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I’ll take the yoga pants, the tailgate tee, the sweats with the logo,and another tee in Jets.
I have been waiting since last season for them to add the Colts and now it is only days away!  I am so excited to support this line.
I went to a pink store in NY and the Jets and Giants outfits r out already they have alot of nice stuff 2 different hoodies sports bras 2 different sweat pants alot of tees cute stuff. I'm trying to find the Dallas Cowboys bling mesh tee shirt but its unavailable for some reason, all the other team no problem but this one what gives???? If they aren’t offering XL try writing them to let them know that there is a demand for XL.

I am looking for a sequined blouse that a Steelers fan had on this past Sunday at the game in Pittsburgh against the Jets.
QTamara is a 30-something lawyer and budding photographer living and working in Washington, D.C. When will the 2011 NFL colleiction end up on the Victoria Secret website so I can purchase it? I called customer service on Saturday and they told me it would be available on August 8th, but I called again today and was told it wouldn’t be available until mid-September! But I will be getting the i Love Redskins shirt, the short are super cute and sexy and the drawstring pants!

This just all looks like a metalic hearts upgraded version of last year’s jersey collection.

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