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The Personal Development Industry is booming and experiencing incredible growth even with the down turn of the economy. People looking to better their life and need access to tools and the information to do this. For example, self-help books have gone from people asking, “what is a self-help book” to today with book sales of more $600 million in yearly..!
People spend thousands thoughts of dollars each year also attending seminars, purchasing audio or self-help videos. Today people are learning the secrets that only the wealthy knew a decade ago and using these tools to make their lives better! Imagine having this information available right to your phone in a mobile application where you can have real-time access to 24 x 7. Imagine having this kind of life changing materials for just 33 cents a day or just $9.95 a month and accessible right through your cell phone on a mobile application or through any PC. Compare this to just two visits at Starbucks, a beer with the boy or cost of a sandwich with a drink. Once you join our team you will soon realize this is information that most people will want to share and, if you do, ilivingapp will pay you if you would like to become an affiliate. The long-term plan of ilivingapp is to change the lives of millions of people just like your-self! Also want to point out that application is Global and available in many countries outside the United States. Let me close by saying very few things happen by accident and changing your life comes down to mindset. This entry was posted in Blog, Business Opportunity, Make Money Online, Mobile App, Network Marketing, Personal Development, Work From Home.
More and more people are interesting in knowing more about themselves, in discovering and becoming their best version and, ultimately, presenting that version to the world. Therefore, it bares the question: how has Romanians’ real perception changed when it comes to personal development in the last years? When it comes to personal branding, Anca Maria Banita, communication & personal branding professional, considers that the topic is just now scratching the surface, becoming hotter and hotter.
The rise of the market and the people’s ever-growing desire for better self-knowledge, taking control of their lives, their desire to free themselves of dependencies and toxic attachments are the main reasons that Upperself was born.
At Upperself, according to her statements, they approach a person holistically and support him or her in the journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. More than a growing market, there is also a rather atypical one, in the sense that people choose a certain type of service based on the issue they are facing, but also based on what they believe will work for them or be more comfortable.
On her turn, Anca Banita also believes that in this lifetime journey, the most wonderful of all, one needs some guides along the way. Mihaela Radulescu believes that Romania is naturally following a worldwide trend shaped significantly by the rise of social media, communities of peers and the change in working time structure.
Moreover, in her opinion, branding enforces clarity, unites perspectives, and creates a distinguishable and potentially memorable footprint for the business and its leader. One of Innerout’s basic principles shows that personal brand is not about the ego, but real introspection and a strategic path in life.
Personal branding is about creating a professional identity, first and foremost, and then putting it in its best verbal and graphic shape, in order for its messages to properly reach its most relevant stakeholders .
Still, emphasizes Radulescu, personal branding and personal development are neighbors, but not relatives.
According to Andrei Dunuta, little by little, people are starting to filter the information more and more, they are beginning to understand who is offering real value and who has really something to say, they are becoming more selective with their time invested in their personal development. More and more people will embark on this journey of discovering themselves and they will look to people for guidance in this process, also believes Anca Maria Banita. Description: In the course of nine innovative, timeless albums spread over twenty years, Anouar Brahem has established himself as one of the most original and talented musicians yet to record on the prestigious ECM label. Personal Development and Industry Experience - Andrew - Step You are using an outdated browser. I agree 100% with he way the economy s more and more people are hoping online each day trying to find a better way!

Personal branding, and all types of personal development trainings appear daily on the Romanian market and the established ones are also growing their number of adopters. It came from the other side of the Ocean, together with the trainers and the personal development books that have become more and more present in our lives.
And because we offer some creative alternatives, the demand for our courses grew more and more last year. I have witnessed a growing interest in this topic in the last years, because people are starting to ask some new and powerful questions about themselves and about the meaning of life. They realize that they might have the wrong approach or just feel there are some missing pieces regarding their understanding of life that they would like to clear up. The company offers self-knowing counseling services (from personal development to crises situations, chakra unblockings, accessing previous lives, energy-informational matrics, etc.), archetypal workshops, relationship harmony, vocational and parenting analysis, personal development camps. At first, some people prefer rather passive experiences, such as conferences, while others prefer to approach the problem directly through one-to-one work with a particular trainer or therapist or through group work. This journey is perhaps why people are reading personal development books more and more, why they are attending events to bring them clarity, information and inspiration, why they hire coaches to help them reach their goals, why they want to discover themselves each day, in order to know what makes them truly happy. More than that, one’s personal brand is not just a polish, but an authentic nutshell of qualities acknowledged and enriched.
According to her, the personal development market is still very young and they, as trainers, are growing together with their audience, learning from them, understanding what they need and how they can support them. Also, I believe such services will be acquired increasingly more by companies, as a way to recruit and nurture their talents.
It`s also a paradox, because, even if it is a new concept, it is demonetized already,” considers Andrei Dunuta, founder and sales trainer at Selftrust Academy.
For example, in 2015, we had more than 4,300 participants at our events and courses,” concluded Dunuta. This comes with the opportunity to create something great and the responsibility to manage what`s in your hands. People are starting to look inside and search there for answers regarding their results, their relationships, their failures, their conflicts or their achievements. Another change is the fact that they are more willing to accept the fact that they could use some help in this direction,” considers Doina Enache, founder & holistic development coach of Upperself.
I support this process by using instruments from various disciplines in which I am certified, so I choose to work with the one that brings the greatest benefit at that moment,” added Enache. The need for it, in business at least, has become an almost sine-qua-non prerequisite for success.
It is also true that it happens for both to occur more or less in the same period of life: at midlife, at career crossroads, after downshifting, or when the employee status makes room for the need for more personal freedom. At the same time, the online trend will grow – I am referring to the rise of the e-learning sector. But when this market will mature, “we will find some well-defined niches and professionals prepared to satisfy the needs. Hopefully, at a certain point we will have classes on self-knowledge and personal development in schools, so children can grow aware of themselves and would know how to approach life in order to be satisfied,” commented the Upperself representative.
And their numbers are growing every day, just as are the numbers of people buying these types of books. Only by observing the dimensions and the positioning of the shelves in bookstores dedicated to self-development literature, does the focus becomes clear. From his point of view, this happens on one side, because people don`t make grounded choices, they don`t have strong criteria, as the market is very young and people are very willing to learn new things and experiment, without carefully selecting what they are consuming.
In order to grow and flourish, this personal brand needs constant investments and attention, something more and more people are willing to offer,” said Banita.
I started looking for answers for myself in 2004 and in 2008 I transformed this passion into a profession, after having managed for several years a company in the furniture industry. One client told me this session offered her the same amount of information she had learned about herself during her 6 years of psychotherapy sessions. Slowly, they are starting to set their own rules and look for ways of achieving their goals, but it`s a long process, a challenging one, so you need to take all the help you can find,” also said Banita. And this is due to one main reason: personal reputation, now easier to track anytime, anywhere has started to matter a lot.

I do not teach people self-help, I do not deliver public speaking about how to enhance your brand in general and I do not sell tips& tricks. Still, the common denominator of personal branding and personal development is the need for identity. It is a successful business model internationally, because it covers the need for flexibility and accessibility,” said Dunuta. Personal development is a very wide topic, so the need for specialization will appear, together with the public`s understanding of what they really need. New terms and meanings are coined to describe social realities that did not exist 5 to 10 years ago.
On the other side, “the training professionals, in their effort to educate the market or attract new customers, organized a lot of free events that managed to start many conversations about this topic that then became very common,” explained Dunuta.
People are beginning to realize that they are the only ones responsible for their lives, they are the unique creators of their reality, so they are taking back their personal power.
The reason I believe my clients prefer it is also because it’s extremely revealing but also because there is still a reticence to purchase counseling services, in general. More and more professionals (executives or entrepreneurs) realize the need to clearly articulate their own discourse, to put forth their own professional offer consistently.
Personal branding is …personal, therefore it is a one-to-one endeavor, a 100 percent personalized approach. Branding is about shaping identity and consolidating a reputation based on that identity and starts with a solid portion or self-awareness and self-knowledge. Moreover, people want to be able to access a resource when they are available, at a lower cost. Maybe you need someone to help you set your objectives or you need support with your personal brand or to be more productive. It’s the times we live in that have accelerated the need to take faster, and maybe more radical, decisions regarding work-life balance; opportunities are everywhere, doubled by the mirroring risks, entrepreneurship and freelancing lures more people and there is a lot of talking around this subject in the last ten years, etc. From Selftrust Academy’s experience, the people that are more inclined toward the self-knowledge field are the ones working in banking, HR, insurance, auto, pharma, creative industries and liberal professions, such as doctors and lawyers. When you realize it`s in your power to have the life you want, you start taking action,” said Anca Banita.
People still hold on to the belief that if you go to a counselor or psychotherapist, it means you have mental problems or you are a failure, as you cannot sort things out for yourself,” added Enache.
I dare to say that the noisier the clutter of daily news about everything, the bigger the need for standing apart through branding,” said Radulescu.
It’s tailor-made, meaning time and know-how dedicated individually to each person,” explained Mihaela Radulescu.
There are very different topics and we need professionals who can cover a topic very well, who will build a personal brand around a narrow topic, such as productivity or motivation etc.,” concluded the communications professional.
So with lots of open doors and market dynamics as never before, people put more pressure on their careers and ask more of themselves,” explained Mihaela Radulescu, personal branding consultant at Innerout. Regarding the position they hold, managers and entrepreneurs have a big interest in personal development, because they have understood that, if you want to grow professionally, it is faster by accessing other experts` knowledge.
The course is created after some personal quests and has this spiritual touch because I have had this passion for a long time. People respond and are attracted to different techniques or practitioners and it is very important that they have options,” explained Doina Enache.
Branding itself is a discipline in which fields as communication, psychology, social behavior theories, coaching, advertising and good writing skills dovetail,” concluded Radulescu. For training professionals also, e-learning is helping them to distribute the information faster and wider, by working less. As a factor regarding taking the decision to attend this type of class, Dunuta said that the environment is also essential for their target; people come to their courses through recommendations and bring their friends.

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