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By Dene On August 19, 2013 · Add Comment Personal and professional development are the subject of much writing, debate, study and investment.
Captured in the acronym CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Professional Development refers to the skills that you have to develop and nurture to keep on top of the functional things you do within your job. Personal development could be defined as the development of the skills, abilities and attitude to life  that allow you to deal with the increasing personal responsibilities you gain as you go through life. Where this all starts to get confused is when we take on a management role; because at that point it is not just our skills and qualifications at a functional level (the professional side of development) it is our ability to get the best out of ourselves and others (the personal side of development) that comes to the fore. The trouble is that in a world where the financial result is the final arbiter of success, how you get there doesn’t matter.
There are side effects to this approach to management: loss of engagement, lack of commitment, lack of initiative, loss of loyalty, fear of change, and in fact most of the issues that any scholar of people management would describe as a dysfunctional team. More than ever businesses need to be flexible and able to respond quickly to competitive threats in the market. If stakeholders are not engaged with the vision and direction of the business because of the management style then the cost of delivering that vision will go up as time and money are used to overcome the consequences of disengaged and uncommitted people. There will be speakers from BU and other organisations plus plenty of opportunity to network with academic and professional research administration colleagues from other universities. Already confirmed are speakers from HEFCE, Sussex and BU.
The event will be advertised to colleagues in other institutions so, if you would like to help promote this event to people in your professional network, keep an eye on this blog for further information in the coming weeks. If you or someone in your network would like to contribute on the day, please contact Emily Cieciura in REKO to discuss this further. If you possess the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and motivation to help ensure the MS Society funds high quality, relevant research then contact them ASAP.
MS research work is driven by a strategy agreed with the Board of Trustees and which reflects the perspectives of the whole MS community – people affected by MS, clinicians, research scientists and others.
To help guide their research work they work with the advice and support of a Research Strategy Committee (RSC) and two Grant Review Panels (GRP). This paper suggests that there may be insufficient recognition of critical ideas, professional and cultural practices associated with the ‘creative industries’ among tourism destination management researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in England. A study part-funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and tested the professional development framework developed by the UK’s Vitae in different European settings has released some very interesting findings. Recent postsBU research Funding opportunities EU BU research on Citizen Science featured on CountryfileMay 6, 2016 Seminar by Prof Sue Denham in Cogntive and Computational Neuroscience. To be a Performance-Driven Thinker, we truly believe that there are two areas of focus within your life that needs attention and personal development.
Many individuals are consistent with paying attention to development when it comes to their professional occupation or duties.
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THE Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) recently came out with the “Revised Guidelines on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for all Registered and Licensed Professionals” through Resolution No.
Every Professional Regulatory Board (PRB) shall create a Continuing Professional Development Council (CPDC) subject to approval by PRC. The PRC Chairperson shall designate or appoint the head of the CPD Secretariat who shall assist the CPDC in going about their designated tasks and functions. There are many occasions when the terms are used interchangeably but they are very different. In some professions, Law, Accountancy and Medicine for example CPD is a necessity to maintain your ability to practice and has to be proven through formal CPD programmes conducted by organisations external to the one for which you work. These skills are not just tied to our working lives they permeate everything we do; our personal relationships, working relationships, our capacity to handle stress, anxiety and uncertainty for example. The farther up the management tree we go the more the role is about managing and getting the best from others; both internally and external to the organisation, aka stakeholders.
So there are many people who run companies, subsidiaries of companies, public sector bodies, small and medium size enterprises, not for profits, departments and teams who get results with little or no regard for personal development. It is the process by which we become more proficient at handling change, uncertainty and unpredictability. For the Grant Review Panel for Care and Services Research they are also recruiting a new Chair. They are looking for people from a variety of backgrounds, covering research, health and social care expertise.
This is also a great development opportunity for you, as knowing how a review panel works can inform how you write and present bids.
The RSC looks at the strategic picture, providing advice on broad areas of research, setting priorities and scrutinizing the larger, ongoing research programmes. The paper considers the relationships between academic and practitioner knowledge and practice that potentially connect tourism destination management with creativity and the arts.
BRAD is a tailor designed research development framework with supporting development sessions, for BU’s Early Career Researchers (ECR’s). The study into the feasibility of implementing a professional development framework for researchers across Europe has found that there is demand for such a framework, although nations vary in their readiness to participate in it.  Now that this recognition has been gained, expect a framework to follow! At the Performance Driven Academy™, we believe that true development begins on a personal level. Deliver quality continuing professional development (CPD) activities aligned with the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) for national relevance and global comparability and competitiveness.
The designated head of the Secretariat shall participate in the deliberations of the CPDCs but shall not vote. Special meetings may be called by the CPDC Chairperson or upon written request of a member of a CPDC at least three (3) days prior to the said meeting.

Registered entity with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). In other career paths CPD is not a formal requirement and is dependent on the culture of the organisation for which you work.
Too often personal development, in a work context, is defined as the soft skills and dismissed by those who hold the budget strings as a non-essential cost rather than an important investment.
This is the point when personal development becomes synonymous with professional development; it gets wrapped up in terms like leadership and team building programmes. In fact many of these people would say that too much time spent on the personal side not only gets in the way of achieving results and maintaining control; it actually promotes a “get away with it” culture.
Effective response to a competitive threat is entirely dependent on the people in the business and their ability to adapt to, adopt and accept new ways. The aims and objectives of BRAD are aligned to the Universities Strategic Plan 2012-2018, our Visions & Values-BU 2018, and Vitae’s researcher development framework.
As a member of the academy, we will be providing you with updates and information to enhance your personal development journey. The Chairperson of the CPDC shall be the member of the PRB so chosen by the PRB concerned to sit in the CPD Council.
However; whether we are successful or not, in our chosen career or path, is as dependent on our personal development as our professional. In many cases it will be frontline employees who are the first to know that something is going on in the market. That more detailed work is carried out by our Grant Review Panels, one for Biomedical Research (GRP1) and one for Care and Services Research (GRP2). The article suggests that there is a need for destination managers to explore contrasting agendas, knowledge needs and interests, and occupational discourses among creative industry practitioners and likewise for creative industry practitioners concerning tourism and destination management.
BU is providing professional and personal development sessions and online courses throughout the next academic year 2013-2014, which are all free to attend.
If they do not feel inclined, empowered or safe to share this it is detrimental to the business. The development sessions will cover a range of topics, from SPSS, NVivo, personal effectiveness, research management and publishing in journals and books.

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