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We have responded to user requests by making the billing reports available to selected users, within Pulse, Mario Cristiani, jTask principal. Two months ago jTask totally rebranded Pulse, the web-based organizational change management tool that their software upgrade and implementation customers can use to manage their role-to-position mapping, end-user training development and project communications.
Several of the views have been modified so that lists are not so long or extending off the page. This will make it easier for managers to evaluate and predict usage requirements or to verify they are being invoiced correctly.
All jTask consultants have extensive experience in Organizational Change Management as well as practical experience of ERP installations and upgrades. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. With a determined focus on tangible bottom-line results, key performance indicators and investment returns, THINKa€™s consultants utilize best practices and methodology to optimize ERP technology for better business operations.

Our benefits realization process includes a rigorous financial analysis to support the planning, validation and realization of benefits associated with a strategic systems investment.
Although Pulse continues to receive accolades from customers and jTask integrator partners, the new UI makes it an even faster, more effective tool for customers who need to manage their organizational change management activities: end-user training development, security role-to-position mapping, project communications and stakeholder registries. The focus for the December upgrade will allow jTask to build on tablet and smartphone experiences in the future.
What used to take seconds for a round trip to the server is now performed near instantly within the client-side browser. Because Pulse now uses client side JavaScript sorting capability to sort columns and paginate data already drawn down from the server, users can click between pages and have a shorter than 100ms response time on most browsers. Cross browser compatibility: The new UI makes use of the capabilities that modern browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9, Android Chrome and Safari iOS have. According to jTask developers, all the work on the new front end platform will allow us to do updates and improvements in a more efficient way in the future. Pulse is SaaS that jTask delivers to any of its consulting customers free of charge to support their organizational change management activities. 100% independent of affiliation, we are able to truly serve as trusted advisors to our clients. The new features include general updates to user preferences, edits to the new Communications module, SaaS Billing Reporting and an updated user authentication interface and security model. The authentication table has been streamlined and the individual access roles have been better organized.

Instead, we continue to ensure clients realize gains by addressing the a€?human factora€? a€“ an oftentimes overlooked but critical element of any successful technology initiative.
It makes features like responsive tables available on the latest browser versions as well as on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
Pulse 4 is even more essential, with its new responsive table layout, cross browser compatibility and client side sorting capability.
For older, smaller screens with lower resolution, the sidebar is docked by default and appears only when the user hovers over it.
For users of older browsers, front end is built in such a way that it gracefully degrades to work on IE8 and pre 2009 browser versions. As part of an effective ERP implementation, Panorama helps clients develop, actualize and sustain long-term organizational changes to best realize the measurable business improvements enabled by their new technology. Working with staff to ensure familiarity with the software as well as any changed roles, responsibilities or processes, THINK is able to increase both employee buy-in and overall operational productivity. This is in comparison to a full page load and database query time of three to five seconds. However users can hide it for more space to view the table information, like when someone is viewing it on their iPhone.

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