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This first set of postcards were posted shortly after the official start date of the PostSecret Blog; February 2005. Assembling this group of secrets reminded me of how the project has developed over time and the special parts of PostSecret that have remained constant through the years.
Most of these postcards are made from the original cards I printed up and handed to strangers outside Metro stops on the streets of Washington DC in 2004. Today I receive about 200 postcards everyday but in 2005 I did not receive nearly that many so on Sundays I was lucky if I could post ten new secrets. You may see postcards here that were included in the All-American Rejects music video a€“ "Dirty Little Secret". I really liked all the secrets here and wish I could have shared them all in the book but this is nearly as good. I love the one describing the secret act of hiding poetry for strangers to find and the one postcard explaining, a€?elephant-ear pastaa€?. I have a soft spot in my heart for libraries and was disappointed that I could not include the one from the librarian. Ita€™s great to be able to include the front and back of the postcard that inspired the cover of the new book.
In this large final collection I have included secrets that have only been seen once in 2007 and another from 2008. I have truly enjoyed sharing some of my personal thoughts and feelings with you during this peek into the PostSecret treasure trove. Even though we encouraged people to buy the book so that they could have access to this archive, we made it very simple to enter for people who had already bought the book or young people who were PostSecret fans but may not have been able to afford the book.
Even before I left,  job wikis emerged as a glimmer of online resistance; suddenly, thousands of applicants could share information in the wake of institutional stonewalling. Now Twitter is the place to be, allowing an anonymous forum for teachers to say what they’re really thinking while modeling succinct writing.

Blogs allow more and more true tales of grad school and adjunct life to emerge — finally.
The February and March issues of Sweet Designs Magazine are now online, featuring a combined 53 new articles and features!!
Photos, graphics, and features are the property of Sweet Designs, and may only be used with permission. As you look over these and the later postcards in this special archive, I invite you to notice how the project has evolved, but stayed true.
But what most people don't know is that three of the cards they show in the video were made by the band members.
All of the postcards in this set were considered for the new book: PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death and God.
This card had been used on the brochure for one of the traveling PostSecret Exhibits and I think it works just as well on the book cover to capture the mystery and attraction our secrets hold.
With that database available online, you would be able to instantly search through hundreds of thousands of secrets using any keywords. I hope you had a chance, like me, to see some secrets that remind you why PostSecret is special and to make some of your own discoveries. That means that I am dependant on you to purchase books, attend PostSecret Events or tell your friends about PostSecret to keep it alive.
The picture below was taken in November of 2004 at the Artomatic Exhibition in Washington DC, before the PostSecret blog was born.
I wish you could have felt my child-like glee when I got to explain the wikis to some old-school profs, exactly the sort who positively reveled in their petty power. Over at Post Academic, they did a fine investigative report on the student who Rickrolled a paper (see illustration below). That profs and teachers are underpaid, overworked human beings, not bone-dry effigies or martyred saints?

Abonneer je dan op de mailinglijst en ontvang dagelijks een overzicht met het belangrijkste nieuws omtrent Online marketing! If you look carefully at some of the card backgrounds you can still see strips of Berber carpet. So even if you cana€™t afford it now maybe you can buy it for a friend, ask for it for the Holidays or use a gift certificate to get it. The competition was founded by Ivy League scholars who think academia has gotten too boring. No wonder  Alice Fenton’s confession that it felt good to fail certain horrible students produced such outrage.
When I was in the Tower, all I ever wanted was a little rebellion — from the students, from the teachers, from anyone being squashed by the dictates of unreasonable authority. Others were kept out by the publisher, for example, the Simpsons image and Disney image would have been nearly impossible to gain the rights to reproduce. And I am enjoying your blog immensely (and this whole dark bright little internet world of post academics). And second, that they give me all the wooden billboards used in the video after they finished. And how many teachers, at every level, want to make pop culture jokes and laugh at students and have sex lives and basically be normal, non-Victorian entities. Good luck with it, and if you’re interested I think there might be some quotes about that in, like, Sophocles or something. In fact, if you make a $2,000 donation to HopeLine, you can have one of the original billboards from the video.

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