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Above is a sample of powerful affirmations I developed; this can assist you in preparing your very own personal affirmation list for wealth and prosperity. I will be writing another post which details how to narrow and focus your affirmations further. Additionally, I created a whimsical Watercolor to personalize an Affirmation for Abundance List. Have fun, and make your list special for you – Sketch it, paint it, cut pictures out, create it.

Reprogram your thoughts consistently and persistently, so you can attract and redefine your own success in areas of health, business success, financial prosperity and personal wisdom. The power of affirmations for wealth and prosperity – begin to create your list of powerful affirmations today. You are taking this to a new level by making a drawing on the list, this way you connect emotions to the affirmations. Hello, Thank you for your comments– Yes, emotions are vital to the affirmation process.

Affirmations literally re-program your subconscious by persistent and consistent actions for success, wealth and prosperity instead of living in a collection of negative thoughts and thought-patterns.

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