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The Georgia Public Policy Foundation and Georgia Budget and Policy Institute have different thoughts on whether Georgia should lower its personal income tax.
Studies show that lowering tax rates spurs economic growth, by not just putting more money in families’ pockets, but also making investment in Georgia more attractive for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and for out-of-state businesses considering whether to relocate to Georgia. The State created a tax-reform council two years ago that, after a year of study and statewide hearings, recommended a 33% cut in Georgia’s top personal income tax rate. While lowering the personal income tax rate would require an increase in sales tax – which generally has a greater impact on the poor – targeted tax credits can be designed to offset negative impacts on low-income families. For a more detailed analysis,this link will take you to a 15-page report, analyzing GPPF’s tax recommendations.
In the first decade of the 2000’s, the 9 states with no personal income tax grew more slowly than the nine with the highest income tax rates, according to analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. For a more detailed analysis, this link will take you to an easy-to-follow 18 page powerpoint presentation  showing GBPI’s tax recommendations for Georgia. Say you hired a personal trainer and he showed you the schedule to make you lose weight and get fit.
Every area and territory is different, but if you dissect the numbers from your WAR reports, you will see that most of the time the ones that have the most activity are the ones writing the most business. Here are statistics of one AIL Agency…They had 20 people from the agency schedule 25+ appointments. We need to hold our people accountable to the numbers as much as a personal trainer holds his clients accountable to the sets needed to make you look better.
Shouldn’t our mission be to apply our extensive knowledge and expertise toward helping people achieve a higher level of financial success and improve the quality of life for their families? To do that, we need to make sure our people are held responsible to a minimum of 32 scheduled appointments a week (for some territories it may be higher than that). About Mark TingMark Ting is a Staff Writer at Torchmark Corporation, writing about American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies. Experience personal attention without breaking the bank in our semi-private group workouts. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Personal Income Tax check list to help get organized and make sure you or your accountant do not miss any deductions or credits.
Name ____________________________________ Business Name ___________________________________ Client # _________ 2010 PERSONAL INCOME TAX DATAThe information requested on this form is for the preparation of your personal income tax return and relates to you and your familypersonally, not to your business operations. INCOMEWAGES, TIPS, AND COMMISSIONSPlease attach Forms W-2 from employers and Forms 1099-MISC for nonemployee compensation.
INTEREST YOU PAID (do not include rental property interest or student loan interest here)Home Mortgage Loans and Home Equity Loans Please attach Forms 1098. QUESTIONS (continued) Yes NoRETIREMENT ACCOUNTS Did you or your spouse turn age 70 ? during the year and have money in an IRA or other retirement account without taking any distributions? Three such no-income states are named in particular for low or negative recent job growth: Nevada, Florida and Texas. What happens if part of the schedule is lifting weights, doing 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups, etc…and you are struggling to finish your sets, then your personal trainer says “it’s OK, you did your best…” If that happens every time you see your personal trainer, then at the end of your 90 day training session you see no improvement, what do you do?

People hire us to make them successful, and if we don’t hold them accountable for the things we know will make them successful, they will fire us too and quit! Agents come in to schedule 16 appointments on Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday (8 and 8) and they start making calls at 4 pm and call till 9 pm. This will help secure success in this business, and it will insure our people stay around longer to enjoy the successes of renewals for a lifetime…it will hurt, but it will pay off in the long run….NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!
Training at the facility in Oakland, NJ utilizes Metabolic Training (compound exercises combined with incomplete rest periods) to maximize calorie expenditure and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. Please complete and return this form to us at Gift & Associates, LLC, PO Box 567,Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 or 930 Red Rose Court, Suite 200, Lancaster, PA 17601 as soon as possible but no later than February 15, 2011.
Number Attached: ____________ Interest Paid to Financial Institutions $ ____________ Mortgage Insurance Premiums $ ____________ Interest Paid to an Individual $ ____________ Name, Address, SSN: ______________________________________________ Were all mortgage, refinance, and loan proceeds used to buy, build, or improve your main home and one other?
You fire your personal trainer, because he didn’t  hold you accountable for the things it was going to take to make you look better. In my opinion, the most important piece of our puzzle in making people successful is ACTIVITY! If they don’t come in with pre-set appointments (at least 8 from door knocks and appointments rolled over from the weekend), they will struggle to schedule their full 16 in that minimum time frame. People who make money stick around, and it creates a better culture within the agency!!!!!!
Number Attached: ___________ Did you materially participate in the Partnership, LLC, or S-Corporation? Do you have any children under 19, or full-time students 19 – 24, with $1,900 of unearned income or $5,700 of earned income during the year?PURCHASES, SALES, AND DEBTS Did you start a new business, purchase a new rental property or farm, or acquire any new interest in any partnership or S Corporation during the year?
Did you withdraw any amounts from any IRA to pay for higher education expenses incurred by you, your spouse, your children or your grandchildren? As leaders, we need to pave the way for our people to be successful, and many times we fail to do so.
So if we know that the more activity someone has, the more money they make, then why aren’t we holding them accountable? Click Resources, then click on Personal Income Tax Questionnaire.You must keep paid bills and cancelled checks supporting the deductions you claim on this form for a period of at least three years tocomply with federal and state tax regulations and audit procedures. Yes NoMedical Insurance Premiums Paid by self-employed taxpayers can be deducted as an adjustment if not itemizing. Did you sell an existing business, rental property, farm, or any existing interest in a partnership or S Corporation during the year? Did you or your spouse establish or contribute to any IRA or convert an existing IRA into a Roth IRA?MISCELLANEOUS Were you notified by the IRS or other taxing authority of any changes in prior year returns? We are worried about too many other things to make them successful…I’m not saying classroom training is not important, but if they don’t schedule enough appointments, the best trained agent will write minimal business. Sure, but not on a regular basis, because you are limiting your window of opportunity to a short 4-5 hour time span. What if someone is working the night shift that night or week? Please fill in below.Real Estate Taxes Paid can be deducted as an adjustment if not itemizing. Did you have an interest in or signature authority over any financial account in a foreign country?

This is because they are limiting themselves on how many people they see, and unfortunately with minimal appointments, you create more variables around you that you can’t control. Please fill in below.BUSINESS USE OF PERSONAL VEHICLEDo not include expenses of business-owned vehicles here.
For nonmonetary contributions over $5,000, you must keep a written appraisal.Miles Driven for Qualified Charity: ___________ milesCASUALTY AND THEFT LOSSESDid any sudden and unexpected event cause loss or damage to any of your property this year? Did you receive grants of stock options from your employer, exercise any stock options granted to you, or dispose of any stock acquired under a stock option or qualified employee stock purchase plan?
I authorize Gift & Associates, LLC to prepare my personal income tax return based on this information and to retain copies of appropriate documents. Report those expenses with business income and expenses.Do not complete this part if your expenses were reimbursed by your employer and the reimbursement is not reported in your wages.Did you use your car for business other than for commuting? Yes No If yes, please attach details about each event and each item lost or damaged (description, cost, and value before and after damage). Did you purchase, sell, refinance, or exchange your home or any real estate during the year? Yes NoIf yes, please attach a voided check for the account in which you want the deposit made unless same as last year.
Yes No Amount for Taxpayer $ _________ Spouse $ _________ Did you or your spouse ever make any nondeductible IRA contributions? Yes No If yes, please provide the end of year value of all traditional IRAs for Taxpayer $ __________ Spouse $ __________ If yes, please also provide a copy of your most recent Form 8606 for you and your spouse if we did not prepare it. Yes No If so, please provide settlement sheet.ENERGY-SAVING HOME IMPROVEMENTSDid you make any improvements to your home that are considered energy saving (replacement windows, insulation, high efficiency heatpump, etc.)?
Yes No If so, please provide detail.ADOPTION EXPENSES YOU PAIDDid you adopt a child or begin adoption proceedings during the year? Yes No Adoption Expenses $ __________CHILD AND DEPENDENT CARE EXPENSES YOU PAIDDid you pay for child care so that you and your spouse could work or go to school?
Yes No If yes, amount of employer provided child care $ ___________Child Care Expenses Paid in 2010 $ ______________ For whose care were the 2010 expenses paid? Did you, or your spouse if filing jointly, own the home as your principal residence for at least two years of the five-year period prior to the sale?
Did you , and your spouse if filing jointly, occupy the home as your principal residence for at least two years of the five-year period prior to the sale?
Did you purchase a new “clean fuel” vehicle, electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle during the year? Did this home qualify for one of the Home Buyer credits?SEVERENCE AND RETIREMENT Did you change jobs or retire during the year? Did you receive an award for punitive damages or for damages other than physical injuries or illness?

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