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Given the fact that these are Beta drivers, Nvidia's claims should be taken with caution. NVIDIA released quite a few drivers in the past few months and new Linux users might have a problem installing them manually.
Nonetheless, it might prove a bit of a challenge for new Ubuntu and Linux users, especially if they are gamers and they want the best and latest drivers.
The procedure is specific to Ubuntu systems, but it can be adapted for other distros as well. Also, Ubuntu benefits from a third-party PPA repository that is regularly updated, so that might be a good source for this kind of driver upgrades.
It might seem difficult for new users, but once they do this at least one time, they'll soon find out that there is really nothing to it, at least after they understand what they need to do. First of all, NVIDIA drivers can't be installed (manually) when the display manager is running.

So, the first command will stop LightDM, the second one changes the properties of the RUN files, allowing the user to execute it, and the third command is needed to actually run the installation procedure for the driver. Devs usually test the NVIDIA drivers that are available in the official repos and they can debug problems, but only for those versions.
According to Nvidia, the drivers will boost performance in games up to 20% but the performance numbers disclosed by the company show real performance will be much lower.
It might turn out that the GeForce 320 performance drivers are much like the AMD Catalyst 13.5 beta drivers (which would allegedly fix microstuttering and latency problems) and not meet the manufacturer claims or perhaps cause even more incompatibility problems then before. The fact that they have a ton of driver updates compensates for any grief that might be experienced by the user during the installation procedure. There are some Linux operating systems out there, like Arch for example, who will probably get the latest drivers, even the Beta one, in the repositories so all of this trouble is not really necessary.
In the case of Ubuntu, this is called the LightDM and it needs to be stopped, otherwise the installer won't run.

Download the drivers you need, 32-bit or 64-bit, and they should be available in RUN format. Such is to be expected in the tit-for-tat GPU war, with companies racing to put out drivers to beat the competition's performance claims. This is the installation procedure for Ubuntu, which is the most used Linux desktop operating system.

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