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NTT DATA’s Organizational Change Management methodology supports a holistic approach to change management, addressing and aligning all the components required to achieve meaningful, sustainable change. School District Establishes an IT CMONTT DATA Advisory Services partnered with the 2nd largest US public school district to support its IT transformation. Panorama was key to making Samsonite’s ERP software selection and organizational change management initiatives successful. Organizations realize the most benefits from their ERP implementations when their implementation team possesses a combination of these three areas of expertise. To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology, private and public sector organizations turn to the Panorama team and rely on our proprietary PERFECT Change™ Organizational Change Management Methodology. An aerospace and defense organization determined that in order to achieve the most ERP ROI, it must address internal organizational issues prior to implementing the upgraded software. A professional services organization identified operational savings opportunities of 29-percent of total labor costs. A City Government realized quantifiable improvements in their change management process in less than two months after the start of the engagement.
After investing in an ERP solution, your organization cannot afford to lose benefits to employee fears and low system-usage. Sign up for our newsletter to have the latest ERP thought leadership delivered to your inbox every Wednesday morning. Change is not always pleasant, but we embark on it because we will be better off in the end. Because adopting Business Analytics means everybody will be learning new skills, processes and technologies - You need a partner who understands both the dynamics of analytics and the subtleties of people and organizations. The cost of change comprises both the costs of lost performance and the overall project execution cost, from planning to retirement.
The main objective of Managing Organizational Change & Transition is to ensure the alignment and adoption, by People, of new processes and methodologies generated by Operations and Technology.
Technology Partnerz consultants and specialists have extensive hands-on experience and expertise in Managing Change and Transition in the public and private sectors. Each phase outlines major technical, human and organizational considerations and how to address them. Have a question about organizational change management and how it can be implemented effectively? Map and document current business practices to determine which of their core business processes will be most impacted or involved in the transformation.
Organsational Change Management is about managing the people side of projects and has a direct correlation to the success or failure of an SAP implementation project.

During SAP implementations, organisations undergo refinements revisions and re-engineering of business process which can results in marked shifts to the company structure, procedures and policies. SAP implementations can impact underlying processes of an organisation requiring a comprehensive and holistic approach to change management . At Aphelion Solution understand the efforts needed to manage change resulting form SAP implementations, we have highly seasoned Organizational Change Management consultants who can help deliver the right SAP change management programme tailored to the impending change and in line with the organisations culture. At Aphelion Solutions we a methodical approach to Organisational Change Management which ensures that we consistently provide the same level of service time and time again.
In the current environment that demands more for less, organisational change is very often the result, bringing effective change management to the fore.
We utilise a process of review working with clients to consider the current organisation and the desired vision of change.
We bring significant change management expertise to the process, working with clients to effectively restructure and understand the cultural shift that is normally required inthe new organisation.
Redcap recognise that amalgamations, mergers, collaborations and outsourcing can cause friction across the participant organisations reflected in the needs of the diverse communities, customers, suppliers and people they serve.
For change management to be effective and meet the needs of the new organisation, as well as disparate customer and supplier groups, the process has to be effectively managed. The following four-part model identifies some of the key considerations for implementation of organisational change.
This process of review commences with Role and finishes with Resource as one cannot plan the people needed to resource a new organisation until the value, complexity and significance of the service is identified. Redcap has an excellent range of skills and techniques that are results focused to raise performance. Our OCM specialists will help you align desired changes to key components of your organization, understand the impacts of those changes, ensure engagement, and prepare stakeholders.
Ensure alignment across organizational components to the desired business strategy and benefits.
Ensure understanding of, readiness for, and sustainability of changes needed to achieve desired results.
Establish or enhance your organization’s change management capabilities and methods for use within and across initiatives. Our two core projects aimed to integrate SAP Financials and Procurement and provide an integrated student information system.
For a one-stop solution to ERP consulting, your organization needs a team with expertise in all three components of ERP success, including organizational change management.
As employees become more comfortable with new software, new processes and new roles and responsibilities, organizations come closer to achieving a high ROI.

If you want to succeed in any change, your people must get it and be on board for the full ride. Using our every evolving ADAPT change methodology, our accomplished and highly adept consultants focus on reducing the cost and duration of change from the very beginning of every project.
Organizational change managment has been proven to have a positive long term impact on the achievement of targeted benefits by focusing on reducing the tangible & intangible costs associated to change. Any initiative, which requires or brings about change carries with it a risk that the change will not be accepted by the organization (for a variety of reasons) and as a result will prevent full realization of the targeted benefits.
We assist our clients in effectively planning and deploying change in order to reduce the overall business cost of change as well as maximize project benefits over time.
As a result, our clients effectively shift from their current business practices to the next.
This can be heightened when significant levels of security are required for sensitive locations. Any incumbents whether people or structure, are considered towards the end of the process when resources are assessed and the process identifies where their skills and competences could be utilised.
Our approach is recognised by clients, partners and professional institutions as one that delivers results.
In addition, we help you develop or further enhance your internal change management and enablement capabilities.
Our OCM playbook provides the methods and tools to support organizational change management – facilitating change and ensuring alignment. With a Change Management Office, you have a framework to effectively manage change across multiple initiatives and capture best practices for future efforts.
To manage change across these initiatives, we developed and established a Change Management Office using a customized OCM playbook. The playbook established the framework, methodologies, tools, and processes used to support IT transformational projects.
We also provided oversight and validation of the client’s implementation of these activities, spanning 40,000 internal and external stakeholders.

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