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WELCOME To THE MIND-POWER , DISCOVER The HIDDEN SECRET POWER You Have , You Can do Anything You Want , AnyThing You Desire , AnyThing You Dremt of by the Knowledge of MIND-POWER. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. THE RED SCARE #1•The first “Red Scare” takes place after the labor strikes and raceriots of 1919. MITCHELL PALMER’S “THE CASE AGAINST THE REDS” (1)Notice the first phrase (“Like a prairie fire…”) is meant to underscore thespreading danger that the radicals posed. THE RED SCARE #2The second Red Scare took place after the Second WorldWar as the Cold War began. THE RED SCARE #2During the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy began a one-man crusade to root out the “Commies”.
ELITISM – HOW INFORMATION FLOWSElite theory also argues that informationflows from opinion elites down to opinionleaders who are looked to the public forinformation.
BIOLOGICAL WARFARE - MANIPULATIONHow can we protectourselves against the threatsof germs and toxins?

PROPAGANDA – CINEMOCRACYGovernmental elites may believe thattheir national policies are so concretethat it is necessary to utilize variousforms of propaganda gage inpropaganda to incite specificreactions from its citizens.
COLD WAR PROPAGANDAElite manipulation has existed inour country even prior to the daysof our founding. In 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia inspiredleftists who believed that a “world” revolution would be possible.Formation of the Third International (later dissolved by Stalin duringWWII). This phrase, ironically, waslater used in the 1960s to promote the revolutionary causes of theradicals of the New Left. He used “name-calling” and “smear tactics” to attack people who disagreedwith him, claiming they were unpatriotic or worse, agents offoreign governments.
News is first “created” byopinion elites and then sent to opinionleaders to help disseminate theinformation.
Variousforms of propaganda have beenutilized to drum up mass support tobetter assure elite legitimacy.Cinemocracy, the relationshipbetween motion pictures andgovernment is one way governmentalelites sell their agenda. In fact, as a result of the success of the Bolsheviks, someAmerican radicals moved away from the Socialist Party and becameactive in the American Communist Party.In 1919, the post office intercepted 40 bombs, and a bomb explodedin front of the house of Attorney-General A.

In some cases people’s reputations andcareers were ruined when they were accused of belonging toor sympathizing with the Communist Party. Those at the very top of theelite network decide what information isdeemed as necessary to offer society.These elites may be news makersthemselves or in charge of large mediacorporations. Mitchell Palmer.•This was the beginning of a series of “witch hunts” by thegovernment against radicals and aliens. Opinion leaders may bethought of as journalists, news anchors,expert pundits or even celebrities whopossess legitimacy among those insociety. This is also truefor nontraditional news sources aseveryone is biased in some way.Many in the news media stress thatthey are nonbiased since they onlyreflect reality.
Even if the news ismerely reflected or reported, it istheir choice of subjects that provestheir bias.

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