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Travel so far to be so close to you under a luxury environment doing the most simple things of this life, sing, play, dance and talk with yourself where everybody is friendly. Join the Hotels Fairy Travel Club for the chance to WIN fantastic travel prizes every month! Located in the Red Feather Lakes area of Colorado, this Buddhist center is set against a lush valley and a large bird sanctuary. Located near the Big Sur coast in California, this retreat is a self-sufficient Buddhist paradise full of workshops and a functioning gardening thriving with fruits and vegetables. However, for all this, many people have been able to find themselves from this rigorous work.
Near Scotland’s island of Arran, this retreat is only meant for the most serious and advanced of students.
This retreat can be found in Pune, India and it is for people who are just starting on their spiritual path. You can find this center in Massachusetts and it is meant for people who enjoy walking meditation.
With its white marble pathways, elegant black buildings, abundant foliage and Olympic-sized swimming pool, it is the perfect setting to take time out for yourself.This is a place where you can simply relax and where you can also enjoy the company of visitors of all ages from over 100 countries. This retreat offers both a week-long lesson in meditation and an intensive study that lasts for about a month.

The workshops here can help you find yourself through martial arts, meditation and other spiritual practices.
Most retreats allow visitors to talk and act like themselves, but this retreat is all about personal isolation and refraining from any malevolent behavior.
However, the workshops include many of the most spiritual teachings, including Buddhist, Sufism and Hinduism. Most of the retreats allow two or three people to stay in the same area, but this retreat only allows one person per room. This retreat helps students achieve the best in meditation and there are only 65 rooms available for guests.
This is only meant for intense studies, so new practitioners may want to avoid this place until they have gained some experience.
The best thing about this retreat is that there are one-on-one lessons, so everyone can learn at their own pace.
Whether you are new to Buddhism or you have done it for years, you are sure to find at least one retreat from this list that will teach you exactly what you need. This article will list the top 10 Buddhist retreats where you can meditate and find yourself.
Guests are not to tell lies, speak with people from the other gender or kill anything living, including insects.

Regardless, there are about 20 courses that teach students about meditation, and the retreat welcomes both novices and advanced practitioners. This gives guests a great way to study the spiritual practices by themselves, without dealing with the outside world. There are group classes, and professional Buddhists will help you learn the most advanced meditation techniques. Despite this, the retreat has a very serious meditation time, along with power-breathing and dancing. Most of the day is silent, so this can be a difficult retreat for people who are new to Buddhist teachings.
This is because of the belief that wearing the same color during meditation can increase the overall energy.

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