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One way to experience the real Phuket is to experience Thai Buddhism – for its culture and religion cannot be separated. Thais are more than welcoming when it comes to foreigners coming to practice the teachings of Buddha. Built long ago on the hillside of the popular Khao Rang Hill in Phuket Town, Wat Khao Rang features Phuket’s original Golden sitting Buddha.
Wat Sapam is the local temple for Ban Sapam, a small fishing community on the east coast of Phuket.
Wat Jareon Samanakit sits on a hill behind Phuket Provincial Court and is divided into three levels: the top level is home to all religious buildings, the second level is the monk’s dormitory and the lower has a chapel, kitchen, visitor’s shelter and the shrine hall (or ubosot) which is where most religious ceremonies take place. Buddhist teachings illustrate that the spiritual transformation rests on three foundations: Sila (morality), Samadhi (mental development), and Pagnna (wisdom). In many Buddhist countries during Buddhist holidays such as Vesak and full moon days, it is common for lay Buddhists to observe a more stringent code of discipline, consisting of the Eight Precepts (Ata Sil).
An important thing to remember when observing the Eight-Precepts or Ten-Precepts is to think that one following the noble beings such as the Buddha and Arahats, who perfected these practices.
These practices are consistent with the Middle Path that leads to understanding of the Four Nobel Truths. The Eightfold Noble Path is also relevent to the entire nation when understood in the context. In the real world it is ‘survival of t, fittest and not the survival of the happiest or with the least suffering. In the modern highly competitive world, it is dangerous to blindly hang on to an Indian religion that has even been dumped by Indians. If you follow the five Precepts, you won’t even think about infuriate speeches against innocent minorities of Sri Lanka. You are praising the Noble Truth and wish to be practised by Sri Lankans, but in other sense you are instigating hatred against fellow Sri Lankans. Unfortunately, majority of the Sri Lankan Buddhists are drunkards when you compare to other communities. Suffering is due to few major problems such a loss of a loved one, sudden serious dcease, aging and death.
As a Buddhist country, we have to have very strong law enforcement and crime prevention for us to live in peace with each other. Disclaimer: The comments contained within this website are personal reflection only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the LankaWeb. Most Popular?????? ??????? ????????? ???? ????????????? ???? ???????? ?????? ???? ???????? ??? ??????? ?????? ?????.
The next realm is called the hungry ghost realm, and is often pictured as a giant creature with a large stomach and a pinhole for a mouth.

Een inspirerende verzameling van de belangrijkste inzichten uit de boeddhistische praktijk, van de leer van de Boeddha tot de zen uit Japan en de wijsheid van de Tibetaanse tantra.
This anthology illustrates the vast scope of Buddhist practice in Asia, past and present, by presenting a selection of forty-eight translating texts including hagiographies, monastic rules, pilgrimage, monastic rules, prilgrimage songs, apocryphal sutras and didactic tales from India, China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma.
Om een harmonieuze en vreedzame wereld te bouwen, hebben we meer nodig dan alleen tolerantie en begrip tussen de verschillende religies. Many Thai people spend a great deal of time at their local wat (temple or monastery), a place where people come to worship, attend sermons, seek advice on family matters, meditate, receive advise about traditional medicine or in many cases send their children for academic purposes. The extremely supportive environment of a good Thai wat or Buddhist practice centre provides both inspiration and an opportunity for spiritual development that is rare in the world today. The temple is built on a small hill overlooking Sapam Bay, with the main temple at the highest point, the monk’s rooms on the hillside and the monk’s dining hall lower down.
This beautiful building with its triple roofs gets busy on important Buddhist days such as Buddha’s birthday and the Sart Thai Festival.
Unfortunately, in the real world, there are many people as well as societies that do not have or respect Buddhist values.
As for reduction of suffering, make use of modern education and science and technology, rather than use Indian methods that even Indians do not follow any more. If you really practise those Precepts, you never talk about nalanda buddhists, tibetan buddhists, Spanish, Hitler, etc. One of the things that prompted me to investigate Buddhist afterlife was giving a talk at Central Juvenile Hall, where one of the Catholic girls said to me that I was going to go to hell because I did not believe in God and Jesus Christ. The animal realm is marked by wanting to have sex, wanting to have food,wanting to have sleep and being totally confused.
Most of these pieces have never before been translated into Western language and each is preceded by a substantial introduction by its translator. Neither the LankaWeb nor the individual authors of any material on this Web site accept responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused (including through negligence), which you may directly or indirectly suffer arising out of your use of or reliance on information contained on or accessed through this Web site. After reflection I had to agree with her that I was going to Christian hell because I did not believe in God or Jesus Christ.
There is a wonderful book that was published in 1997, called Buddhist Cosmology, Philosophy and Origins. It went to China, and these concepts did not jive with Chinese concepts all ready in place.
The original building, with its numerous rooms and the sitting Buddha situated on its roof, with its back against the stunning green hillside backdrop. Around the interior walls of Wat Sapam you will find some very colourful paintings depicting scenes from the life of Buddha. Over the years, the local government has also used this place as a training centre for different subjects such as culture, health and careers.

The new building, this stands at the long set of concrete steps decorated with the usual green Naga snakes, more quiet than the original building but with good views of a temple located across town. Suffering could be reduced with character development, mind control, appropriate education, and using science and technology.
If a good Catholic married a good Buddhist and they lived happily ever after, when they died were they going to the same place? This is the best place for us to come because this is the only place where we can become enlightened. We cannot become enlightened in heaven, because things are too nice and we have no reason to strive.
The only way we can get out of the hell realm is to burn off our karma that got us there through suffering.
In the Buddhist model we have specific practices that are necessary to achieve rebirth in heaven.
We should learn how to survive in a highly competitive world rather than learn to be happy, end suffering and end up as poorest of the poor or end up losing our living space completely or end up being killed as happened to Nalanda Buddhists. We cannot become enlightened in the hell realm because things are too bad and all we can do is suffer. So, I needed to investigate it and with great honesty say, ” So, what is the Buddhist contribution to afterlife? We have enough happiness and joy to keep us from taking our own lives and we have enough anxiety and suffering to keep us honest. The Buddha said that all forms of life are unsatisfactory and that you will eventually end up suffering. One day in the heaven realm is equal to 400 human years, and your stay is four thousand heaven years, so you will be there a long time. The Buddha borrowed from Brahmanic tradition: karma was already established in India by the time the Buddha was born. If you are a Buddhist you have to look at life as a continuum, as a process of birth and death.
When the karma that put you to be born in this heaven wears out, you have to be reborn again, and that makes you unhappy.
He used those as examples, as models, as paradigms, for where a good Buddhist and a bad Buddhist would go. Now they can get more clothing, better clothing if they practice acts of generosity and compassion.

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