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GE has released two 45 second commercials designed to coincide with the 2012 Super Bowl Sunday advertising surge. Watch how GE employees in Schenectady help power cities, schools, businesses…and even beer.
Filming was shot by director Brett Morgen via Anonymous Content with director of photography James Whitaker. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. Change “Caesar” with the applicable name of a person, a lobbying firm, a corporation or any political structure.
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To get power from wind turbines to customers in the cities will require thousands of miles of new transmission lines.
My wife’s family has operated a ranch in West Texas for going on five generations, ever since an adventurous New Yorker sailed to Galveston in the 1870s, bought some sheep and settled, finally, west of the fort in San Angelo.

The ranches are about to be criss-crossed by two high-voltage electric transmission lines to be built by a public power agency, the Lower Colorado River Authority. The news is filled with these conflicts between landowners and those who are building the new transmission lines.
The oldest story in the country is that rural America pays the largest price for producing the power used in the cities. David Sassoon writes that Eastern states fear that spending billions on moving wind power from the West to the East will make the system less reliable and will forestall alternative energy development on their side of the Mississippi River. State and federal authorities are working through the conflicts that the transmission-line boom is creating. Meanwhile, Congress may give the federal government the power to override state decisions about transmission line routing. The Pew Center for Climate Change calculates that if wind power is to provide 20% of the nation’s power by 2030, as much as $4 billion a year will have to be used to build new transmission lines, a 50% increase over what is currently spent. But the expressions and body language of the two as they met told the story, with the a€?Tomb Raidera€? star giving Pascal a stone-cold stare and the exec looking like a mourner greeting the bereaved at a funeral.
The 39-year-old Jolie makes her big-budget directing debut Christmas Day with a€?Unbroken,a€? which is distributed by Universal Pictures.
A team led by MIT students this week successfully tested a prototype of what may be the most cost-efficient solar power system in the world, which has the potential to revolutionize global energy production. The system consists of a 12-foot-wide mirrored dish that team members have spent the last several weeks assembling. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.

The quote in this post and more than ten thousand others will lead you to find the words that perfectly strengthen your argument(s). Cassius gives Brutus reasons for getting rid of Caesar and questions the ground of Caesar’s popularity. There are tens of thousands of miles of new transmission lines planned or under construction, most traversing ranch and farm land. Two hundred people in Livermore, California, turned out last month to protest a 600-mile transmission line that would run through the farms and vineyards of Alameda County.
The dish, made from a lightweight frame of thin, inexpensive aluminum tubing and strips of mirror, concentrates sunlight by a factor of 1,000--creating heat so intense it could melt a bar of steel.
Question the power, the dubious qualifications, the devious means, the corruption or all the above, by means of which a detestable or stupid individual has achieved a position of power. It’s been grazed and sections have been punched by companies looking for oil and gas. Some estimate that the country will spend up to $200 billion dollars building out a new electric grid.
The construction of new lines and the lease payments they bring will benefit some rural residents, while others see it as unmitigated destruction.

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