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Of all the things I learned years ago that created the life I’ve been fortunate to lead, two stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Our thinking is driven by our “mindset” (the ways we’ve learned to think), which is in turn driven by our beliefs, mostly unconscious. A belief that dogs are threatening or dangerous might be triggered by a bad experience as a child. Most psychological issues I encounter in my clients have similarly been generated by behaviour.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) begins with a behaviour that generates a perceived benefit, leading to more of the behaviour.
Depression is usually initiated by life circumstances but is reinforced by behaviour, such as withdrawal and isolation, that adds to the negative beliefs driving the depression.
The cure for almost all psychological problems is to reverse the behaviour, thus challenging and undermining the beliefs driving the issue.
If changing behaviour, while accepting uncomfortable feelings, can cure psychological problems, the same approach can also be used to generate powerful self-beliefs.
When I discovered this truth around the age of 30, I chose to use it to radically change my life.
If you’d like to change your mindset, become more successful and live an inspiring life, I strongly suggest you start taking actions that reflect how you’d like to be, while fully accepting any temporary anxiety or other discomfort that may result.

Graham W Price is a Chartered Psychologist, stress management consultant, therapist, coach and development trainer. This research distilled the basis for happiness and success into 7 Mindsets, or ways one thinks about themselves, their surroundings, and the future. In this article I’m continuing that theme by providing evidence from the world of psychology and by describing my experience of using this tool.
Our beliefs are mainly formed by life experience but can also be created, reinforced or even undermined, through our behaviour.
Anxiety is universally maintained and aggravated by avoidance behaviour that reinforces the negative beliefs driving the anxiety. That may initially generate uncomfortable feelings that just need to be accepted until they too subside. Behaving powerfully, while accepting any resulting discomfort, universally generates powerful self-beliefs.
On the first day I had to speak to an audience of 250 (my largest previous audience had been 30). These mindsets are actions and attitudes that can literally change the course of a person’s life. If the child starts to avoid dogs, and that continues, the initial belief will be repeatedly reinforced and a phobia may well result.
This leads to more of the behaviour until an unconscious belief is formed that’s experienced as a “need”.

In my experience this “cure” always succeeds, though in some cases additional tools may also be needed. On the same day I had to sign up for a challenge that culminated in being alone on stage entertaining an audience of 600 with nothing prepared. I met successful people, listened to their advice and copied their behaviour … and so became more successful.
At 7 Mindsets, we teach these simple principles to young people and adults through interactive programs, engaging curriculum, and a variety of digital solutions.
The other was understanding how our actions drive our mindset, the subject of this series of two articles. The information has been organized into language that is highly engaging, easy to understand, and oriented toward driving positive change through purposeful action in one’s life.
I didn’t need to do it if it was illegal or immoral, physically or financially risky, if it might disadvantage others or if I didn’t have the time.

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