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If you want to achieve your personal goals or maybe you just want to be productive day in, day out, I propose you create a self-contract to keep you focused on your goals. Contracts have a weight of importance to them which makes you stick to it, even at times when you don’t want to. On the other hand, do add some penalties if you feel that you’re slipping up too often. I know writing is hard, so I’ve actually gone out and found a form version of the self-contract. Nationwide Event Production CompanyEndless Entertainment are the nationwide, event production Einsteins. Here is a preview of our personal development plan template. Click on the download button to use this personal development plan template free of cost. It’s a commitment contract where you write down what you want to achieve as well as how to achieve it.
This way, you can always change it as your personal goals change and you won’t be tied down with long term commitments.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and legalese, just something that you can easily understand and will actually help guide you in doing your work.
Concentrate on writing down positive actions and outcomes so that you’re pushed towards a goal, rather than pulled away from consequences. You can use a site like Stickk or Beeminder to keep yourself accountable by putting real money on the line or putting your reputation at stake (the app can actually post your failures online for all to see). Think of your self-contract as a guide to doing your work, something that has your back and will keep you accountable to yourself.
He was previously an editor for Android Authority and Geeky Gadgets, and was one of the first contributors for Startup Weekend's main blog. Drafting a personal development plan for a period of time and follow it can help you in achieving your personal development goals.
Often, it also clearly states any rewards for completing the contract as well as any penalties for breaking it. I’m pretty sure you went over it to see if it was all in the up and up before agreeing to it.

Keeping it concise means you can easily glance at it every once in a while to refresh the commitment in your mind. So perhaps having a friend or co-worker sign off would help keep people in line with the goal. A personal development plan will show your position of today and goals for reaching the target position. You’ll also be clear about your personal goals because those are stated in the contract as well. And yeah, I also promise to put on a fresh pot when I’m the last guy to get from the coffee maker. We have prepared this personal development plan template as a general plan that can be used by a person belonging to any business.

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