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There appears to be an app for everything these days, and the truth is some are useful while others chow your data with annoying updates.
Here’s our list of locally built apps which add value to your South African travel experiences.
Flapp is the new locally-built app available on Android and iOS which gets you the fastest and cheapest possible flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town for the coming week. It’s great because you can search, book and pay in a matter of seconds and you can book a flight up to two hours before departure. The app suggests walking routes and as you follow the suggested route the location-aware stories and perspectives of local people, novelists or tour guides play in your ears. So far local destinations include the Overberg, Hermanus, Johannesburg, the Cape Winelands and Cape Town.
In an emergency situation all knowledge of what you’re supposed to do can vacate your mind in the panic and adrenaline of the moment.
This app gives emergency information to parents and teachers when they need it- an indispensable app for when you are travelling in a place where perhaps you don’t speak the language or when help is not easily reachable. Winter has arrived and with it the dry beauty of the bushveld, burnt orange sunsets and painfully hot tea in enamel mugs before your game drive. Next time you head to Kruger download Wildlife Tracker, winner of the most innovative app 2014. Developed by Swizzle Software, it’s like having your own private game ranger showing you the way to the nearest elephant sighting. It will provide directions to the sightings recorded and will allow you to protect endangered animals by sending out an alert if you notice any illegal activity. This app is indispensable for avoiding traffic and getting to and from O R Tambo airport efficiently.

It has a fare calculator built in which gives you an approximation of the cost of a trip including parking and bus fare. Designed with the aim of helping you overcome your financial foibles, download the app for free and input your multiple account information. It facilitates your taking control of your money through its transparency- think of it as your friend who doesn’t hold back when you ask for their honest opinion.
No human eyes see your encrypted account information and choosing to invest with Old Mutual is not a requisite for using the app. What’s great about it is that it equips anyone with the tools to turn their photograph into an emotive or amusing artwork.
Cape Town’s answer to the Gautrain- the MyCiTi buses are an efficient way to get around when you want to do some sightseeing in Cape Town, you need a ride from the airport or you’re a regular commuter wanting to avoid those horrifying hourly parking rates in the CBD. The app also has a fare calculator and shows you where to find your closest MyCiTi bus stop. Take a roadtrip across SA and you’ll quickly find that people change their mother tongue more often than you stop for petrol. The multilingual app, which is still in beta stage but usable, relies on contributions from the public to add to its library of spoken phrases. It has audio and text phrases in 10 languages: Ndebele, Pedi, Sotho, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, Afrikaans and English and is being updated everyday (they still need to develop a Zulu translation). There are comprehensive filters to help you narrow things down so you can see who’s running a good pizza and drinks special and where to find the most cost-efficient accommodation nearby. They’ve included the whole of South Africa in the app so it doesn’t matter where you’re travelling to. Since 1999, Travelstart has provided the simplest way to book domestic and international flights online.

She is gorgeous and her plans are to take the music industry by storm.  Moneoa recently revealed that she has plans to go independent and has even started her own record company. She says she has registered her own record label and the first act she hopes to sign to it is… wait for it… her choir! There’s a lot going on beneath the surface, but you don’t have access to that insider knowledge because you’re a visitor- this is why you should download VoiceMap. With it you can find your nearest Gautrain station and bus stops, view peak & off peak timetables to plan your day.
Google Play named it as one of the best apps of 2014 and it’s been downloaded more than 9 million times. When you open it it gives you four colour-coded options: specials (red), events (blue), promotions (yellow) and news (green). Useful additions include a currency converter, information about foreign exchange and emergency numbers. Our mission is to make travel easier for customers when it comes to searching, comparing prices and booking. All you need to do is download the app for free then save your passenger data and payment details for instantaneous, secure two-tap bookings.
If you’re travelling for business, leisure or as a group; we take the hassle out of getting there.

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