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This is what we hear about OM: The past, the present and the future are OM, And That beyond these three is also OM.
OM is the most popular and universally recognised Hindu symbol and also the most popular word in Hindu chants and prayers. It is the Divine Word and the originating sound of the universe. There is a depth of philosophical meaning in OM and reciting it correctly has a profound effect on the mind and body.
One of the reasons why we can understand OM to be the universal sound is because it covers the entire spectrum of sound that human speech is capable of. Because OM starts very low in the diaphragm and travels upward, it has an ascending (uplifting) effect on the one who chants it. In response to whether anyone authoritative says it is pronounced Aum, there is no authority in the way Sanskrit words and mantras are rendered in English, because English is less precise in pronounciation in spellings.
Om is an universally chanted mantra which has its origination in the Hindu spiritual texts. Another thing that we have to keep in mind is that in order to create the correct vibrational frequency, the mantra has to be enunciated in the right manner to reap the benefits.
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The vibration produced by chanting Om in the physical universe corresponds to the original vibration that first arose at the time of creation.
Because the first of the three states of consciousness is the waking state, it is represented by the sound "A" pronounced like "A" in accounting. Just as the sound of Om represents the four states of Brahman, the symbol Om written in Sanskrit also represents everything.
The chanting of OM drives away all wordly thoughts and removes distraction and infuses new vigour in the body. When you feel depressed, chant Om fifty times and you will be filled with new vigour and strength.

It was through meditation that the seers and sages of Vedic times arrived at the idea of a universal sound, eternally resounding in the universe, which they saw as the very origin of the created world.
The first sound of OM (pronounced AUM)  is ‘A’ (as in around), which originates from the lowest point of the throat. Energy is transferred in an upward motion all the way up to the highest centres of consciousness in the head, enhancing the upward movement from our lower centres of consciousness (chakras) to the higher ones, which is an important part of spiritual practice. The Chakra is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this article. It thought, "I am only one -- may I become many." This caused a vibration which eventually became sound, and this sound was Om.
The sound of Om is also called Pranava, meaning that it sustains life and runs through Prana or breath. Because the dream state of consciousness lies between the waking and the deep sleep states, it is represented by the letter "U" which lies between the "A" and "M". Repetition of "OM" enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and enable understanding. The remainder of the word requires the involvement of every region of our speech-apparatus up to the closing of the lips, where the word terminates with ‘M’. During the chant, different parts of our vocal box is activated creating a different part of the throat to vibrate. The silence that occurs between two repetitions of AUM represents that which is beyond the universe and inexpressible in human speech. OM symbolises everything – the means and the goal of life, the universe and the Truth behind it, the material and the Sacred, all forms as well as the Formless. The information, facts or opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of The Chakra and The Chakra News does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.
What this basically signifies is that we are spiritually and physically in harmony with the world we live in.

Overall, the syllables of AUM is said to embody the divine energy which we commonly refer to as Shakti.
The three sounds in Om (AUM) represent the waking, dream and deep sleep states and the silence which surrounds Om represents the "Turiya" state. The last state of consciousness is the deep sleep state and is represented by "M" pronounced as in "sum." This closes the pronunciation of Om just as deep sleep is the final stage of the mind at rest.
The dream state, lying between the waking state below and the deep sleep state above, emanates from the confluence of the two.
The rythmic pronunciation of Om makes the mind serene and pointed, and infuses the spiritual qualifications which ensure self-realization.
This is why the scriptures say: ’The past, the present and the future are OM and That beyond these three is also OM’.
Deeper meanings of OM are sure to reveal themselves to those who chant it and meditate upon its meaning. Thus, this sacred symbol has become emblematic of Brahman just as images are emblematic of material objects. Whenever Om is recited in succession there is an inevitable period of silence between two successive Oms. This silence represents the "fourth state" known as "Turiya" which is the state of perfect bliss when the individual self recognizes his identity with the supreme. The open semicircle is symbolic of the infinite and the fact that the meaning of the point can not be grasped if one limits oneself to finite thinking.

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