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The post 24 Engagement Rings That Should Be On Your Secret Pinterest Board appeared first on WeddingWire: The Blog. When you’re researching projects on the Internet, how do you save your favorite sites, interesting articles, or ideas for inspiration? Instead of relying on bookmarks, you can use Pinterest to refer back to your favorite sites.
By using secret Pinterest boards you can keep your pins private, helping you make the most of Pinterest.
As of March 2014, Pinterest now allows you to have an unlimited number of secret boards so you can take all of these ideas for secret Pinterest boards and use them without worrying about others discovering your pins. Keep an eye on the competition with secret Pinterest boards that cover their new products, advertising campaigns, blog posts, news articles and other information.
If you’re a blogger or a journalist, pin ideas for future articles to a secret board.
When I read your earlier post on the secret boards, I was wondering as to what people would share on those.
You are absolutely right – there is no limit to the amount you can share on Pinterest, and such secret boards can become really great places to share some things you only want to share with a handful of people too. Wow Another Great Article, You always Pick a topic and wright super quality article, I have also Pinterest Account for my site, I never use like these Tricks, Actually i was not read any of these, Now also happy to read about this, I will use it in future Great Keep it.
Hi Mahendra, Yes, creating a secret Pinterest board is easy but sometimes we need inspiration to use our secret boards effectively. Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently published this awesome post..Happy 3rd Birthday to The Wonder of Tech!
It is not something I have been using, but I think with all these ideas, I might just start using Pinterest for private stuff too!
Hi Laura-Lee, You’re right, private investigators could make great use of secret Pinterest boards.
Hi Mike, As a photographer, you could create secret Pinterest boards to compile photos for one of your competitions, then make the boards public to ask people’s opinions of which one they think you should submit.
Well, I also discovered that the proper use of creative and eye catching photos with interesting content are imperative to get the maximum number of fans on Pinterest.
By subscribing to The Wonder of Tech on the Kindle, you can have new articles automatically downloaded as soon as they are published! Then, chances are you may have a secret Pinterest board filled with just about every aspect of your dream wedding.

Pinterest can be a very effective tool to keep information organized, sometimes away from the prying eyes of others. But just as you may not want the world to know your every bookmark, you may not want the world to know your every pin on Pinterest. No need to broadcast that gift to the world, keep your gift ideas to yourself with secret boards. Use a secret Pinterest board to collect articles, photos and videos of your indulgent passions beyond the reach of prying eyes. No need to upset the neighbors who might start speculating when the For Sale sign will appear on your front lawn.
While you’re saving your pennies for tackling a home improvement project, save your ideas to a secret Pinterest board. Create a secret Pinterest board with recipe ideas, diet plans, fitness tips, inspirational quotes, images of fit bodies and other information to help you achieve your goal. Create a secret Pinterest board for remedy ideas, articles by others with the same issue, and tips for coping with the issue. Make a secret board with ideas for wedding dresses, rings, wedding cakes, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements, decorating ideas and more. Use a secret board to pin logos you like from other companies, logo ideas for yourself, fonts you like and colors that work for you.
Use Pinterest to compile information and research, save anecdotes and inspirational quotes, and organize images so you arrive prepared.
Pin ideas for a product, advertising, trademark ideas, business plans or other ideas to a secret Pinterest board.
No need to let the world know you’re planning to escape to Fiji for a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous-type holiday.
But one of my cousins added me to her secret board and I saw so many wonderful family pictures there, while another one from there shared her wedding ones – it just carried on for hours! As I’m reading the latest tech news, I will get ideas for future articles for The Wonder of Tech. I hope these ideas help inspire you to create some of your own secret boards on Pinterest, Mahendra! As you research your article on Twitter lists, you can pin useful websites to a secret board for blog research. You can pin images as you conduct your investigations and then share them with clients when you’re ready to report your findings.

No judgement here, especially when it comes to that engagement ring on your soon-to-be left hand. Finding the bookmark you want when you need it could take more time than searching for the site all over again. Pin real estate listings to your secret board to imagine living in your own castle some day. Use a secret Pinterest board to keep track of job opportunities, research potential employers, and save advice from others who have the job you aspire to. Let your imagination run wild to the wilds of Zanzibar without anyone questioning your intentions.
You can share photos with family members and they can pin their photos to the secret board as well.
And, as a private investigator, a secret board might be useful for some projects that involve taking images of a subject’s house and neighbourhood prior to conducting surveillance.
With Pinterest now allowing up to six secret boards, you will have much more opportunity to use Pinterest for your business now.
Realty sites have caught on to this now and often include Pin It buttons on their listings. I have a lot of bookmarks all in different folders and often have to delete the older ones. Some are too sparkly (like these 24) you can’t help but stash them away for future reference. Create a joint secret board with your friends to share party ideas without the guest of honor suspecting a thing! That way everyone in the family can share photos without showing those photos to the world. But you can use secret Pinterest boards to help organize images, websites and other information you find around the Internet without anyone else seeing them.
It went quite well apart from a few shots when I didn’t notice a mirror in the background causing lens flares!
The narrow-boat gala on the canal, the carnival, the party in the park; I’m building a list!

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