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Ma Satyam Kalyani18 December 2015: I had participated in Tantra meditation retreat last month at Osho Nisarga. The Mystic Osho introduced a series of what he called active meditation techniques to the world.
Osho’s model for humanity is to unite the celebrative qualities of Zorba, with the depths of understanding arising from meditation. From Osho’s early childhood, he made it clear that he was not going to blindly follow the conventions of the world around him. If you would like to experience Osho meditations, the World of Meditation Center offers many types of meditation programs. It all started in 1979, when, as a lawyer, I went to lunch and bumped into an old high school classmate of mine.
Please check the drop-down links under the “Sales” menu to purchase MP3 and CDs for other meditations offered at the center. Welcome to the OSHO International Meditation Resort.If this is your first visit you probably would like to take a look around. Osho was always in the center of controversy because of his fleet of Rolls Royce and his views on sex. But while controversy and polarization with were caused by his views, he left us with some interesting forms of meditation.
El Resort de Meditacion fue creado por Osho con el fin de que las personas puedan tener una experiencia directa y personal con una nueva forma de vivir, con una actitud mas atenta, relajada y divertida.

Desarrollada en principio como lugar de retiro para los marajas y la adinerada colonia britanica,Pune es en la actualidad una ciudad moderna y prospera que alberga numerosas universidades y industrias de alta tecnologia. El resort de meditacion se extiende sobre una superficie de mas de dieciseis hectareas,en una zona poblada de arboles conocida como Koregaon Park. Todos los programas del centro se basan en la vision de Osho de un ser humano cualitativamente nuevo,capaz de participar con creatividad en la vida cotidiana y relajarse con el silencio y la meditacion. La mayoria de los programas se desarrollan en instalaciones modernas,con aire acondicionado, y entre ellos se cuentan sesiones individuales, cursos y talleres, que abarcan desde las artes creativas hasta los tratamientos holisticos, pasando por la transformacion y terapia personales, las ciencias esotericas, el enfoque zen de los deportes y otras actividades recreativas.
His talks cover a staggering range – from the meaning of life and death to the struggle of power and politics, from the challenges of love and creativity to the significance of science and education. He speaks on a vast array of spiritual traditions, such as Christianity, Sufism, Hassidism, Zen, Taoism and Buddhism. What came through him during this brief stay is timeless and has the ability to transform the consciousness of mankind.
He asked how I was doing, and I told him that I was taking two steps forward and ten steps backward. A dynamic Indian mystic, in the 1970s and 1980s he went through a few name changes finally settled on his name. Situado a unos sesenta kilometros al sudeste de Bombay, el centro ofrece diversos programas a los miles de personas que acuden a el todos los anos procedentes de mas de cien paises. Ofrece alojamiento de lujo para un numero limitado de huespedes, y en las cercanias existen numerosos hoteles y apartamentos privados para estancias de desde varios dias hasta varios meses.

His ability to cut through the unconscious layers that cover truth is like that of a master surgeon, very precise. For two years I tried to sit in Zazen, (sitting still and facing a wall with eyes half-opened). To tell the fascinating story of this Yogi it is best to read his “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic”. It is still practiced in groups today, I know of a regular group meeting in downtown chicago.
Osho’s understanding is that in our fast-paced modern world it is not so easy to go straight from our hectic level of activity to the more traditional, completely silent sitting meditations. And his retreat in India is known around the world as a leading gathering point for meditation and spirituality. An active meditation is when people exert themselves and then quickly drop to the floor and lie motionless.

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