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It Happens When: The scam goes where the seller will receive an email that he needs to ship the laptop to Nigeria. It Happens When: There are some people who will claim that they will give you cash in exchange of your PayPal funds. It Happens When: Those who are lonely go to dating sites, hoping to meet new people  they can fall in love with. It Happens When:  When you get an item that is not exactly what is described,  that is already a scam. It Happens When:  Ever received an email where you are told that something went wrong with your bank account? It Happens When: Ever received an email, more commonly, from Nigeria that tells you about a story that he needs an accomplice in order to launder huge amounts of money? How to Avoid It: What you want to make sure is to only use legitimate connections from a coffee shop or from the establishment. Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive.
If you're new to online dating, keep an eye out for certain red flags that might signal fraud.
The dating industry deploys a host of techniques to fend off fraud, from automated defenses that spot suspicious language patterns or block accounts associated with IP addresses from high-alert countries such as Nigeria and Ghana to more labor-intensive policing by human teams.
AARP's Fraud Watch Network is encouraging online dating services to take steps to better keep their customers safe. When you first sign up, most dating services will go through the basics of scam avoidance: Don't share personal information such as your address or date of birth, be vigilant about users who ask you to leave the site and use personal email addresses, and never send money — especially overseas. The other victims of romance scams: men and women whose images have been stolen to create fake profiles. If you encounter a scammer, immediately report the user to both the dating service and the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. It should go without saying that you should never, ever wire money to a stranger you met online.
Many, if not most online dating scams come from criminals living in former Soviet republics, West Africa or south-easterns Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Keeping your online dating pursuits local will drastically decrease your risk of falling victim to a romance scam. Online dating scammers sometimes claim to be from your area or country, but they will almost always be overseas or heading overseas for some particular business reason.
As we’ve said before, online dating can definitely be worthwhile and with more people than ever signing up for dating sites, the potential to meet someone great is very high. Check out some of our dating site reviews here and see which sites we’ve uncovered as scams and which are legit. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Con men were behind 1,212 online dating scams last year where they initiate a romance and then ask for money, citing a variety of emotive reasons, including asking for money for a plane ticket. Though this is a good thing in terms of voicing out your opinion, it is also the main reason why a number of scams exist. They then let tell you that the payment will be coming once you sent the laptop to a certain address that they will provide. With those ads posted on Sulit, they claim to buy your PayPal funds with a given exchange rate.

Though there are people who actually met their significant other through this channel, there are also those who just met a scammer. Once you are there, you will be offered products with exorbitant prices that you then have to sell.
There are cases in the US where an $18,000 Louis Vuitton bag turned out to be a knock off item. If you will look at the email, everything looks legit from the logos to the way the sentences were constructed; everything seemed to come from legitimate sources. When people are faced with large figures, they sometimes throw their logic out of the window. Dating industry consultant Mark Brooks, founder of Online Personals Watch, estimates that only perhaps 1 percent of members on well-established paid online dating sites are scammers. In June 2015, the group will issue a call to action aimed at the dating industry, urging all companies to adopt more stringent verification and fraud-fighting technologies.
Typically, the company is not responsible for vetting users' identities, or for what those users say or do. He wants the services to be more proactive about contacting likely victims: After a user has been flagged as a potential scammer, the site could reach out to any members that user had contacted, disrupting the con at its infancy.
This may seem like an obvious statement, but more and more people fall for online dating scams everyday. If someone you’ve connected with online has obvious troubles with the English language, it could be a big red flag. For instance, they will claim to have blonde hair and blue eyes, while their photo depicts someone with dark hair and dark eyes, or vice-versa. For this reason, scammers will try to pursue long-distance online relationships with their victims.
But before you set out to find potential connections online, you need to be aware of scammers. For those selling their laptop, they may get an unusual email from Nigeria or South Africa.
They usually ask you to buy from them online, and in exchange you get the conversion of your PayPal funds. Some  ask money from the victims in order to buy a webcam or for them to pay for some sick relative. They invite people to a business meeting, oftentimes asking them to dress in smart casual attire. Also, can you stomach going to your loved ones selling them with goods that you know are overpriced?
The problem with this, is that they don’t say that you will be the one buying the supplies, paying for the newspaper ads, and doing all the trouble for a minimal pay. People sometimes forget that they should also not enter their bank or credit card information on sites that look dubious.
They could be mining your credit card information when you log on to those Wi-Fi connections. On newer sites, however, the number may be much higher, as scammers can flood recently launched sites with thousands of real-looking but fake profiles. Industry critics cite other methods to weed out fraudsters, such as screening for images or text repeated in multiple profiles or blocking accounts from IP addresses that don't match the profile's listed location.
Scammers are constantly developing new strategies by which to prey on vulnerable online daters and more people are falling victim to such persuasive scamming tactics all the time.

Sometimes they will claim to be Native American or some other ethnicity when the photo clearly depicts a Caucasian person. When someone seems very interested in pursuing a long-distance relationship over the Internet, but dodges the prospect of a face to face meeting, it’s a definite red flag. You may find yourself enamored with someone you met on a dating site, but it is very important not to let your guard down. If you have been using the internet for quite some time, you may be aware of some shady practices that can get you into trouble.
Once you’ve purchased an item for them online, they will deactivate their Sulit Account, along with your line of communication. This goes on until by the end of it all, these scammers would ask their victim to send money via Western Union, and other money transfer means.
Also, it is common that they show off success stories of people who stayed with them, who now drive a nice car.
The catch, you need to come up with an initial fee that will be used to finalize the transaction, such as bribe people who needs to be bribed.
Among the more sophisticated verification methods, Brooks says, is the principle of social authentication — in which profile information is matched with data from the user's social media accounts to better verify that the person is real. For now, it's largely up to dating service users to protect themselves: Don't assume you're safe just because you trust the company or brand. To entice women, scammers often use photos of men in the military, while attractive young women, particularly models and adult-film personalities, are used to attract men.
Recently, a Canadian woman gave away 1.3 million dollars to a man with whom she began a supposed relationship online, but never met in person. In fact, some scams online are so intricately planned that they may even look legitimate at times. Some perform their “business meetings” in fast food restaurants from Jollibee to KFC for hours. These networking businesses typically offer fast financial security with minimal sweat, under the guise of “working smart”.
Web designers, developers, copywriters and even some call center agents now enjoy the perks of the internet working for legit stay-at-home jobs. Well, you just have to go to a certain website where you have to fill in your debit card or bank information in your address.
One currently common strategy used by scammers is to take a photo of a soldier from a military website and use it for a profile. Many reports advise that when Nigeria or Ghana come into the equation, it is almost certainly a scam. Sometimes, if you call out a scammer, they become highly offended and start throwing out words and insults toward you in their native language. These are some questions that you may want to ask first before ever considering a gig or an offer. Yet every time she tried to set up an in person meeting, the man would come up with another excuse for why he was unable. This was obviously an extreme case, but it shows the extent to which caution should be taken when seeking companionship online.

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