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Kanye West will debut his new album with a live performance of it at Madison Square Garden. West is also expected to present his YEEZY SEASON 3 fashion line at the show, which will include an appearance from Italian contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft as well. He continued the high praise on Tuesday when he said the album should be considered much more than the best album of 2016. Tickets for West’s concert event at Madison Square Garden (above) go on sale to the general public on Friday.
Welcome to the dark side: 'Star Wars' fan from New York legally changes name to Darth Vader. The former Eric Welch, of Canandaigua (kan-un-DAY'-gwuh), says he grew up in foster homes and didn't have strong family ties to his name. The "Star Wars" fan says he chose Darth Vader for his new name because the character carries an aura of leadership and toughness. A spokeswoman for the Department of Motor Vehicles confirms that Darth Vader is his legal name. When getting rid of his old name, the court system conducted a background check to make sure that his intentions weren’t suspicious, although it is unclear what a person changing their name to Santa Claus could be plotting. Pascuzzi works as Santa during the holidays, but his day job includes being a construction worker, and running a barbecue joint. The only person not on board with calling him Santa is his wife, who still addresses him by his first government name. It is unclear whether or not Pascuzzi will be fully committing to his new role by snatching up some reindeer and making deliveries to children across the world. Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street.
I went down to the Waldorf at noontime to a World Leadership Forum luncheon given by the Foreign Policy Association. Comparative shopping: 77th and Third on Tuesday afternoon, and then on Wednesday afternoon. The ballroom was filled with a long table down the center that included among others, Henry Kissinger and Barbara Walters.
Although I’m sure most people in the room felt as I did: we were getting an opportunity to hear a major world leader speak in person.
Irene Pritzker of the Foreign Policy Association and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia. The prime minister was introduced by Irene Pritzker who is the President of the IDP Foundation.
After accepting his award – the Foreign Policy Association Medal – the prime minister spoke. In his speech he reiterated and reaffirmed the fellowship that exists between the United States and Australia. I have seen predictions that at the current rate of consumption we will run out of resources in 40 years.

Yet I don’t think we don’t notice all the ways this problem is creeping up on us, or how serious it is.
Last night I never went farther south than 73rd Street and that was to attend the 6th Annual Fete de Swifty which is held in a tent set up on the block between Lex and Third. Liz Smith started this to raise funds to assist families and individuals, mainly women and children, who have serious domestic and abuse problems. I spend the entire party chatting briefly with people, taking pictures and helping myself to the various carts and tables set up with food. There must have been seven or eight hundred people there and it started at 6 and ran until about 9 when people moved on to go to dinner to go go home. Prior to these name change requests, in 2009 the father had sought a name change of their oldest child Sirdrautal whose name changed from Sirdrautal Muntaha to Sidratul Muntaha Hossain. Then in 2010 the mother wanted the children’s names to change again, this time from  Sidratul Muntaha Hossain, to  Oporajita Neeladri. They were honoring Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia, Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of S.
In New York you can often determine the importance of an event in terms of the company that is kept.
He told us that in the world, the United States still enjoys a powerful image of the longest existing democracy of its kind; that its power in the world remains great because it is the most dynamic nation on the planet.
The first – the Corporate Social Responsibility Award, which went to Fisk Johnson, the Chairman and CEO of S.C.
He pointed out a number of the company’s policies which are designed to improve the quality of life of its employees and the community. Johnson, you got the distinct impression Anthony Pratt in his life is addressing the issues of the environment in a sensible and business-like way although the news he shares is not mild. Fiftieth Street between Park and Lex, was entirely closed off with lots of police and squad cars watching over. It’s really just a great cocktail party which offers terrific food and drinks, and entertainment. There was a juggler, and the Mad Hatter lady, Whacky Wendy, and the Statue of Liberty plus games to play with prizes like Teddy Bears, etc. JH was also on hand with the digital and so between the two of us, we got enough pictures for the next couple of days. She is currently married to Mosharaf Hossain who is the children’s natural father and he has agreed to the name change,  as reported by the New York Law Journal in a November 7th, 2012 news article.
The court granted the parent’s request as the child took on her father’s last name and this was seen as promoting the child’s best interest. In addition, she sought a name change for the younger child as well; she wanted her name to change from Heemika Hossian to Himika Himadri. He specializes in many areas of practice including divorce, bankruptcy, and personal injury.
I love the reminder, after the cool weather has made its debut, that the warm weather is not over.

It can be a dry subject if you, like me, do not have an intense interest in foreign policy, etc. He’s more like your image of a college president who is moving things forward in a substantial and intelligent way. He pointed out that Australia and the US had many things in common, almost genetically (my word, not his).
He talked like a CEO of a consumer products company but I learned he also has a BA in chemistry and physics, as well as a Master’s in engineering, and an MS in Physics, along with an MBA in marketing and finance, and a PhD in Applied Physics. The Waldorf is not famous for its food although the service is excellent and the room is a beauty to these eyes, a creation, like the Empire State and the Chrysler Building, that has presided over our consciousness of New York for almost eighty years and still and elegant lady. The entry to the Waldorf Towers where no doubt many diplomats were guests is on that block.
The mother states that she wants her children’s name changed as she does not like their names and that they are being poked made fun of at by other children because they have a common Muslim last name. At the end of it, the day will come when it is chilly outside and the building’s furnaces have not checked in and so the apartments will have that sudden chill and you need a sweater. However, their choices are revealing because they are so in demand, that time only allows so much and no more. I don’t know very much about her except that she is a member of one of America’s wealthiest families, out of Chicago. On the dais, she looks like someone who might be the head of a major cultural or educational institution. Mr Johnson is the fifth generation of his family to be running this family owned company (2008 revenues $7 billion).
Pratt is the head of Pratt Industries, a paper and box manufacturer with headquarters in Conyers, Georgia. People in dire straits or need often don’t know that assistance can change things and it is possible. And the mayor makes an appearance and gives the guests a little speech of thanks for their contribution to helping our fellow citizens. Among their holdings familiar to the public are the Hyatt Hotel chain, the Marmon group and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines.
Johnson, who looks to be in his early 50s – not young, not old, has a personality that is so unassuming in terms of self-importance that you not only believe him, but you know he’s right.
His acceptance speech, however, was about re-cycling and that it is imperative in our survival.

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