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Harvard Business Review published a fascinating piece on March 15 on recent research conducted by Emily Heaphy and Marcial Losada into the effectiveness of leadership of 60 divisions of a large computer company.
Getting the right mix of positive and negative feedback is all about setting the scene, ensuring clarity of purpose and allowing a constructive culture to build around your business. This is a great concept, but it’s not as clear cut as the idea implies on the surface. Result: This thought is coming from a place of lack and poverty, not from a place of strength, abundance, and a wealthy state of mind. These are just a couple of simplistic examples, but you can likely see how these may show up for you in a variety of forms.

What is needed is an opportunity to get into your mind’s eye, into the heart of the desire, and to give yourself permission to think freely about what you want. Since 2000, Judah Kurtz has provided coaching and consulting to a diverse range of individuals and organizations throughout the United States.
3d illustration of figure balancing positive and negative signs, weighing pros and cons concept with white background. The one question they were trying to answer amongst many: in leadership what is the most effective ratio of positive to negative feedback comments?
What practical steps can you action as the leader of your business to ensure a more positive environment?

There are so many decisive gestures done by silent heroes in business that go unrecognized. With energy and humor, Judah empowers his clients to uncover their hidden potential and barriers to success, and learn to consciously design their lives and businesses with greater freedom and purpose. What you have been doing up to this point has had limited success, so it may be worth a try.

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