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If you have a DS and you are on this site then there is a pretty good chance that you have the New Super Mario Bros!
Super thanks go to Pirahnaplant for these amazing rips of these New Super Mario Bros levels! We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. This course has many stairs which disappear and reappear, as well as swinging platforms and ropes. Star Coin 2: In the second area, the player must climb the second pole and follow the trail of coins that leads to the second Star Coin. Star Coin 3: In the second area, The player must climb the third pole and climb the staircase to grab the third Star Coin, or climb the fourth pole and wall jump until Mario reaches the star coin.

The path to the secret exit (which leads to World 5-A) starts with a small opening in the ceiling near the end of the first room, before the first door, above the right extent of the second swinging platform. Super Mushroom • Fire Flower • Cape Feather • Star • 1-up Mushroom • 3-Up Moon • Key • Coin • P-Balloon • Dragon Coin • P-Switch • Berry • Yoshi's Wings• Jumping Board • ? World 6-4 is the one of the only levels in the game which is ghost based, without being a Ghosthouse, the other level being World Star-3. Star Coin 2: Once Mario or Luigi see the first spinning Brick Block, jump on top to reveal a hidden block with a Beanstalk. Bob-omb Sudden Death • Bob-omb Trampoline • Jumping Sudden Death • Jumping Brothers • Lakitu Launch • Vs. This world is mainly jungle-based, and features a type of purple coloured toxic water, which kills Mario and Luigi with a single touch - regardless of what form they take.

If the player enters the cannon, they will be taken to World 7, which can be seen in the background.
Through the opening and up a flight of stairs, a door leads to another room with a series of swinging platforms and ropes. The correct door is at the top-right, behind the Big Boo which must be lured out of the way; there is no time limit to reach the door.
If White Raccoon Mario tries to access the secret exit, it will show a path to the normal exit.

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