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I met Holly Cupala back in September during KidLitCon in Seattle — first when I asked her to sign my copy of Tell Me A Secret. It’s time for a favorite time-honored tradition here at Novel Novice — the unveiling of the new desktop wallpaper calendar! For our book of the month post today, we have a collection of original desktop wallpapers celebrating The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma.
We hope you have been enjoying some time with your loved ones this holiday season (we sure have) — but today, it’s time for our annual gift to YOU! Today to celebrate our November Book of the Month, we’re featuring some original desktop wallpapers for A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray.
To celebrate our October Book of the Month, Unmarked by Kami Garcia, we have some exclusive desktop wallpapers for you to enjoy! Help us celebrate our Book of the Month with these exclusive Unbreakable by Kami Garcia desktop wallpapers. Today, we are celebrating our September Book of the Month The Dark Between by Sonia Gensler with a collection of brand-new, original desktop wallpapers.
This December Marvel revisits Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars, the maxiseries that arguably set the benchmark for the mega-epic super-hero event comic, when Spider-Man and the Secret Wars #1 hits the shelves.
BROKEN FRONTIER: Were you a reader of Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars the first time around? BF: What is it about the original Secret Wars after all these years that still really captures the imagination and makes it such a fertile ground for revisiting?
PT: I think it was the mystery of the Beyonder, and the absolute freedom that the characters had just to FIGHT. Also, for all its frenetic pacing, with all its huge gaps, the original series is still one of the best Dr. BF: Why was Spider-Man’s perspective on events the one that was chosen as the focus for the series?
BF: The breakneck speed of the original maxiseries was such that many events in the War were covered at a very brisk pace.

BF: Will the book be revealing anything new or heretofore untold about any of the major elements of the Secret Wars? PT: All I can say at this point is that the Beyonder is like a magician with an origin up his sleeve. BF: Is there anything else you can let slip at this point about what upcoming issues will cover?
BF: What can you tell us about what artist Patrick Scherberger is bringing to the book’s visuals? This has been a popular feature from the very beginning of this site (and even longer, truthfully — as we began this on our original sister site, Novel Novice Twilight). As usual, click to view full-size, then right-click to save: Grab more extras on the official Legion Series website. Many of the images used in these wallpapers were taken by Sonia herself in Cambridge, where the book takes place. Loved seeing all these heroes and villains gathered together for a big huge slugfest, removed from their usual continuity and just punching each other in the face.
I can remember having a bunch of army men, but lost most of them after building a dam in a stream, and then making a "village" populated by army men, and then busting the dam, cackling with glee. The Beyonder was an unquestioned overlord, changing all reality at whim, and when he said, "You two groups just go ahead and beat the snot out of each other,"… that was pretty much it. And then, secondly, one reason I love writing Spider-Man is because he can fit into any story, because he’s at such a great mid-level power range.
The cover to that issue is one of the most memorable of the series with some equally unforgettable cover copy. If there’s one Spidey-centric event that always seemed to be explained just too quickly it was his acquisition of the Black Costume in #8. Certain events will get some background detailing, but the main themes of the issues are the Hulk holding up the mountain to save all those other irritating weak-kneed heroes (issue one) and a look at what was happening in Denver, Colorado, which the Beyonder transported to Battleworld, and how the events there play a part in the creation of Titania and Volcana (issue two) and then a dual issue of the time period when Spider-Man got his black costume, and also the fight against Galactus (issue three) and then issue four deals with (among other things) just how Doctor Doom was able to overcome the Beyonder and steal his powers. Outside Marvel, Colleen Coover and I are working on the Gingerbread Girl graphic novel, and then I have another graphic novel in the works, and am also working on some prose novels.

The next day, I heard Holly and her husband Shiraz talk about their very creative & brilliant ideas for marketing a YA book with a very small budget and only limited support from publishers. We ask that you please link back here to share these, rather than reposting on other sites.
We create the desktop wallpaper calendar as our year-end gift to YOU, the readers, who come back week after week, day after day, to support all that we do. When it came to making choices for story points to pick up on how close was this one to the top of the list? I used to shove that story in the face of all my friends who ludicrously believed that anybody but the Hulk was THE coolest comic book character.
Of course it’s all in the greater context of the Secret Wars storyline, but what we really wanted to do was highlight and isolate certain events, rather than do a compete retelling, so stand alone was the best choice. He’s about the only artist I work with that I have to be really careful not type out, "And then Doctor Doom and Spider-Man have to team up to fight a million guys," because Patrick will take that literally, and draw 1,000,002 people in the fight. It’s much more entwined with a major character that I personally believe is always downplayed. Later that same day, Holly was in another session where I mentioned using desktop wallpapers as a tool for driving traffic to my site (here, at Novel Novice).
Not as much characterization as I prefer, and everything was so based on moving from big moment to big moment that not a lot of it made much sense. And Spidey is a very human character… completely grounded in his human emotions, so other characters and events play so well off of him.

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