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Inspiring short stories, motivation, and online education for overcoming adversity using the universal laws of success. And the good news is that the principles of success and the power of positive thinking is applicable and accessible to all people, whether or not they belong to organized religion.
For those who only live in the secular world, the bridge seems unnecessary at best and annoying at worst.
But when I began my websites and seminars more than 10 years ago, my target audience was specifically those who believed in God, who were faithful in their belief system of choice, and who maybe weren’t sure it was okay to prosper, or even how to do so without offending their Maker.
One of my business mentors questioned my judgment and could not understand why I wouldn’t want to share the message with a broader audience. Instead, I believe that God would have us seek out the laws that govern success, because as we learn the truth about them, we can become free. I believe the text to be true as well, and thus it became my quest to discover the laws that govern prosperity. So today, I decided to share some thoughts about Meditation, a practice from which religious and non-religious people alike have benefited for millennia. While home may be the most convenient place to meditate, it also is an environment that can introduce the most distractions. So having an audio program playing in the background, or in a headset can help you stay focused.
Many  find that their mind wanders easily and that they really benefit from a guided meditation from time to time.
It is best to choose one special place for meditation, so that you come to associate this place with a relaxed, tranquil meditative state, and your state will begin to shift as soon as you enter that space. The fact is, divine guidance truly is available to everyone, but there is a price to pay in order to hear it, recognize it, and know it for what it is. Genius Bootcamp provides the coaching, training, and support, to help you make room, so you can realize how accessible and clear personal revelation can be. After all, the solution to every problem is only an idea away, and to me, a genius idea = inspiration from God.
Click here to learn more about Genius Bootcamp – and remember – the sooner you register, the MORE YOU SAVE! I’ve had this question come in time and again about how much our thoughts can influence a situation if our spouse’s thoughts do not support our own. Just remember though, in your marriage, keep PEACEFUL expectancy for success… don’t be manipulative!!!
As you imagine feeling the feeling you want to achieve in your home, you’ll be inspired as to what YOU can do to help it evolve in that direction. Choosing faithful thoughts can help your spouse feel more hopeful. Once your spouse feels a little better, and begins to imagine the possibilities, opportunities will naturally follow, by the law of perpetual transmutation.
If your concerned that your spouse doesn’t have a better job, figure out “why” it needs to be better. Your thoughts do have power to bring opportunities… but your spouse must choose for him or herself whether or not to take them. Consider asking whether or not your spouse minds if you try to picture a better opportunity on his or her behalf.
So if your spouse doesn’t respond the way you hope, be grateful anyway, trusting that God is leading the both of you along to learn the lessons he has in mind for you, all at the right time. How to succeed: picture what you want, see the prosperity in your mind, and enjoy the daydream, and then take the actions that come to YOUR mind. Lastly, read Portal to Genius – because the marriage described in that really FUN book illustrates exactly how all of these ideas really play out.
But aside from practice, and time passing, there is something more that can be done to immediately get past that self-conscious oh-my-heck-what-are-people-thinking-about-me-right-now feeling. Subscribe to my newsletterGet my [47tips] newsletter, with fresh articles, special offers and FREE prizes! Did you know that getting out of debt should not be a goal, but something you do on the way to a goal?

If getting out of debt is your goal, you essentially condition your subconscious mind to work continually on filling the proverbial hole.
But when you get to the point that there is no more debt to pay, and if there is nothing else in mind that has already carried more emotion and focus, your subconscious mind panics. Without living by effective goal setting principles, and understanding the importance of word selection in your goal statement and how to give your subconscious mind commands that won’t backfire, reaching your ultimate goal can be very difficult.
Reduce expenses where you can, look for ways to make more money, and consider using a percentage approach to your debt reduction strategy. This entry was posted in Books Worth Reading, Help with Finances, Laws of Success, Life Mastery, Power of Subconscious, Success Mindset and tagged debt, goals. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. I found it perplexing one day as my family was traveling in the mountains with our friends on vacation.
She ran up to her vehicle, and returned with a little zipper locked plastic bag of formula. She really expected to see the lights go on in a profound way, but the reaction was absent.
Many things can shape the way we think: life experiences, the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the environment to which we expose ourselves. The fact is, the way we view the world and the way we will react in any given situation is, in fact, bent even if just a little bit by the input we have fed our minds. After spending considerable time in an environment that was gradually leading my thoughts to baser things, and recognizing what was happening, I began to flood my mind with inspirational media to combat the effects it was having upon me. This entry was posted in Life Lessons, Life Mastery, Power of Subconscious, The Top 47, Why Think Positive and tagged determination, kids, top47, virtue. Because of the election of 2008, I became heavily involved with helping certain states in 2010, elect senators and house members who had demonstrated an appreciation for the inspired constitution.
The news of the State of our Nation began to feel like ‘garbage in’ and it was effecting me!
Your offered solution is obvious but brilliant: Focus too, on virtue in, virtue out, trust in the Savior. She was polite and appreciative, but clearly wishing she could learn the principles from a more secular point of view. I respect her point of view and certainly never intend to offend anyone by focusing on how to partner with God to accomplish goals. When I began learning these principles, it was primarily from a secular (non-religious) angle, and yet the principles fit so perfectly WITH my religious beliefs that I felt compelled to share with my churchy peers how it all comes together.
We would ALL do well to be educated in a broad spectrum of subjects, and should realize that we don’t have to give up what we know to be true to accept additional truth. If it doesn’t fit, then you can weigh out the differences and let the Spirit of God enlighten your mind to see clearly what is false. In my humble opinion, meditation does not replace prayer, but for me, it has been a powerful tool in conjunction with prayer. If we shouldn’t manipulate another person’s freedom to choose, how does this all work in a marriage if both parties are not on the same page? If you have an easier time with faith than your spouse, it may be your role to encourage, inspire, and exercise patience. Don’t be surprised if you feel inspired to relax a little, and stop trying so hard to change everything. But they can certainly create an energy in the home that can help inspire it to happen in a very natural, gradual way. Because, if the “why” is what you’re really after, the “how” may be something you never thought of. So, bottom line, focus on the picture of your life the way you want it, and at the same time, release your expectations on your spouse.

The more you understand, the more effective you become at applying the principles with success.
It’s achieved by finding and showing appreciation for the qualities, strengths, and talents in OTHERS.
Do anything often enough and the anxiety can go away, eventually.  Even the most embarrassing of moments pale over time. With constant thoughts about debt, and especially with the exhilaration that comes from paying it off,  you can literally train it to pay off debt like a machine. She aims to help you crush every challenge, achieve every goal, and vanquish every monster under your bed.
Thanks for viewing "Arund the world travel picture quote".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. We were at the RV dump, preparing to hit the road for the 6-hour journey home, when I realized that I was fresh out of baby formula. I love watching their faces when I demonstrate in my seminars in 5 minutes how untrue that is.
But after fighting the effects for a very long time, I became weary of the fight and finally became conscious to the reality that I had to change the environment itself. My work was meant to serve as a bridge between the two camps, by focusing on what they have in common.
The mind is often the most at peace during early morning before the stresses of the day set in. As long as YOU maintain a peaceful expectancy for that which you seek, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. As Wattles puts it, you “image” the thing, and the Universe will find the most efficient way of bringing it to you. You can be shown a way to meet your obligations and thrive, all the while maintaining the values that are most important to you.
Then, as you focus on achieving the fun or meaningful goals, your debt elimination goals will happen automatically. As the nature of your thoughts improve from critical and impatient to cheerful and at-peacefulness, the general feeling in the home will improve… and you’ll find that the rising tide lifts ALL ships. The job itself could morph, or some other opportunity may come along, or you may find a way to accomplish the same ideal without a change in income.
We need to feed our mind with images and messages that capture the kind of life we expect to live. I wanted to be free of the negative effects so badly that I didn’t care if it took until the day I died to be free of it, I was going to do all I could to overpower the negative effects.
An early meditation also helps you turn on a positive state and take on the world during the day with a positive mindset. With enough inspiring food for the mind and spirit, eventually the heavier thoughts shrink away.
The next time you are stressed out, call up your anchor, relax, smile and remind yourself that you are going to do great.
Although they will always be stored in the mind, the desire and natural tendency to bring them forward into the conscious mind will depart.
You may not be able to entirely remove what is already in there, but you CAN control what you feed your mind from this moment on. Posted on: April 4, 2011When Things Look Bleak Posted on: March 5, 2011Is Absent-Mindedness Affecting Your Success?

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