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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Women should ask their partner about taking on more responsibilities during their online studies, experts say. It's hard enough for working women to balance their career demands with caring for a son, daughter or spouse. Indiana University-Purdue Universitya€”Fort Wayne, has heard her fair share of complaints from female students who feel utterly overwhelmed by their multiple commitments. While juggling family, work and school commitments can be a challenge, it doesn't have to be impossible. Take advantage of the time you have: Ita€™s important for female students to make every spare second count when it comes to their studies, experts say. George Washington University, struggled at first to balance her school work with her full-time job and caring for her 5-year-old daughter Kaitlyn.

Fraone says employers are more likely to be flexible when ita€™s for educational purposes than when it is for a different kind of personal need.
Dona€™t bite off more than you can chew: One key to being a successful parent, student and employee is not to burden yourself with an impossible workload, students and experts say. Arizona State University, says she originally made the mistake of taking a full course load. In 2012-2013, for example, women made up 54 percent of the students at 147 online bachelora€™s programs that reported data to U.S. Below, women share tips on how mothers can feel successful in the play room, board room and virtual classroom. Sitting in the car while a child finishes piano practice or waiting in the doctora€™s office during a kid's annual checkup can be a great opportunity to whip out some reading materials or start studying. She and her husband approached their employers, and were able to set up an arrangement where they could work staggered hours to get in more time with their child.

She suggests students arrange a one-on-one conversation with a manager, reiterate their commitment to the job, and ask for a trial period during which they can work from home or adjust their hours. Earning an online degree can be a noble goal, but it doesn't necessarily need to be done as fast as possible.
News University Directory can match you with online programs that meet your education criteria in a few simple steps. Female students should clearly explain to their kids why they are pursuing an education a€“ be that to land a job or earn more money for the family a€“ so that children understand the importance of being supportive and giving their parent time to study, she says.

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