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Then you have one of those days where you just can’t concentrate, it’s hard to make decisions and you feel on edge. Walnuts contain alpha linolenic acid (ALA), a fat that improves the delivery of oxygen to the brain. Broccoli contains Vitamin K, which is known to help improve brainpower, cognitive function and is a cruciferous vegetable.
Reduce your intake of soft drinks, processed chocolate (think white chocolate and milk chocolate), and highly processed foods, which can deplete the body of magnesium.
These are just a few easy and affordable suggestions you can begin incorporating into your daily life to improve your brain health. Megan Roosevelt is a fun loving foodie, Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant, Media Spokesperson, Public Speaker and dynamic entrepreneur as the founder and CEO of Healthy Grocery Girl LLC. Under30Experiences The Escape ManualDownload the Escape Manual & escape your job to travel the world. Omega 3, Choline, B Complex are also natural recommendations for boosting your brain power! Two Tone crawls out from the digital box from whence he came and announces his arrival into the real world on my living room table. This post discuss on a video that covers Michael Tipper who shares on various techniques to improve the memory. This post covers a video interview of Tony Buzan specifically on Mind mapping and how it helps one enhance the thinking process as well as memory power.
This post looks at the need to practice continuously till we gotten the desired improvement of memory.
This post discusses the memory improvement technique that helps to remember names and numbers.

Not only is it frustrating when our brain slows down when we want to keep going, and keep positive, it’s also a cry for help!
While there is no super pill or magic secret to keeping your brain in top shape, there are nutrition and health tips you can practice on a daily basis that will greatly improve the efficiency of your thoughts and your work. Processed white grains are low in fiber, low in nutrition and high in sugar, which can cause energy spikes and drops.
I also recommend substituting plain Greek yogurt in place where sour cream would usually go (i.e. Sick of the bombardment of mushy love muck I wanted to do a piece that showed the less kind side of what happens when good love goes bad.
The technique will help to condition the data so that our mind can better accept the information. It’s only through these practice that we could eventually recall the key information and techniques. Basically it enhances our memory by pegging the things we want to remember to numbers and by clustering it together, we could even able to recall many more things. Both methods require practice for it to be 2nd nature of our life and greatly enhance our effectiveness. By constantly practicing the word exercise, one will be able improve the brain power and hence the memory. It will be truly exciting to get into playing of these games while working on our brain, making us rather effective. Instead keep it fresh, flowing and vibrant, like a mighty river, with regular water consumption. Add broccoli to a stir-fry at dinner, add to a lunchtime salad, or dip in hummus for an afternoon snack.

Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day and whenever you have the option, choose to eat more plant-based foods than animal based foods. Whole-grains take longer to digest, releasing a slow and steady source of energy for hours.
Magnesium is also important for helping the body detox and prevent build up of environmental toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals. Yes you are right, it’s great to swap healthier ingredients in place of not-so health promoting ingredients, on meals and snacks you already currently enjoy! Just download Layar, search for Dublin Agencies and hey presto – you can see all the agencies located on your camera phone.
Common symptoms of not getting enough water are fatigue, foggy thinking and feeling on edge. Good sources of whole grains include; whole-wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, wheat berries, faro and brown rice pasta. A good nights sleep and a healthy diet can do wonders for improving the power of your brain! The ultra deep and misty metaphor being Pixel Lab’s new techniques and technology revitalizing an old industry.
To help increase your water consumption, commit to never going anywhere without a water bottle.
When you’re in the office, at the gym, going to a meeting, running errands, always have a water bottle with you.

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