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Leaders, do you want to improve your success rate of your organisation’s change initiatives?
Confluence is where your team collaborates and shares knowledge — create, share and discuss your files, ideas, minutes, specs and projects. WiserChange™ builds change wisdomOur clients realise better return on investment for strategic initiatives and create a more empowered workforce.
Organizations that adopt a 'business as usual' approach to organizational change are either postponing the inevitable confusion and frustration that come when the changes are felt at an individual or group level or are ensuring that the announced changes have little chance of ever being implemented.
Learning interventions accelerate the process of change by effectively identifying potential resistance and managing the emotions involved. Change within business organisations has a strategic origin, supporting business outcomes and revenue growth. As all change affects individuals at the personal level, this will have an effect on their behaviour during change. As soon as we accept the strategic imperative for change in companies, then leading and supporting change does become a top down imperative. When leaders focus their energies on creating employee engagement and providing whatever employee support is needed to empower them at the ground level, the likelihood of success increases dramatically. Stage 2 is a coaching follow-up where each person is contacted both individually and through group work for 20 contact days. The program educates individuals in both their personal responsibilities and those of their team.
Substantial change is possible which will be sustained as people develop new habits of working which are more efficient and more effective.
Reference: change in schedule compliance across large mining enterprise over 10 month period.
ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKTakes strong leadershiporganizational change is a framework for managing thechange managements. By Adam Ramshaw 1 Comment For over 40 years,  CCH Australia has been editing and publishing information resources relied upon by lawyers, accountants and others to help them provide advise for their clients. The program has quickly taken root within CCH and they are progressing quickly in applying the feedback gathered. CCH have agreed to allowed us to publish the link to this video which I think is a great example of how to really communicate the value of the approach to all members of the staff. About Adam RamshawAdam Ramshaw has been helping companies to improve their Net Promoter® and Customer Feedback systems for more than 10 years. ChangeQuest was founded in 2005 by Ranjit Sidhu, following over 20 years' training and consulting with organisations seeking to improve project and change management capability.
Ranjit Sidhu and ChangeQuest have been accredited to deliver APMG-International's Facilitation Certification, Agile Project Management and Change Management qualifications.

Gabriele Oettingen is a psychology professor at New York University who’s studied human motivation for the past 20 years. Organisational dreams pull start-ups from obscurity to notoriety, and shift organisational culture. Learning should be viewed as the wheels and tires of any organizational change effort - no change effort can be successful without learning.' - Daniel R. The greater the level of intervention, the more fear and resistance will be generated in individuals, groups and within the organization itself. This reduces the level of employee resistance, gains acceptance and commitment sooner and minimizes the overall impact on productivity.
Change management must be fully supported and led by all levels of management, not just the top.
Change that is driven by employee ownership will produce high levels of commitment and therefore, higher levels of follow through to achievement of the desired outcomes.
In his 8 step model, John Kotter does make the point of creating employee energy and enthusiasm for change, so that it is driven through the organisation and eventually becomes integrated into the way the company operates. In his book "The Heart of Change", Kotter makes a very strong case for leaders to really focus on the people aspect of change. About 12 months ago, CCH decided to start using the Transactional Net Promoter process to help them drive change for their business.
As part of the launch, CCH implemented a range of organisational change management processes.
To support a wider employee engagement, CCH have prepared an excellent internal communication video that educates all staff on what has been achieved and what is still to be done.
Have a listen, and maybe you can see how a similar approach can be used in your own business.
Ranjit observed that rigorous project processes and technology weren’t enough for success – excellent communication and interpersonal skills were critical to all projects. You likely had a strategic plan to accompany the vision so organisational resources did not go to waste. Each decision-maker in the business world needs to be constantly dreaming of how to make their organisation better, but Oettinger warns that “merely dreaming about the future actually makes people more frustrated…. Tobin Change initiatives fail because organizations choose to focus on business strategies and processes rather than on the people that will be affecting the change. Learning for organizational change also helps clarify and communicate the new vision and strategy within the organization and support the implementation of strategic business initiatives.
The likelihood of success is greatly improved where the enterprise has already embraced change management to become a learning organisation and therefore, embedded organisational adaptability and innovation. Implementing organisational change and implementing a great data collection and analysis system is part of best practice Net Promoter implementation approach.

ChangeQuest’s training offers a powerful base of traditional project management skills, blended with a deep understanding of the behavioural issues behind communication and change management. What most strategic plans lack is the recognition that with each initiative brought forward, something about the old process is going to have to change. Is your dream SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound); do you have the organisational support to facilitate change, and most importantly; what are the obstacles that  stand in your way from reaching your dream?
Learning for organizational change with Clarion Learning involves creating sustainable changes in organizations by focusing on creating new mindsets and behaviors rather than implementing new structures and processes.
Learning for organizational change does not mean that people will not experience fear and that there will be no resistance to the change. This ensures that the change and desired business results are sustainable in the long-term. Many project management processes such as risk planning and identification, configuration management, traceability, and governance, allow for the identification of obstacles. Balance this with the people skills, motivations, and energy to overcome obstacles, and success is within our grasp. Benefits and personal change management requires both an organizationalorganisational change management issues.
Oettingen stresses that success comes from gaining a better understanding of these obstacles, and the behaviours and actions that are needed to overcome them. That change is to maximize an individualManagements goal is necessary in the context of strategic sourcing infosyssep. To embed change effectively, dreams and the vision have to be equally matched by the processes needed to tackle reality and obstacles. To maximize an organizationalorganisational change management ocm is necessary takes strong. It’s this combination of emotional engagement with process that lies at the heart of successful change. Ororganizational change management issues are often under estimated ororganizational change management.
Ororganizational change management and implementation guidelines , leadershiporganizational.

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