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Only new screen shots will be effected by this change, existing screenshot file names will remain the same.
Once the change has taken effect, all new screenshots will adopt the new name, and additional captures will be sequenced just as before so they don’t overwrite one another. This will not adjust the suffix of the file, which is dependent on the image format of the screenshot itself. Other than changing file names, you can also change where screen shots save to on the Mac, which can help to organize things a bit, and users can also change file type to a format other than the PNG default as well. This changes the screen shot file names that are created automatically, of course you can rename the screen shots after the fact at any time if you want. And yes, this method works to change screenshot file names in all versions of Mac OS X system software, from El Capitan, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Snow Leopard, and beyond. Also, Onyx allows you easily to make a change in image format (jpeg vs png vs other), whether you would like a shadow or not, the location and the first part of the filename as well. The default (when you delete the custom value) is region-specific and changes depending on the language you use for your computer.
Help… How can I change the default screenshot name, to whatever I have written on Preview search tool at the time of the screenshot. In OS X Yosemite, the option to configure your default browser is provided in System Preferences. Now before everyone gets too excited, notice that BrowserChanger requires a jailbreak to install.
I recently came across the default wallpaper in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server and I think it looks just fantastic with it’s blue hues, I wish it was included in the standard Snow Leopard.
The Lucida Grande font is known for its crisp and obvious readability which makes it a great user interface font, and it rightfully served as the Mac OS X default system font for many years. This app changes the system font, used in menu bars, menus, the Finder, Dock, window title bars, and elsewhere.
Indeed there are a few text kerning and spacing bugs with the initial release patch, presumably a fix will resolve those issues shortly.
Again, a future release of the Lucida Grande replacement font will likely resolve that issue. If Lucida Grande isn’t your thing, there are other options for new default system fonts in OS X El Capitan which use the same basic idea as this app, many of these existed for prior OS X releases but have yet to be modified for El Capitan.
Change the Mac System Font to the OS X El Capitan Font in OS X YosemiteWhy Wait for OS X 10.11? Thanks, I installed Lucida Grande and it looks way better in El Capitan on the external display, less important on the builtin Retina.

There are some kerning issues in Safari, hopefully the developer will fix that in next release.
Or you can remove the Lucida Grande system font from the fonts folder manually if you like to be hands-on.
Does anyone know how to change the system font back to Helvetica that was used in Yosemite?
I loved it also, but it will not work for now in El Capitan because it was made to substitute the Helvetica sytem font family on Yosemite. I made the change back to Lucida Grande in Yosemite and look forward to making the change again in El Capitan. I wish they would choose a real readable font – like Arial MT Bold, and allow size changes changes.
I would like to install a more readable font in El Capitan but your directions are too complicated to follow. Samuel, the directions are really quite easy, you backup your Mac (which you should always do, this is precautionary).
This did not work well in some apps (it put the characters too damn close in some instances). Apple likes to pride themselves on accessibility, but they are losing it here with the font situation. Pencil, I totally agree about Apple’s font changes and their apparent loss of interest in accessibility issues. Uninstall the patch, you broke something and you didn’t read the instructions which clearly specify there are some font issues and also how to fix font display errors. It is obvious that Mac’s screenshot is extremely convenient because you hit the shortcut, and it immediately sits on your desktop waiting for you to use without without any further work.
We’ll use a defaults write command to adjust the naming convention of screen shots taken on the Mac.
The default is PNG, but users can change the file format of screen shots in Mac OS X to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or GIF if desired. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
The tweak lets you set any of the alternate web browsers as the iOS default, allowing any link to launch directly in something like SkyFire rather than copying and pasting the URL manually. Jailbreaks are easy to perform and just as easy to undo, but it does add an additional layer of complexity for the average user. Then along came Yosemite, where the Mac system font was changed to the generally unpopular Helvetica Neue.

This animated gif gives you an idea of just how subtle the change is, with Lucida Grande being ever so slightly bolder, slightly wider, with slightly more spacing, with the result being it’s slightly more readable to some individuals.
But, for users who either just prefer Lucida Grande due to longstanding habit, or because it’s easier for them to read on a particular display, this little unofficial font patch is a nice modification to Mac OS X. The problems with browser tabs and long filenames with LG and El C have me sticking with SF for now.
Not to sound abrupt or rude, but if you can’t follow those simple instructions, you really should not be modifying any system files at all, because it’s very unlikely you would be able to remedy any potential issue encountered! Even when using the crosshair tool to select a specific area, on mouse click release, the screenshot is already waiting for you at the desktop. Now when you hit COMMAND+SHIFT+3 for a screenshot or COMMAND+SHIFT+4 to screenshot a specific area, instead of the picture sitting on your Desktop, it will now be waiting for you at your custom location. This can be helpful for many purposes, and it’s easy to do and undo back to default if need be.
In earlier versions of Mac OS X, you need to open Safari for changing the default browser settings.
Then, you can use the drop-down menu of the Default web browser for choosing a different one. Apple has since improved font readability considerably by changing the default system font yet again in OS X El Capitan, this time to a new font called San Francisco. Just let it be, that is my advice if it’s too complicated, not everyone has to be a techie. It doesn’t help that the darkest text color on screen is a medium shade of grey either, against a light grey background.
Although this is very convenient, when doing work that requires a lot of screenshots, your desktop can get cluttered. While the San Francisco font is considerably better as a display font than Helvetica Neue, it’s still not quite as readable for some Mac users and on some non-retina displays as Lucida Grande.
Indeed it makes it feel like you eyesight is going, but no, it’s just the terrible Apple UI fonts. Fortunately, with a little effort you can change the default system font on a Mac with OS X El Capitan to Lucida Grande again, and return to the classic user interface font.

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