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As has become an annual tradition here at Novel Novice, we bring you a new, year-long collection of desktop wallpapers. As always, we’d love for you to share these with friends — but PLEASE, DO NOT repost the wallpapers themselves on other sites, but rather link back here to download the full images!
The hunger games, secret circle, harry potter, snow white and the huntsman, vampire diaries?
Next year im looking forward to more harry potter, a little bit of twilight, a ton of hunger games because catching fire is coming out in November of 2013. Check back tomorrow to see the next few pages of Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novel #2 "The Secret of the Sphinx"! What angers me is that adults tell us that we're too young to have opinions on things like these.
After an extended Christmas break, we’re finally ready to present to you episode 5 of the Graphic Novel Book Club! As ever, you can subscribe to the podcast through the iTunes Store here, or if you don’t want to wait for it to show up there, you can download it directly from our Podomatic page.

We’ll be posting the discussion points for the next episode’s chosen title, Local (By Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly) on our blog shortly, and we’ll be recording the episode in March. In previous years, our desktop wallpaper calendars have exclusively featured The Twilight Saga, as many of our original fans came from that fandom exclusively. So for the 2012 desktop wallpaper calendar, we’re featuring several popular YA series. I think you should do Hourglass and Divergent next time ?? Also very creative for putting The Hunger Games in March!
Is this a story about superheroes, or a story about ordinary people told with the trappings of the superhero genre? As an exploration of the character and ethos, how does this compare with other “definitive” Superman stories?
Does Lois work as an analogue for Lois Lane, or does she serve a different role in the story?
How well might this concept translate to other characters, especially in light of the announced plans for a thematic sequel about Batman?

This collection of desktop wallpapers takes a lot of work, but it is our gift to you — a way to say thanks for your support all year long.
They take a LONG time to make, and we just don’t have the hours to create more than one collection of calendars. The Pirate cats, jealous that the face of a man was placed on the body of the Sphinx, are determined to coerce the Pharaoh into changing the face of this monument.
How much does this actually hold true, and how does it compare to other entries in the genre? But we hope you’ll give some of these other books a chance — they really are all quite wonderful! Does Clark’s world feel like the real world, or is it actually as fictional as the DC Universe?

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