russian soldiers, government ministers and journalists. Cellist Sergei Roldugin played a solo against the backdrop of the Roman amphitheater where jihadists from the Islamic State group staged mass executions less than a year ago. Syrian troops recaptured the UNESCO world heritage site from Islamic State group fighters in March. Russian army sappers said last month they had demined the ancient site - known as the "Pearl of the Desert" - where jihadist fighters blew up ancient temples and looted relics. The Kremlin shipped foreign journalists to the concert as it basked in the retaking of Palmyra, one of the most significant achievements since it launched a bombing campaign in September. Putin said that he saw the concert as a sign "of hope not just for the rebirth of Palmyra as a cultural asset for the whole of humanity, but for seeing modern civilization rid itself of this terrible scourge of international terrorism". Mikhail Pyotrovsky, the director of Russia's Hermitage Museum, told journalists at the scene that "Palmyra is injured but she has not been killed" and pledged help in restoring it. Sitting in the audience, Syrian tour guide Anwar Al-Omar told AFP that while he thought only Russia could help rebuild the ancient town he was downbeat about its prospects in the long-term. Gergiev is one of the world's best known conductors but has faced backlash in the West for his strongly pro-Kremlin views, with his tours sometimes interrupted by protesters.
Gergiev also conducted a charity concert in Tokyo for victims of the Fukushima tragedy in 2012 and led a charity concert tour to raise funds for victims of Russia's Beslan school massacre in 2004. A live web broadcast showed the first-stage booster touching down vertically in the pre-dawn darkness atop a barge in the Atlantic, just off the Florida coast.
Because of the high altitude needed for this mission, SpaceX did not expect a successful landing. Musk said this was a three-engine burn for the booster's return, "so triple deceleration from the last flight". Musk contends rocket reusability is key to shaving launch costs and making space more accessible. Already in the delivery business for NASA, SpaceX hopes to start transporting US astronauts to the International Space Station by the end of next year in the company's next-generation Dragon capsules. In a groundbreaking announcement last week, Musk said his company will attempt to send a Red Dragon to Mars in 2018i??i??and actually land on the red planet. Brazil's Supreme Court on Thursday suspended a powerful lawmaker at the center of efforts to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, on grounds he tried to obstruct a probe into his alleged corruption. Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of Brazil's lower house of Congress, is the architect of the impeachment drive that is expected to force Rousseff to step aside from office on Wednesday. He said his suspension, the latest in a whirlpool of corruption scandals, was retaliation for his campaign against Rousseff.
Her supporters argued it was grounds for the impeachment drive now to be dropped, though it was not expected to spare her now that her case is in the hands of the Senate. Despite facing criminal charges including bribery and hiding money in Swiss bank accounts, Cunha has survived months of attempts by prosecutors and a congressional ethics committee to see him brought to justice. A master backroom political operator, he is widely seen as the key figure in getting the impeachment proceedings greenlighted by the lower house in April. But the man Brazilians refer to as a real-life Frank Underwood - the corrupt US politician in the hit Netflix series House of Cards - appeared finally to have been brought down by the high court. Justice Teori Zavaski slapped the suspension on Cunha on Thursday morning, and the full court ratified it later in the day. Zavaski said that Cunha had obstructed justice "to prevent the success of investigations against him". With Rousseff likely to be suspended and replaced by her vice-president, Michel Temer, next week, Cunha would have moved up to first on the presidential succession list. The government's top lawyer Jose Eduardo Cardozo said the suspension "shows that Mr Cunha abused his office". Rousseff is accused of manipulating government budget accounts with illegal loans, a charge which she describes as technical and not worthy of impeachment.
Cunha is accused of taking bribes as part of the corruption scheme centered on Petrobras, the huge state oil company. He is also being investigated by the congressional ethics committee over allegedly lying to Congress about possessing secret Swiss bank accounts. Justin Anderson, a local resident, packs his three children and dog into his truck as he prepares to leave the Christina Lake Lodge campground in Conklin, Alberta, on Thursday.
A convoy of evacuees began the long drive out of work camps north of the fire-ravaged Fort McMurray area on Friday morning. Meanwhile, a mass airlift of evacuees was expected to resume, a day after 8,000 people were flown out. In all, more than 80,000 people have left Fort McMurray, in the heart of Canada's oil sands, and officials say no deaths or injuries related to the fire have been reported. Crews battling the fire got a little help with temperatures forecast to fall overnight to 16 C from 30 C. The Alberta provincial government, which declared a state of emergency, said more than 1,100 firefighters, 145 helicopters, 138 pieces of heavy equipment and 22 air tankers were fighting the fire, but Chad Morrison, Alberta's manager of wildfire prevention, said rain is needed. About 25,000 evacuees moved north in the hours after Tuesday's mandatory evacuation, where oil sands work camps were converted to house people. Officials said a helicopter would lead the evacuation convoy on Friday morning to make sure the highway is safe. Fort McMurray is surrounded by wilderness, and there are essentially only two ways out via road. Aided by high winds, scorching heat and low humidity, the fire grew from 75 square kilometers on Tuesday to 100 square km on Wednesday, but by Thursday it was almost nine times that - at 850 square km.
Unseasonably hot temperatures combined with dry conditions have transformed the boreal forest in much of Alberta into a tinder box.
The region has the third-largest reserves of oil in the world behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. The wildfire was expected to incur the largest insured property losses from a single disaster in Canadian history. Capital Markets analyst Tom MacKinnon said in a report on Wednesday that the insurance losses was estimated between $2 billion and $3.6 billion. Australian police have charged a 21-year-old woman with fraud after she allegedly spent $3.4 million that her bank mistakenly gave her, with much of the money reportedly lavished on handbags. The woman, named in Sydney media as Malaysian chemical engineering student Christine Jiaxin Lee, reportedly splashed out on luxury apartment rentals, designer bags and other high-end items after her Australian bank gave her an unlimited overdraft on her savings account. Police arrested the woman as she attempted to board a flight to Malaysia on Wednesday night. They said she had been charged with dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime.
Reports said that Lee, who has been released on bail, allegedly spent the money between July 2014 and April 2015, and that some $2.4 million had not been recovered.

Stapleton questioned whether the cash could be considered a "proceed of crime", saying "it's money we all dream about". NSW state police detective inspector Sean Heaney told the ABC on Thursday that if members of the public find money in their accounts that should not be there, or they have an ability to overdraw on an account that they should not have, they should not spend the money. The Food and Drug Administration's action brought regulation of e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and hookah tobacco in line with existing rules for cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco.
The rules promise to have a major impact on the $3.4 billion e-cigarette industry that has flourished in the absence of federal regulation, making the nicotine-delivery devices the most commonly used tobacco products among US youngsters. The FDA said it will require companies to submit e-cigarettes and other newer tobacco products for government approval, provide it with a list of their ingredients and place health warnings on packages and in advertisements.
The FDA will require age verification by photo identification, ban sales from vending machines except in adults-only locations and stop the distribution of free product samples. The new regulations had been highly anticipated after the agency issued a proposed rule two years ago on how to oversee the e-cigarette industry and the other products. Burwell said health officials still do not have the scientific evidence showing e-cigarettes can help smokers quit, as the industry asserts, and avoid the known ills of tobacco. E-cigarettes are handheld electronic devices that vaporize a fluid typically including nicotine and a flavor component.
The e-cigarette vapor industry, which includes e-cigarettes, vapors, personal vaporizers and tanks, is expected to have about $4.1 billion in sales in 2016, Wells Fargo estimated.
Three million US middle and high school students reported using e-cigarettes in 2015, compared with 2.46 million in 2014, according to the most recent federal data.
A University of Southern California study of high school students last year found that those who used e-cigarettes were more than twice as likely to also smoke traditional cigarettes. The Workers' Party of Korea, the ruling party of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, opened its 7th Congress on Friday. It is the first WPK congress in 36 years and the first under the leadership of Kim Jong-un. Analysts say the congress may focus on further consolidating the policy of simultaneously developing nuclear weapons and the national economy, and might emphasize the DPRK's status as a nuclear state.
An estimated 3,000 party representatives will attend the meeting, which presumably will last three days.
Yoon Hae-ryoong, a senior majoring in mechanics at Kim Il Sung University, told Xinhua that he sees the congress as a historical watershed in the revolutionary cause of the DPRK. He said the concurrent development of nuclear weapons and the national economy is a long-term strategic approach to dealing with "US imperialists".
In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that China hopes the DPRK can "achieve national development" and "heed the calls of the international community and work with us to maintain peace and stability in Northeast Asia".
Pyongyang had announced in late October that the 7th WPK congress would be convened in early May. Cannabis may join the herb and spice rack in California kitchens as the most populous US state prepares for the possible legalization of recreational marijuana in November. Chef Chris Sayegh is leading the way by taking haute cuisine to a higher place with his cannabis-infused menus in private homes for as much as $500 a head, or in "pop-up" banquets around Los Angeles for $20 to $200 a person. Sayegh, 23, who cut his teeth in the kitchens of top restaurants in New York and California, said incorporating cannabis into his recipes creates an entirely new consciousness for diners that goes beyond the effects of a fine wine. Edible marijuana products are nothing new, and the market for them has evolved into a multimillion-dollar industry.
Marijuana has been legally permitted in California for medical purposes since 1996, and voters are widely expected to pass a measure on the upcoming November election ballot to legalize pot as a recreational drug for adults statewide.
Sayegh said he began experimenting with cannabis cuisine after growing tired of pot-baked brownies and other snacks. In the kitchen, Sayegh uses oil containing an extract of tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of cannabis, and a "vaporizer" to infuse ingredients with THC. The livestreamed Cats Meok Bang show is a twist on an online trend of young South Korean men and women tucking into feasts in real time, while viewers send messages and sometimes virtual cash.
While the stars of those programs seek a rapport with their fans, cat TV has gained viewers despite its uneventfulness. Cats Meok Bang, a mash-up of the Korean words for broadcasting and eating, began by accident. Four months on, 110,000 South Koreans a month on average watch the show and more than 10,000 of them have bookmarked the show. During the slow hours after patients leave his office, Yoo Young-hoon, 49, a physician in Seoul, said he always plays the cat TV on the screen next to the medical chart.
Unlike dogs that are considered loyal to their owners, cats do not have a positive image in South Korea. But viewers of the online cat show said they began paying attention to those animals roaming around the street with affection.
Stray cats approach foods prepared by Koo Eunje, the 35yearold host of an online cat show in JeollaNamdo, South Korea. Alberta declared a state of emergency on Wednesday as crews frantically held back wind-whipped wildfires that have already torched 1,600 homes and other buildings in Canada's main oil sands city of Fort McMurray, forcing more than 80,000 residents to flee.
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said fire had destroyed or damaged an estimated 1,600 structures. Danielle Larivee, Alberta's minister of municipal affairs, said the fire is actively burning in residential areas. Fatalities have been reported from a collision on a nearby highway but she was unaware if it was related to the evacuation or fire. There were haunting images of scorched trucks, charred homes and telephone poles, burned out from the bottom up, hanging in the wires like little wooden crosses. Some residents were evacuated for a second time late on Wednesday when they were told to leave their emergency accommodations in the nearby hamlet of Anzac. The blaze effectively cut Fort McMurray in two late on Tuesday, forcing about 10,000 north to the safety of oil sands work camps. The other 70,000 or so were sent streaming south in a bumper-to-bumper snake line of cars and trucks that stretched beyond the horizon down Highway 63.
Firefighters were working to protect critical infrastructure, including the only bridge across the Athabasca River and Highway 63, the only major route to the city in or out.
Labour's Sadiq Khan, the son of a bus driver from Pakistan, voted early in his multiethnic constituency of Tooting in south London. His main rival, environmentalist Zac Goldsmith, cast his ballot in the posh Richmond neighborhood west of the city center. The vote is seen as the first major electoral test for opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose party has been rived by infighting over allegations of anti-Semitism. The results of the regional elections that are also being held in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will likely set the tone for the final seven weeks of campaigning ahead of Britain's June 23 EU membership referendum. In the Scottish Parliament, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's pro-independence party is looking to tighten its hold on power as it seeks to build support for a second vote on seceding from the UK following a failed referendum on the issue in 2014. If Britain as a whole votes to leave the European Union but Scotland votes to stay in, Sturgeon says that would be a pretext for her Scottish National Party to demand another independence referendum.
In London, polls show the city facing a straight choice between Labour candidate Khan and his Conservative rival Goldsmith. The campaign has been dominated by negative campaigning, with Goldsmith seeking to establish links between Khan and Muslim extremists, which Khan has consistently dismissed as "desperate stuff". Khan, 45, is the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver who became a human rights lawyer and government minister, while ecologist Goldsmith, 41, is a son of the late tycoon financier James Goldsmith, a scion of one of Britain's wealthiest families.
Despite the surface-level rancor, both candidates accept that the sky-high cost of homes and the city's creaking transport system are the dominant issues for voters. Of the 12 candidates, second preference votes for the top two are added on to determine the winner.
London's Evening Standard newspaper endorsed Goldsmith on Wednesday, as he spent the last day of campaigning on a 24-hour tour of the city.
During a visit to a street market in south London on Wednesday, Khan told AFP his rival had run a "negative, divisive and increasingly desperate campaign".
The new mayor replaces the eccentric Conservative Boris Johnson, whose eight-year term in office included the London 2012 Olympics and the launch of a cycle hire scheme dubbed "Boris Bikes". Out of London's City Hall, the fiercely-ambitious Johnson - a leading figure in the EU referendum's "Leave" campaign - is the bookmakers' favorite to become Britain's next prime minister.
Sadiq Khan, Britain's Labour Party candidate for mayor of London, and his wife Saadiya pose for photographers after casting their votes for mayor in South London on Wednesday.
The leader of Bangladesh's top Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami is set to hang within days after the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld his death sentence for war crimes. Motiur Rahman Nizami was convicted of murder, rape and orchestrating the killing of intellectuals during the country's 1971 independence struggle. A defense lawyer for the 73-year-old said he would not seek clemency and Alam said jail authorities would begin preparing for the execution once they received a copy of the verdict. Security has been stepped up in Dhaka, already tense after a string of killings of secular and liberal activists and religious minorities by suspected Islamist militants.
Hundreds of people who had campaigned for the Islamist leaders to be tried for their roles in the 1971 war burst into impromptu celebrations at a square in central Dhaka and in the port city of Chittagong. Three senior Jamaat officials and a key leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the main opposition party, have been executed since December 2013 for war crimes despite global criticism of their trials by a controversial tribunal.
Jamaat said the charges against Nizami were false and aimed at eliminating the leadership of the party, a key ally of the opposition BNP. Nizami took over as party leader in 2000 and was a minister in the Islamist-allied government of 2001-2006. Prosecutors said he was responsible for setting up the Al-Badr pro-Pakistani militia, which killed top writers, doctors and journalists in the most gruesome chapter of the 1971 conflict. Their bodies were found blindfolded with their hands tied and dumped in a marsh on the outskirts of the capital.
Prosecutors said Nizami ordered the killings, designed to "intellectually cripple" the fledgling nation. The 1971 conflict, one of the bloodiest in world history, led to the creation of an independent Bangladesh from what was then East Pakistan. Nizami was convicted in October 2014 by the International Crimes Tribunal, which was established in 2010 by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government and has sentenced more than a dozen opposition leaders for war crimes.
Rodrigo Duterte has a commanding lead in opinion polls ahead of the May 9 election, much to the dismay of business chiefs, investors and diplomats who see him as a clown with no clear economic policies and a possible liability for the country.
Brash and openly scathing of the political establishment on the campaign trail, he has been likened to US presidential candidate Donald Trump. And yet, Duterte's supporters point to his past to argue that as president, he would not be the disaster that critics fear. As mayor of Davao city in the south of the country, they say, the 71-year-old former prosecutor waged war on drugs, crushed crime rates, lifted investment levels, improved health and education, and delegated policy issues to technocrats.
Eurasia Group, a global risk research firm, said in a report this week that the Philippines is likely to continue on the pro-growth and reform-oriented path set by outgoing President Benigno Aquino, regardless of who wins the election. It said that while Grace Poe, a senator who was at one stage the front-runner in opinion polls, appears more engaged and knowledgeable on economic policy, Duterte defers to capable advisers and is likely to pursue infrastructure development, administrative streamlining and openness to foreign investment.
Last week, members of the country's leading business club were stunned when Duterte addressed them in his usual style, threatening to kill criminals and making risque comments about Viagra use and his sex life, but shedding little light on the economic policies he would pursue if he became president. Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte (center) listens as Senate candidates Dionisio Santiago, right, and Sandra Camtalk to him while campaigning inManila.
A senator selected as a fact-finder by a special Senate commission considering the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff recommended on Wednesday that she be put on trial for possible removal from office. The Israeli military launched airstrikes early on Thursday on four Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to mortar rounds fired at Israel, the military said. A bleeding pregnant woman dropped dead at the gates of Haiti's largest public hospital after failing to get help on Wednesday amid a weeks-old strike by resident doctors, nurses and other staff. A woman has been found alive after six days in a collapsed building and rescuers were working to free her, a Kenyan government official said on Thursday. Rescuers were creating room to release the woman who was speaking to medics waiting to treat her, said Pius Masai, the head of the National Disaster Management Unit. The New Day newspaper is shutting down after only nine weeks after its circulation failed to meet expectations. Relative calm prevailed on Thursday in the Syrian city of Aleppo following a US-Russian agreement to extend a cessation of hostilities that had crumbled after nearly two weeks of violence between rebels and government forces that killed dozens.
Syrian state media said the army would abide by a "regime of calm" in the city that came into effect at 1:00 am for 48 hours. But the army again blamed Islamist insurgents for violating the agreement overnight by what it called indiscriminate shelling of some government-held residential areas of the divided city.
President Bashar Assad said on Thursday his country would not accept less than an outright victory against rebels in the northern city of Aleppo and across Syria, state media reported.
In a telegram sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Assad said the army would not accept less than "attaining final victory" in its fight against the rebels. Witnesses said at least one person was killed in rebel shelling overnight of the Midan neighborhood on the government side of the city. A resident contacted in the rebel-held eastern part of the city said although warplanes were flying overnight, there were none of the intense raids seen during more than 10 days of aerial bombing. People in several districts ventured out onto the streets where more shops than normal had opened, the resident of al Shaar neighborhood said.
The only intense fighting reported was in the southern Aleppo countryside where Syria's al-Qaida offshoot Nusra Front is dug in close to where militias maintain a stronghold. The surge in bloodshed in Aleppo wrecked the first major "cessation of hostilities" agreement of the war, sponsored by Washington and Moscow, which had held since February. Meanwhile, around 64,000 Syrians are stranded at the border with Jordan after intensified violence around Aleppo, Jordanian border guards said on Thursday.
Jordan, which is already home to more than 630,000 Syrian refugees, said it must screen newcomers to ensure they are genuine refugees and not jihadists seeking to infiltrate the country. A Syrian refugee woman, who is stuck between the Jordanian and Syrian borders, holds her child as she crosses into Jordan after a group of refugees had crossed into Jordanian territory on Wednesday. Davutoglu, who had fallen out with President Recept Tayyip Erdogan, announced he was stepping aside following a meeting with executives of the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, which has dominated Turkish politics since 2002. Davutoglu indicated he did not plan to resign from the party, saying he would "continue the struggle" as a ruling party legislator.
The shake-up is seen as the outcome of irreconcilable differences between Erdogan, who would like to see the country transition to a presidential system, and his once-trusted adviser. But the adviser to Erdogan tried to act independently on a range issues and often proved to be a more moderating force to Erdogan.
Crisis talks between the former political allies dragged out for nearly two hours on Wednesday but clearly failed to resolve their differences. Divisions between the Erdogan and Davutoglu camps first spilled into the open over the conflict with Kurdish militants. Erdogan took issue with Davutoglu after he spoke of the possibility of resuming peace talks with the PKK if it withdraws its armed fighters from Turkish territory. Volunteers in opposition-held areas of Syria are forced to improvise as they carry out one of the world's most dangerous tasks: dismantling cluster munitions, land mines and explosive booby-traps as they work to make battle-torn areas safe for civilians to return. Booby-traps laid by the Islamic State group in the Kurdish-held town of Kobani, in northern Syria, have killed more than 20 volunteer sappers in 15 months, according to a senior regional official. The sappers were all regular fighters in the main Syrian Kurdish militia, the YPG, who volunteered to take a munitions-clearance course based on Internet videos and shared experience. Still, the amateur demining effort continues in other parts of Syria, often with minimal training and no specialized equipment. An estimated 5.1 million Syrians live in what the UN's demining coordination body, UNMAS, calls "contaminated" areas, where unexploded ordnance poses a threat to life and limb.
Defusing or otherwise neutralizing unexploded ordnance is a perilous task for even the best-trained technicians, to say nothing of volunteers.
The weapons have been used extensively by the Syrian government, the Russian Air Force, and the Islamic State group in civilian areas throughout much of the war, according to evidence gathered by Human Rights Watch and other watchdog agencies.
The Syrian government has been able to rely on Russian military technicians to secure areas under their control, such as the ancient city of Palmyra, which pro-government forces retook from IS in March. Clips broadcast from Palmyra on Russian media showed the technicians, clad in specialized protective gear, moving methodically across minefields and booby-trapped neighborhoods, sweeping the ground with metal detectors and explosives-sniffing dogs. In contrast, hourslong amateur footage circulating on social media shows YPG volunteers in opposition-held areas prodding the ground with sticks, digging up bomblets with spades, and defusing them by hand. They endure toxic fumes and backbreaking loads to earn pennies hauling out a substance used to bleach sugar and vulcanize rubber. Just after midnight, wearing headlamps to find their way through the darkness and volcanic smoke, the miners descend into the crater with shovels and crowbars, often without protective masks.
They break up the mustard-yellow slabs of sulfur that are formed by planting pipes into the crater, forcing sulfuric gases to condense and then solidify.
Bearing loads of up 70 kilograms, the men make an agonizing climb out of the crater and then a 3-kilometer journey down the mountain. They face deformities and shortened life spans working in a job that in other countries is mechanized because of the high dangers. The miners earn 1,000 rupiah (7 cents) for each kilogram, or about $10 a day if they make two trips up and down the smoldering 2,799-meter volcano. Marzuki, a sulfur miner, carries baskets of sulfur as he climbs up from the crater of Mount Ijen in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. The Canadian province of Alberta raced to evacuate the entire population of Fort McMurray where an uncontrolled wildfire was taking hold in the heart of the country's oil sands region, with dry winds forecast for Wednesday that could fuel the blaze.
Alberta appealed for military help to battle the fire and airlift people from the smoke-filled city after authorities issued a mandatory evacuation order for 80,000, but officials said army and air force assistance would take two days to arrive. About 44,000 people were estimated to be on the roads, fleeing the city, while approximately 8,000 had reached an evacuation center outside Fort McMurray, officials said.
The 2,650-hectare fire, which was discovered on Sunday, shifted aggressively with the wind on Tuesday to breach city limits.
The southern route eventually reopened but traffic was quickly gridlocked in both directions. Alberta is much drier than normal for this time of year, strengthening prospects for a long and expensive wildfire season, in the wake of a mild winter with lower-than-average snowfall and a warm spring. Authorities expect increased winds on Wednesday that will make it harder to fight the fire. Suncor Energy, whose oil sands operations are closest to the city, said its main plant, 25 km north of Fort McMurray, was safe, but it was reducing crude production in the region to allow employees and families to get to safety. Suncor said evacuees were welcome at its Firebag oil sands facility, while Canadian Natural Resources Ltd said it was working to ensure any affected CNRL workers and their families could use its camps. Shell Canada also said it would open its oil sands camp to evacuees and was looking to use its airstrip to fly out nonessential staff and accommodate displaced residents. A number of flights from Fort McMurray airport were canceled and the airport advised passengers to check with their airlines for updates. The blaze started southwest of Fort McMurray and spread rapidly to the outskirts of the city, located about 430 km northeast of Alberta's capital, Edmonton. Television footage and photographs on Twitter showed flames and smoke billowing over the city and a destroyed trailer park. At least one residential neighborhood in the city's southeast had been destroyed by the fire and others were severely damaged or still under threat, local fire chief Allen said.
Fort McMurray resident Crystal Maltais buckles in her daughter, Mckennah Stapley, as they prepare to leave Conklin, Alberta, after evacuating their home threatened by a raging wildfire on Tuesday. Embattled President Dilma Rousseff greeted the Olympic flame in Brazil on Tuesday, promising not to allow a raging political crisis, which could see her suspended within days, to spoil the Rio Games.
The flame, which arrived in a small lantern from the ancient Greek site of Olympia, via Switzerland, was transferred to Brazil's Olympic torch featuring waves of tropical colors. The torch will now be carried in a relay by 12,000 people through 329 cities, ending in Rio's Maracana stadium on Aug 5 for the opening ceremony.
Air Force jets roared overhead in a clear blue sky to write "Rio 2016" and the five Olympic rings in their vapor trails. Twelve-year-old Syrian refugee Hanan Daqqah, who arrived in Brazil's biggest city Sao Paulo with her family in 2015, was also among the 10 first torch bearers.
But political and economic turmoil overshadowed the ceremony ahead of South America's first ever Olympics. Rousseff will be suspended from office for six months next week if the Senate votes on May 11 or 12 to open an impeachment trial, meaning that Tuesday could have been one of her final major public events as president. According to reports in the Globo, Folha de Sao Paulo and Estadao dailies, chief prosecutor Rodrigo Janot has requested authority to open an investigation into the embattled president and also her predecessor and key political ally Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. India's Supreme Court on Wednesday said the tobacco industry must adhere to federal rules requiring stringent health warnings on cigarette packs, in a major setback for the $11 billion industry that opposes the new policy. The court also turned down an industry plea to stay the implementation of the new tobacco-control rules introduced from April 1, which require health warnings to cover 85 percent of a cigarette pack's surface, up from 20 percent earlier. The tobacco industry "should not violate any rule prevailing as of today," the two-judge bench said during the 45-minute hearing inside a packed courtroom in New Delhi. It also directed the high court of Karnataka state to hear dozens of pleas filed against the new rules in several Indian courts and decide on the matter within six weeks.
Last month, Indian tobacco companies, some backed by foreign "Big Tobacco", briefly shut down production as the new rules came into effect. The Supreme Court declined an industry lawyer's request that a stay obtained by a lower court be allowed to continue. Shares in India's biggest cigarette maker ITC Ltd, part-owned by British American Tobacco, fell nearly 1 percent after the court directive. US-based Philip Morris International's India partner Godfrey Phillips pared gains but was trading 1.3 percent higher. Officials from the Tobacco Institute of India, an industry lobby group whose members include ITC and Godfrey, were not immediately available for comment.
It was not immediately clear when the companies will start printing bigger warnings on their packs. The head of Korean Air, who just resigned as the chief organizer of the 2018 Winter Olympics, was sued on Wednesday by his carrier's pilots for allegedly demeaning their work. The airline's pilot union filed a defamation lawsuit with the Seoul district court against Cho Yang-ho over a Facebook posting the chairman made in March, a Korean Air spokesman said. Responding to a Korean Air pilot who backed a pay rise demand by detailing the complex preflight checks required of the cockpit crew, Cho posted that flying a modern passenger plane on autopilot was "easier than driving a car".
The posting infuriated Korean Air pilots already embroiled in a protracted wage dispute, and the union decided to take the matter to court.
Cho was already in the headlines on Tuesday when he resigned as head of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games Committee, citing "critical financial issues" with Hanjin shipping which, like Korean Air, is part of the tycoon's Hanjin Group.
Muslim militants have threatened to kill three more hostages in their jungle base in the southern Philippines more than a week after beheading a Canadian man when their multi-million dollar ransom demands were not met. In a video circulated on Tuesday by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi websites, the captives from Canada, Norway and the Philippines pleaded for the Canadian and Philippine governments to heed the Abu Sayyaf militants' demand. Six heavily armed Abu Sayyaf fighters stood behind the hostages, who were made to sit in a clearing and spoke briefly before a camera. The militants beheaded John Ridsdel on April 25 in the southern Philippine province of Sulu, an impoverished Muslim province in the south of the largely Roman Catholic country, after they failed to get a ransom of $6.3 million. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the killing but vowed not to give in to the kidnappers' ransom demands. Canadian captive Robert Hall asked the Philippine government to "please stop shooting at us and trying to kill us. The four were seized from a marina on southern Samal Island and taken by boat to Sulu, where Abu Sayyaf gunmen continue to hold several captives, including a Dutch bird watcher who was kidnapped more than three years ago, and eight Indonesian and Malaysian crewmen who were snatched recently from three tugboats.
The militants freed 10 Indonesian tugboat crewmen a few days ago reportedly in exchange for ransom.
The United States and the Philippines have separately blacklisted the Abu Sayyaf for kidnappings for ransom, beheadings and bombings. Republican front-runner Donald Trump went from long-shot contender to become the party's presumptive nominee on Tuesday with a commanding win in Indiana, and the party began to coalesce around him as top rival Ted Cruz bowed out of the race. The New York billionaire, who has never held public office, had repeatedly defied pundits' predictions that his campaign would implode. The former reality TV star now can prepare for a match-up in the Nov 8 election with Hillary Clinton expected to be his Democratic opponent. Trump's immediate challenge is to unite deep fissures within the Republican Party as many party loyalists are appalled at his bullying style, his treatment of women and his signature proposals to build a wall on the border with Mexico and deport 11 million illegal immigrants.
Trump himself called for unity in a speech at a victory rally that was free of his usual bombast and flamboyance. Trump's victory put to rest a belief that Republicans would choose their nominee at a contested convention when party leaders gather in Cleveland July 18-21.
At his victory rally at Trump Tower in New York, Trump walked on stage with wife Melania and other family members as the Rolling Stones' Start Me Up blared over loudspeakers.
He is likely to formally wrap up the nomination on June 7 when California votes, although Ohio Governor John Kasich vowed to stay in the race as Trump's last challenger.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called Trump the party's presumptive nominee in a tweet and said, "We all need to unite and focus" on defeating Clinton. As the vote returns flowed in, Cruz announced that he has ended his campaign in Indianapolis, with his wife, Heidi, at his side.
Trump won at least 51 of 57 possible delegates awarded in Indiana, according to the Associated Press delegate tracker. US presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles during his speech at the start of a victory party at Trump Tower in New York on Tuesday. Bernie Sanders said on Tuesday that his primary bid against Hillary Clinton was far from over, pointing to his victory in Indiana and strength in upcoming races as a sign of his durability in the presidential campaign. Sanders spoke to the AP after he defeated Clinton in Indiana's primary, predicting that he would achieve "more victories in the weeks to come" in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon and California. Sanders' win in Indiana likely won't make much of a dent in Clinton's lead of more than 300 pledged delegates.
With Donald Trump all but clinching the Republican nomination for president, Clinton is beginning to explore ways to woo Republicans turned off by the brash billionaire. Sanders said in the interview that he would be the best-positioned Democrat to take on Trump. Sanders said he had no intention to drop out of the race and rejected the notion that his criticism of Clinton's record on issues like trade, campaign finance and the Iraq war would help Trump.
Kenyan police have disrupted a cell of extremist medics linked to the Islamic State group suspected of plotting a biological attack on Kenya and recruiting university students to join the group in Libya and Syria, Kenya's police chief said on Tuesday. A court allowed anti-terrorism police officers to keep Mohammed Abdi Ali, a medical intern at the Wote District Hospital in Makueni County who was arrested on Friday, for 30 days to complete investigations, Joseph Boinnet said in a statement.
Kenya is struggling to battle the Islamic State group's recruitment of some of the country's youths. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service a€“ INS) to get your Green Card (permanent resident visa) and American Citizenship. Initially, the VCM unit recorded administration presidential candidate Mar Roxas in a voting receipt, when none of the oblong spaces beside the candidates’ names was shaded. Kaya minarapat ko rin na sa tapat ng simbahan ilunsad ang susunod na kabanata ng buhay ko,” she said. He said the LP will push for Duterte’s impeachment so that a party member will take over the presidency. Hanggang ngayon ‘yung po pinagpapaguran pa rin ng LP na manalo kami pareho ni Secretary Mar (There is no truth to that theory. Noong nag number one ako, the following day sobrang daming ridiculous black propaganda,” she said.
10049, the Comelec can require summary reports of TV advertisements, entertain ‘right to reply’ claims, and even summarily act on advertisements which are against ‘public morals.’ At the same time, advertisers and networks are to observe self-regulation in regard to content,” Villareal said. Being a creation of law, however, the MTRCB must necessarily act within the framework of mandates of individual agencies and of the courts,” Villareal added. Antonio Trillanes featured clips of Duterte’s controversial remarks and profanity-laced speeches, with children asking the public whether they wanted someone like the tough-talking mayor to be the next president. Alan Peter Cayetano was able to secure a temporary restraining order on the airing of the advertisement from the Taguig Regional Trial Court.
Juancho Ibis, Tinambac police chief, said San Antonio Village councilors Nomer Pineda and Loreto Corre were on board a motorcycle and were on their way to the town center at 3 p.m.
ALEJO SANTOS, Bulacan—Four Bulacan policemen were arrested and relieved from duty for moonlighting as bodyguards of a candidate in Donya Remedios Trinidad (DRT) town. Lynelle Solomon, information officer of the Bulacan police office during a Saturday (May 7) news conference. Surki Serenas, spokesperson of the Northern Mindanao police, said based on initial investigation, around 10 masked armed men barged into Ceballos’ home and shot him several times. Social scientists and anthropologists say that’s because Filipinos tend to be both contentious and loyal to a fault. We spend time and money to join the sorties and show our undying support because we believe our candidate can do no wrong, despite what the rival camps say. Facebook, in particular, has become a no-holds-barred battleground for the hearts and minds of the electorate. The Philippines has been recognized as a prime destination for globally positioned businesses in the IT BPM (information technology and business process management) industry, which now employs over a million people and continues to generate thousands upon thousands of jobs daily. They cite the surprising support for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City, whose public pronouncements range from uncivil to outright reprehensible.
He would have been more at home in the company of authoritarian rulers like Pol Pot of Cambodia, Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, Suharto of Indonesia, and Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. Whatever he does, whatever he becomes, reflects on all of us whether we voted for him or not. But, as in the case of what seems like the most bitterly contested presidential election in recent Philippine history, it may turn out to be a pell-mell, elbows-flying dash to the finish line, with the candidates refusing to yield and using wiles, condoned or not, to gain even a nanosecond of advantage to be the first to heave themselves at the tape. A counterpart online petition, in fact, exists: that Roxas give way instead to Poe, again as supposedly the only way to stop the specter of a Duterte presidency. That, in any case, is the warning issued by many in the Duterte camp in the past days—that Roxas and the Liberal Party should think twice about pulling the rug out from under what is supposedly sure to be a Duterte victory, or there would be hell to pay. Can there possibly be only one good, one that is truly good for all, not just incidentally, but insofar as we are all human? If all I did in my life is hit the gym and be obsessed about my figure, but never care to read a book, or try to write, or be curious enough to study or learn something, I may indeed succeed in getting that perfect body, but I would simply be living a vegetable life.
It is something we do in such a way that it manifests the best in us—that is to say, our human excellence.

But for Aristotle, justice is the complete virtue, the perfect virtue, the virtue of all virtues. More recently, a woman named Tess Asplund faced neo-Nazis in Sweden all by herself, raising her fist in protest, and was reported to have said, “The Nazis are very angry, so I am a little ‘Oh sh*t, maybe I shouldn’t have done that, I want peace and quiet.’ These guys are big and crazy. Barbaza is with the Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities, Ateneo de Manila University.
Business schools recommend asking one final question to confirm or counter a decision: What if I am wrong?
Antonio Trillanes has filed a plunder case against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for ghost employees, thus advancing the narrative that Duterte may be both a human rights violator and corrupt.
Adversaries spared him further grilling on his “Dapat ang mayor ang mauna” comment on the rape of an Australian missionary, which did say something about his views on the perks of public office.
Natividad Dayan, former president of the International Council of Psychologists, and with Duterte’s way of dismissing accusations leveled at him.
Climate change, felt by the Kidapawan farmers suffering from the drought triggered by El Nino, has elevated security to the planetary level.
We have made progress in expanding economic opportunities, improving the delivery of social services, and controlling corruption. Its achievement depends on enduring commitment to the rule of law and democratic values and on leaders who can be trusted not to reverse the policies that have made a measure of success possible, so that we can build on what has been achieved.
Granting that many more deserve prosecution, when have we seen so many “big fish” brought before the courts?
Consider his take-no-prisoner orientation and his Lone Ranger approach to contentious national issues, including negotiations with the National Democratic Front and with China. We cannot afford to return to the practices of the past or rely on uncertain and untested promises. That is the reason we need, more than ever, to come together and support the Mar-Leni tandem in this defining moment in the life of our nation. Both Mar and Leni are no strangers to sacrifice; they have experienced the pain of loss, and know the sacrifice of giving up to give more.
Both have given their lives to dedicated service to others, without counting the cost and with generous hearts. In their years of service in and outside government, as legislators or NGO workers, as members of the executive branch whether in national or local levels, Mar and Leni have demonstrated their capacity to always deliver their best. Now is the time to make public our political positions, to announce our choices with pride, and to humbly proclaim the names of our candidates. There is a groundswell for governance that is grounded on accountability, an economy that is inclusive and founded on sound principles of development and that is both just and sustainable. If we are to lead, we must be ready to face these challenges in the days ahead: to be steadfast in our faith that we can build a better nation, to strengthen our determination to bring out the best in us Filipinos, and to share the conviction in this campaign’s homestretch period that together our support for the Mar-Leni tandem represents our best chance to continue to transform lives so that our children can inherit a better future. He taught political science at the University of the Philippines and at the Interdisciplinary Studies Department of Ateneo de Manila University. Transparency, accountability, and the use of people power to facilitate the changeover were practiced since Day 1. She used her law not to make money for herself, but to empower the people: In the Public Attorney’s Office and later with Saligan (an alternative legal support group), she gave legal aid and worked with the marginalized sectors—farmers, fishers, battered and abused women and children. By a vote of 80 percent-20 percent, on a campaign that was mostly shoe-leather (house-to-house), hardly any money involved (she had none). A husband and wife, after 25 years of marriage and maybe 20 years in politics, with no wealth, explained or unexplained. People who think they are above the law (Honasan, Trillanes, with their coup attempts—but only against women presidents).
She is a breath of fresh air in the rancid political atmosphere of greed and self-interest.
SWS became the Philippine member of the ISSP in 1990, six years after the ISSP was established, and has done all the 26 ISSP surveys of 1991-2016. It has done all the ISSP surveys since then: Social Inequality (2009), Environment (2010), Health and Health Care (2011), Family and Changing Gender Roles (2012), National Identity (2013), Citizenship (2014), Work Orientations (2015), and Role of Government (2016).
The ISSP makes its major decisions on survey topics and questionnaires on a one-country-one-vote basis in the general assembly. Most of the comparisons between Filipinos and other nationalities that I have described in this column are based on ISSP data. Lithuania has only about 3 million people, in 60,000 square kilometers, whereas the Philippines has over 100 million people, crowded into 300,000 square kilometers.
In the United States, with a population of over 300 million, the National Opinion Research Center took a sample of 1,274 adults. On the other hand, the Philippines’ 2013 HDI was only a medium-sized 0.660, ranking it 117th of the lot.
The standard brochure given to Kaunas visitors has two welcome statements: one from the mayor of Kaunas and the second from Arvydas Sabonis, president of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation. When we went there for a gala dinner, we found the words “Welcome to the Members of ISSP” running in lights all around the basketball court.
That veneer is no more and he has been exposed for who he really is: rapacious with money as he is with power.
In his heart of hearts, he should know by now that Mayor Duterte is not that person he wants us to believe he is, but a lying bully and a dangerous man who, as president, will bring ruin and dishonor upon our country. It is almost certain that impeachment complaints will be filed against him, year after year. Although the abolition of Congress would be unconstitutional under our present democratic system, he could still do this by conspiring with the military and declaring martial law or a revolutionary government. In such a scenario, the Constitution and the impeachment would be pushed out of public consciousness, and Duterte could continue to hold on to power. It’s possible for us to wake up one day with Chinese soldiers already on our shorelines, until then unnoticed because everybody was focused on winning the elections in 2016. Tan denied the accusation, and filed civil and criminal cases against Deguito and her lawyer for libel and perjury. We are one of only three countries in the entire world, the other two being Lebanon and Switzerland, where tax administration cannot access bank transactions due to our restrictive Bank Secrecy Law. We have to keep in mind that while the intention might be good, there will be unintended consequences. Yes, inflation is below target, but some upward pressure persists amid unpredictable food prices. All the presidential candidates seem to be rather populist in their economic agenda and clearly pro-growth in the near-term. This is especially true for Philippines, Thailand and Singapore where real interest rates calculated using current (first quarter of 2016) consumer price index inflation are close to ten-year highs, even though the nominal ones are at 10-year lows. This was attributed to strong demand  for its branded products and the “subdued” prices of key raw materials. Sales from the three branded businesses—marine, meat and milk—grew by 15 percent year-on-year and accounted for 78 percent of total sales.
It saw discussions revolving around the specific data and information that should be submitted by companies to investment promotion agencies (IPAs), IPAs to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), BIR to the Bureau of Customs and DOF, and IPAs to the National Economic Development Authority (Neda).
The BOI and the DOF have been meeting with the concerned agencies and the other IPAs to reconcile and consolidate inputs on a number of concerns on the proposed IRR provisions,” Rodolfo said. Several meetings were also held with the IPAs and with the interagency technical working group composed of the BOI, DOF, BIR, BOC and the Neda. We wanted to ensure the IRR mapped out a robust mechanism that would show accurate and most-up-to-date information. Restaurant sales—from both new store openings and same stores, increased by 13 percent to P2.32 billion. We are now starting to realize the revenue impact of new stores that came onboard in the latter part of 2015. As of the end of March this year, the group had a chain of 577 stores including 37 overseas. These would involve 25 Yellow Cab Pizza stores in China, five Pancake House stores in Qatar,  five Yellow Cab Pizza stores in Singapore, five Yellow Cab Pizza stores in Jordan and 10 Yellow Cab Pizza stores in Egypt.
Before liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Florida, he put the chances of a successful touchdown at "maybe even" because the rocket was coming in faster and hotter than last time. The Senate was scheduled to vote Wednesday on whether to open a trial and suspend Rousseff. It appeared the highway is safe enough on Friday to move thousands more south on the highway.
The convoy will pass through Fort McMurray where the fire has torched 1,600 homes and other buildings. Morrison said the cause of the fire hasn't been determined, but he said it started in a remote forested area and could have been ignited by lightning.
This amount of money would likely to be "by far the largest potential catastrophe loss in Canadian history," he said. Industry officials said the regulations could hurt smaller companies and cripple a their job-creating business due to the expense of the regulatory process.
While some researchers believe e-cigarettes pose a lower cancer risk because they do not burn tobacco, other researchers view e-cigarette vapor as potentially harmful because of chemicals released during the burning process. They were asked instead to stay outside the meeting venue and interview Pyongyang residents. He said that as a young college student, he was lucky to take part in the parade and torch march before the meeting. Cannabis dining, on the other hand, is a relatively new concept, and Sayegh wants to bring it to the masses.
Carrot confit gnocchi with cannabis-infused pea emulsion was followed by New York strip steak with parsnip puree and a "medicated" red wine reduction. In a country where young adults increasingly live and dine alone, the shows have become so popular, some hosts have made small or big fortunes from the virtual cash sent from viewers.
Some avid fans say they quit watching soap operas, reading online news or playing mobile phone game to watch.
While visiting his mother-in-law in a mountainous village, Koo Eun-je, 35, saw a cat outside, wondered how it survived and put out leftover fish for it. Some viewers have sent Koo virtual cash items, which help cover his living expenses and cat food. The show has replaced his time on Facebook and his day is full of newfound cat-related activities although he still does not plan to adopt one.
Stray cats are called "thief cats" because they are believed to survive by stealing food from humans.
But now once in a while I look down, like beneath a car, to see what kind of cats live near my house," said Park Tae-kyung, a 33-year-old computer graphic designer. Flames are being kept from the downtown area thanks to the "herculean'" efforts of firefighters, said Scott Long of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. Fort McMurray is surrounded by wilderness in the heart of Canada's oil sands - the third largest reserves of oil in the world behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. There had been 2,500 evacuees registered at the local recreation center, although it was not known how many were still there when they were told to get on buses for Edmonton further to the south. Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale called it one of the largest fire evacuations in Canadian history, if not the largest. Now there is no bar to execute him unless he seeks clemency from the president and the president pardons him," said Attorney General Mahbubey Alam after the Supreme Court dismissed Nizami's final appeal. We hope the government will now execute him without wasting any time," said Imran Sarker, a secular blogger.
The Senate's website said Senator Antonio Anastasia made the recommendation for a Senate trial in a 126-page report he presented to the 21-member commission.
The military said it hit "terrorist infrastructure sites" belonging to Hamas, the Islamic militant group which rules Gaza. Hundreds of people gathered around the woman just outside the General Hospital compound in Port-au-Prince's crowded downtown. The party will hold an emergency convention on May 22 to select a new party leader who would also replace the premier.
It comes a day after Davutoglu's government scored a victory of sorts, with the European Union's executive commission recommending approval of a deal to give Turkish citizens the right to travel to Europe without visas. Davutoglu was expected to play a backseat role as Erdogan pushed ahead with plans to make the largely ceremonial presidency into an all-powerful position. But the death toll in the Kobani area was so high that the campaign there has been suspended, Hisso said. Members of the Civil Defense demining teams in Aleppo province have developed their own methods, including burning explosives in primitive pits and detonating unexploded cluster munitions by shooting at them.
Volunteer sappers in oppositionheld areas of Syria are improvising their approaches to one of the world's most dangerous tasks.
Stunning Mount Ijen in east Java draws tourists by day and hundreds of sulfur miners by night. The blaze closed off the main southern exit from the city, Highway 93, prompting many residents to head north toward the oil sands camps.
Gas stations throughout the area were out of fuel and police were patrolling the highway with gas cans. Officials said a gas station had exploded and flames engulfed the roof of a Super 8 Hotel during a live report on Canadian television. Then there were cheers as the first relay runner, double Olympic gold winning women's volleyball captain Fabiana Claudino, set off.
But if confirmed, the probe into Rousseff would be on top of a separate investigation that Janot earlier on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to open against Lula and three of Rousseff's ministers in relation to corruption at the state oil giant Petrobras.
The industry says the new policy is impractical and says it will boost cigarette smuggling. Ranjit Kumar, solicitor general of India, told the court New Delhi was committed to the new rules and opposes any stay on their implementation.
The World Health Organization says tobacco-related diseases cost India $16 billion annually.
Following the beheading, the Philippine military launched an offensive, which security officials believe have killed more than a dozen gunmen so far. They're gonna do a good job at that." He asked his government to heed the militants' demand. The brutal group emerged in the early 1990s as an extremist offshoot of a decades-long Muslim separatist rebellion in the south. He prevailed despite making outrageous statements along the way that drew biting criticism but still fed his anti-establishment appeal. Clinton's march to the Democratic nomination was slowed by rival Bernie Sanders' victory over her in Indiana. Cruz, 45, sounding beaten but defiant, said he no longer sees a viable path to the nomination. But the voters chose another path, and so with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign," said Cruz, a US senator from Texas.
Some at his event expressed shock at the decision by Cruz, who had been the last serious challenger to Trump out of an original field of 17 candidates.
His victory in the state pushed him to 1,047 delegates of the 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination, compared with 153 for Kasich. Trump was jubilant after his win in the state of Indiana and his chief rival Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. The Vermont senator acknowledged that he faced an "uphill climb" to the Democratic nomination but said he was "in this campaign to win and we are going to fight until the last vote is cast".
Clinton is still more than 90 percent of the way to clinching the Democratic nomination when the count includes superdelegates, the elected officials and party leaders who are free to support the candidate of their choice.
Two of Ali's alleged accomplices Ahmed Hish and Farah Dagane, medical interns in the western town of Kitale, have gone into hiding, he said. At least 20 Kenyan young people have travelled to Libya to join the extremist group, according to police.
See how you can get certified Thai birth certificate translation accurately and fast to complete your immigration application and alternative documents that you may have for your identification. See how you can get certified Thai marriage certificate translation accurately and fast in completing your immigration application. Hindi po ibinibigay sa iisang tao lamang ang monopolya ng magandang intensyon para sa ating bansa,” Escudero said in a radio interview. Marami ngang nagsasabi ‘naku, baka hindi tayo magkasya lahat doon,’ pero simboliko ‘yon e para sa akin,” she said in an interview in Pandi, Bulacan on Friday.
Napatanuyan ko naman na walang pwedeng gumamit sa akin (I don’t agree with the decisions of LP all the time. In a statement, ABS-CBN said it had nothing to do with the production of the ad, and that it was “duty-bound to air a legitimate ad” in accordance to guidelines of the Comelec. Before Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in 1972, we only had two political parties—Liberal and Nacionalista. It’s the same misguided fervor that we bestow on our beloved basketball teams or telenovela stars. The other sectors, like manufacturing, agriculture and semiconductors, are all experiencing growth.
He has even said publicly that he will give the presidency to Bongbong Marcos should he fail to meet his campaign promise of ending crime in six months, either in total disregard of the Constitution or on the presumption that the dictator’s son will win the vice presidency.
Insults have been traded, relationships have been shattered, and friendships have been eroded in the course of this campaign.
Instead, the violence and fraud of the 1986 election, captured in color by the world’s journalists who had descended on the country, only hastened the demise of the Marcos regime.
Independent senatorial candidate Walden Bello has waded in by saying that while Duterte may appear to be a threat to democracy with his iron-fisted ideas, the greater threat is scaring people into accepting that cheating is justified to prevent such a nightmare presidency from happening. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her powerful machinery pulled out all the stops to stoke the electorate’s fears about actor Fernando Poe Jr. Today, Duterte supporters are being egged on by their leaders with warnings of cheating and wholesale fraud, on the unquestioned assumption that their candidate is already assured of victory. Vigilance is of utmost importance to make sure the Comelec does not drop the ball, or worse, engage in partisanship. A knife is good not just if it cuts, but if it cuts well, and is sturdy enough to be used again and again for that function. That is our nutritive and vegetative function—something we share with plants and animals, and therefore not uniquely human. If I find myself involved in an ugly road altercation, I can get so carried away by my instincts and emotions that I might end up in a fit of road rage. It also includes economic security, and workers’ need for better-paying, more secure jobs that will enable them to support their families. What if, on the pretext of promoting unity, Duterte’s intent is to bury with Ferdinand Marcos’ body in the Libingan ng mga Bayani the cases against the Napoles plunderers, the recovery of the wealth plundered during martial law, the assorted scams during the Arroyo administration, and the prosecution of those responsible for the Ampatuan massacre?
What if, now armed with the powers of the presidency, he continues this management style and policy thrust? I believe, moreover, that our choices reflect who we are in the eyes of our children and the rest of the world.
Killed in Davao City alone were 1,424 people from 1998 to 2015, 52 of whom were women and 132 children.
Their preparation enables them to create inclusive approaches, to empower people, to bring out the best in others and to build the institutions required. It is a badge of honor to be associated with candidates who have integrity, who embody honesty and hard work, and who have a track record of service measured in decades of exemplary leadership. They can convene a talented and trusted team that will pursue our national interests while undertaking economic diplomacy, seeking climate justice, and dealing fairly and firmly with our neighbors in the Asean, the Asia-Pacific, as well as in Europe and the Americas. Profoundsocial change will not take place in the lifetime of one administration, but will require the sustained support of several generations.
She represents the change we want, and so desperately need, in Philippine politics and politicians. And this was exemplified when the Sumilao farmers, marching from Bukidnon to Manila, stopped by Naga. The first she filed was the full disclosure bill, mandating all government agencies down the line to disclose all budget and financial transactions even without any request from the public. She tells you like it is, and will not change her views depending on who she is talking to.
With outstanding records in their political areas, where they have truly made a difference in terms of helping their constituents. And any other president (I will weep for the country if that occurs) will unduly limit Leni’s potential. What they had lacked was not scientific expertise, but the academic freedom, to do social surveys. Filipinos can be compared to Lithuanians on the basis of exactly the same questionnaire, applied to surveys of equally high quality, starting with the ISSP survey of 2009. These surveys are of equal accuracy because their sample sizes are equal; the differences in the populations of the countries do not affect their accuracy. This was in full view in the Senate hearings on the alleged ill-gotten wealth of the Binays of Makati.
I believe he is a clear danger to our democratic way of life and to those who are least able to defend themselves. Let there be no New People’s Army, Communist Party of the Philippines, National Democratic Front, Abu Sayyaf, Moro Islamic Liberation Front. If we look at the numbers, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) collections have not kept up with the growth in deposits.
Hence, every decision with regard to tax brackets must be pursuant to deliberate and thoughtful consideration. More importantly though, whether or not the economy needs a rate cut by the BSP remains questionable at this juncture,” DBS Bank economist Gundy Cahyadi said Friday. This allows the BSP to remain focused on longer-term financial stability and growth sustainability,” Cahyadi said. However, this does not necessarily mean that monetary policy is particularly restrictive in these countries,” Kishore said. Also threshed out was BOI’s evaluation of income tax holiday applications of investors and the conduct of cost-benefit analysis by Neda. At the same time, there was a need to make certain that … no unnecessary procedural burden was passed on to the investors,” Rodolfo said.
By recalibrating our design and build plan, we expect a leveled and systematic rollout of stores for the entire year,” Robert F. That was the first successful landing at sea for SpaceX, which expects to start reusing its unmanned Falcon rockets as early as this summer to save money and lower costs.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is escorting 50 vehicles at a time, south through the city itself on Highway 63 at a distance of about 20 kilometers south and then releasing the convoy. Wall Street analysts expect the regulations to herald a new wave of consolidation led by big tobacco companies.
It throws off the whole flavor of the dish," he said, adding that he "micro-doses" his dishes to the desired potency of individual clients. When the stray cats finally come to eat the food left out for them, people watching online sit enraptured by their feline charms. But it has helped change negative images of stray cats in South Korea, which has traditionally seen them as thieves.
An update from the Municipality of Wood Buffalo later in the evening indicated the fire was continuing to claim homes and had destroyed a new school. Rousseff is facing impeachment over allegations her administration violated fiscal laws by shifting around government funds to plug holes in the budget.
The Gaza Health Ministry said three children and a 65-year-old Palestinian suffered light-to-moderate injuries in an airstrike that hit a metal workshop in Gaza City.
They covered her body in a blanket and carried it to a nearby radio station in an impromptu protest, chanting: "Medicine needs to work!" "This woman came here to get help but couldn't find any doctors.
The newspaperi??i??the first title to launch in Britain in 30 yearsi??i??had been seen as a counter to the trend of declining newspaper sales in an online world. Authorities fear that IS is trying to establish a presence in Kenya, East Africa's biggest economy and transport hub. Over time, I have shown that I am independent-minded and that I will not let anyone use me for their own motives),” she said. While that simplified the choices for the electorate somewhat, the situation lent itself well to polarization. Even the most conservative business analysts see a stable economic future for the Philippines, all things being equal. The people’s voice would not be denied, and we risked everything just so we could be heard.
But amid the din of competing campaign messages, we must remember that the candidates merely seek to be public servants, and are not superheroes or messiahs. In one more twist in the magic-realist yet nothing-but-pragmatic world of Philippine politics, that candidate is not only said to be supported by Arroyo and her minions, he has also promised to release her from hospital detention.
But if one is to be outraged by election cheating, that outrage cannot stop at one’s opponent. But I can also use that rational part of my soul, and tell myself that it’s not the right extent of anger that I act on, and choose to stay calm. Our soul must be active—active in such a way that it manifests excellence, and active for the purpose of achieving the highest good.
That is why someone who plays the violin excellently, for example, is called a violin virtuoso.
We keep doing the right thing over and over again, until we get as close to the target as possible. Rejecting laws against extrajudicial executions, Duterte now invokes laws that protect the privacy of his bank accounts. But compare the record of the last six years with the preceding 12 years of the Estrada-Arroyo administrations. Archbishop Ledesma puts the responsibility of this mass murder both “illegal and immoral” at the doorsteps of the Davao Death Squad—unsolved by the local authorities in a place which claims to be a “city of peace and order,” led by the candidate anointed by the INC. Because of their integrity, track record and the witness of their lives, both Mar and Leni have proven beyond a doubt that they can truly be the servant-leaders that our people deserve.
Then she shepherded the Tax Incentives and Management Transparency Act, which requires the disclosure of all incentives received by businesses. But the minuses outweigh them, especially those that involve legislation that they did not support or they watered because of lobbying from big business. There were people of all ages, unlike in Western European churches, which tend to be patronized mainly by the elderly. This is a sacrifice worth taking because it will define you, your character and your political legacy. Antonio Trillanes IV is determined to have Duterte impeached for his failure to declare assets and resources in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth. I just hope that China will not take advantage of this opportunity to stage an atrocity against the Philippines. For example, in 2013, bank deposits grew by 33 percent but BIR revenues grew by only 15 percent. That's not right," computer technician Jean Michel Tius said as he watched the crowd march away with the body. For one shining moment the Filipino people were one, and it was not at Edsa: It was at every polling place, claiming and exercising our right to choose.
Our right to vote comes with the responsibility of transcending personal aspirations and loyalties for the greater good. When the scare-mongering apparently didn’t work, Arroyo resorted to the unthinkable: On tape, she was heard instructing then Commission on Elections official Virgilio Garcillano to ensure that she won with a comfortable 1 million votes over her rival. The heinous crime of election theft should be much bigger than even this presidential brawl. She actively supports the proposed Freedom of Information Act, with one tweak that makes it more people-friendly: The agencies have to upload on the Open Data Philippines website all their financial documents whether or not there is any demand for it. And, of course, we read that on the fateful day of her husband’s death, it was she who drove to the airport to fetch him. Then it decided that the topic for 2019 would be Social Inequality—the same as in 2009, but keeping only two-thirds of the old questions, and changing one-third.
It is a pity he is not doing well in his bid for the vice presidency in this year’s elections. Some human rights groups said they would file an impeachment complaint for his alleged human rights violations.
Let us unite now for our children and grandchildren, and the generations of Filipinos to come after them. Moreover, lifting of bank secrecy for tax investigation purposes can greatly improve our chances of strengthening our 380 Run After Tax Evaders (Rate) cases, with around P68.52 billion total estimated tax liabilities that can be recovered,” Roxas explained.
If Leni [Robredo] and I win, in the first 100 days, I will launch a review for the adjustment of personal income tax brackets, which is part of the comprehensive tax reform package that I will push for,” Roxas said. The woman has been given oxygen and she is trapped in small corner of her room, said Abbas Gullet, head of the Kenya Red Cross.
One becomes a just person after many, many years of doing just acts, when justice (instead of injustice) becomes second nature to us. The Skype consultations with the NDF demonstrated Duterte giving greater respect to Joma Sison than he showed to Pope Francis. Contrast that with the lifestyles of most of her colleagues in the House, including the party-list ones, who revel in the luxury of cars and drivers and security backups, and living it up.
Elected to the questionnaire drafting group were France, the Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela. We must prepare a topic outline for approval in 2017, and a draft questionnaire for approval in 2018.

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