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The world as we know it is divided into five major countries or powers and several small ones. Of the countries scattered about the Naruto world, five are considered to be the most powerful and influential of them all.
The Land of Fire is home to Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and is the home of the majority of the main characters in Naruto. The Land of Wind is a large, dry, and desolate country whose cities are typically found near water sources. 1.what clan would you join in the naruto world dont just go for power but a clan which would benifit you?
5.which person would you want to meet the most in the naruto world when you got there and what would you like to do with?
7- about this one are you asking to chose one of the four (three naruto excluded) to enter the narutoverse?
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Fighters who come from one of those countries usually have special techniques that have to do with their respected element. These are the Land of Earth, the Land of Fire, Land of Lightning, the Land of Water, and the Land of Wind. What little is known is that it is covered in rocks and caves, with mountains acting as a natural border for the country that make communication with other countries difficult. It enjoys a relatively temperate climate with generally sunny conditions, allowing for bountiful harvests all year-round. The first data book describes it as a peninsula divided by a vast mountain range, with numerous rivers running from it out to sea. While much of the country is inhospitable, the population is large and prosperous due to its frequent trading with the Land of Fire. Each represents one of the five elements (earth, fire, lightning, water, and wind, respectively) and each is ruled by a Kage.

The winds of the country are also particularly strong, picking up rocks as they go and dropping them upon cities. Because of its location, the Land of Fire trades heavily with the other surrounding countries, giving it one of the largest populations and strongest economies in the Naruto world. While not seen as often as the Land of Fire, the Land of Wind receives a great deal of attention in the series, and has a great many powerful ninja to call its own.
It was at first widely regarded as one of the strongest countries, but became significantly weaker after Orochimaru's invasion of Konoha.
The Land of Wind has been relatively uninvolved with politics until recent times, and even had a peace treaty signed with the Land of Fire. The lord ruling it, however, had been systematically cutting down his military force and transferring missions he would normally address to his own country's hidden village to Konohagakure, prompting desperate measures on the part of the Kazekage at the time.

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