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Bo Andersson, the CEO of Overkill Software, started to provide cryptic clues a few days after the Wolf Pack DLC was released. During the given period, players were required to record their journey to the Overvault without cheating or exploiting, and then send the video to Overkill Software.
Players who attempted to unlock the Pacifist achievement soon speculated about the possibility of completing the entire Counterfeit heist stealthily. The first static picture sound triggers automatically in Counterfeit map played in multiplayer.
UPDATE 15 is LIVE - Added a tester achievement to test a new way of giving out achievements - u can not get it right now only OVERKILL devs can.
The 2nd static picture is triggered when 4 players in Counterfeit map sit on 4 chairs in Wilson's cellar during the stealth phase.
Bo informed about the Team 7200 activated the 7200 seconds drill (later became known as Overdrill).
Noxwyll summarized the official conditions under which Overkill Software would accept the Secret run for granting the grand prize. Overkill Software decided to postpone the deadline of the Secret from weekend (8-Dec-2012) to Monday 10-Dec-2012 23:59 (Sweden time) to help players from other timezones. Between 6-Dec and 11-Dec the Steam forum was down in order to fix some serious security issues. Due to Steam forum being down Overkill Software decided to postpone the deadline once more.
The arrows show the positions in which the four players must stand in First World Bank's vault hallway, as well as the positions in which they must look. The painting of The Last Supper in Wilson's hints that players should have a dinner at Wilson's cellar: sit on the four chairs. The picture of Yggdrasil is related to the second static image, and is divided into four columns like the image.
This hint was discovered by ManyShots, who correctly interpreted Bo's hint for the second static. Some Steam forum members speculated about the possibility of completing the entire Counterfeit heist stealthily.
Bo's replay after some forum members blackmailed Bo by threatening him to kill his in-game alter ego "Bank Manager".

Bo's replay on TheEngiGuy's question regarding the accuracy points when shooting security cameras. Bo's message before his short leave provided further clue about the pillars, which are in game located in the First World Bank vault hallway - (elevator room). Using the trainer Korvalis' team was the first after Team 7200 to discover the tiles puzzle solution and get the "Tester" (renamed later to Overdrill) achievement. The compass and the map with the magnifying glass are oriented the same way, 45° off from the streets. The most reasonable seems to be theory explaining that Pumapunku has a lot of concentric designs in it. Initially, popular opinion was that it could be done, with the Pacifist achievement being unlocked after a successful run.
The following patch in December added references to the ARG's contributors, allowed players to access the Overvault on any difficulty level while wearing any mask, and reduced the Overdrill's duration to 33 minutes and 20 seconds (2000 seconds). 8 square columns, space to move all around, positioning for 4 people at each arrow, and the X corresponds to either the entrance or the area behind the desk. The sentence "ppl watch you take the gold" might be the additional clue related to Golden Masks and letting people watching means through working security cameras, however this double meaning sentence was not identified as a clue yet. The only pattern on Counterfeit that can be inserted in a 5x5 pattern and is the same up and down. The Counterfeit carpet pattern was discussed in early secret run stage, however it's importance was discovered now.
Since the forum's been down, we've decided to give you another couple of hours to complete the secret.
The X marks the location of the strobe light that is activated when the Overdrill can be placed. The most concentric design possible is the spiral, which links the tiles puzzle solution to a spiral rug.
And if you dont just take a hint from the French sit down with a couple of friends in a quiet place and have a drink. You had the Last Supper with your friends - and someone else found the static in the radio AT the table on the patio looking like the Last Supper (and it is also Wilsons and Mr Ms last supper out there if you think about it). Basically the first Static was to be found by: Reading all the clues pointing towards the PATIO where the RADIO plays the Static.

I won't reveal their names just yet - they get to post a little message here and then we roll. Bo's probably had freshly in his mind the plans about the Secret trigger, so he answered such a way instead of more straight answer to the original question about why shooting such small object as a camera is not counted positively into the accuracy stat.
The rug nearest the one with the tiles puzzle pattern was a compass, with north very clearly marked out. Work on crimenet has gone well but the time it has taken to change locations has made me unable to communicate with you. The Fleur-de-lis in the Overvault hallway besides the tiles puzzle was also the same distance and direction from the tiles as the two rugs were from each other. We will meet up with his right hand man in DC next year to test the grounds and fence the gold.
The Fleur-de-lis and Pumapunku clues were supposed to lead the secret hunters to the correct tiles to be pushed. 2nd Static was to be found by reading Last Supper and downstairs clues by pictures and compass rug pointers. This is the big one gentlemen - we have to nail it and then we can sip drinks in the Caribbean - resident style. We won't be able to invite everyone at once, but my ambition is to invite as many of you as possible in time. As you know, when we did FWB, BG, PLO and the others, I represented you and gave you the information you needed. I'll still be involved, but you will need to establish yourself in DC and communicate with me on the secure crimenet line. As you understand, it's a unique opportunity for PAYDAY fans to participate helping us finish PAYDAY 2.
2nd Static is put together by forming Yggdrasil (and the compass points to the Tree - should give you the idea to put it static together in the right order (the Norse saga of the gods - tree of life) All that gives a google coordinate that shows: Bolivia? I'm proud to give you this possibility and I hope that when I ask you to join the focus test group, you will say yes.

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