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With $100 million funding from President Obamaa€™s ten year BRAIN Project and a whopping $1.3 billion commitment from the European Union, this area is undoubtedly expanding. Scientists are actively researching new ways to break the final barrier a€“the human brain. Therea€™s an ongoing program focused on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ( TMS) which aims to remotely disrupt onea€™s thoughts. By tinkering around with some onea€™s temporal lobe you can effectively influence the way they think. The program is being conducted by Arizona State Universitya€™s Center for Strategic Communication and DARPA funding for the project is confirmed on their website. Naturally, the programa€™s goal is to combat terrorism as this always make for a good excuse. In all truthfulness, DARPA aims to influence or disrupt the operation of narratives in peoplea€™s brains. What this means is that after mapping out the areas of the brain that respond to certain stimuli, they would effectively convey the effects of TMS without actually subjecting the brain to electromagnetic fields. It seems therea€™s a strong possibility that in the future, our thoughts wona€™t be our own. On an unrelated note, feel free to subscribe to our website if you require instructions on making a tinfoil hat.

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In essence, this is a good thing but it can and probably will prove to be a double-edged sword. Documents leaked by an anonymous whistleblower reveal the agencya€™s interest in mind control through advanced neuroscience, as if their intentions werena€™t painfully obvious enough. TMS is basically the stimulation of the braina€™s temporal lobe by employing electromagnetic fields.
That is to say, preventing people from thinking certain thoughts while determining others to believe things they normally wouldna€™t.

However, do you really think people on this site need instruction on how to build a tinfoil hat? Frontier Science of the Mind Southern Medical Journal, November 1958, Volume 51, Issue 11, p.
Therea€™s even a 3D digital model of the human brain, the fruit of ten yearsa€™ worth of labor between an international team of researchers. The temporal lobe is involved in processing visual and auditory input and it also governs the creation of new memories. Abandoned House ghost The Mystery Of The a€?ufo Repeatersa€? a€“ Hundreds Of Amazing Ufo Photographs Prove They Can't All Be Lying! These programs are classified due to obvious security-related reasons and their budgets are sky-high.
The beans are easily spilled when there is no can, the can being the minda€™s natural barriers.

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