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Team practices are held Monday through Friday, except for the day after a meet.  We hold a ribbon ceremony the evening of the day following a meet, but no practice. Practices are Monday – Friday, except the day after a meet, when we hold an evening ribbon ceremony but no regular practice.
Junior Sharks: Junior Sharks will run this year from May 31-June 15 for those young swimmers who need assistance to be safe in the pool. SAP Best Practices include a clear methodology based on a comprehensible step-by-step approach.
To explore the different hockey practices and drills on, use the menu above or to the left. The 2 on 1 youth hockey drill performed on a hockey practice at Teemu Selanne hockey camp in Finland for youth hockey players, 10-11 years old. Individual youth hockey skills drills to improve dribbling, skating and stickhandling technique.
The hockey dribbling skill drill performed on hockey practice, with proper technique at Teemu Selanne hockey camp for youth hockey players in Finland. The youth hockey passing drill performed properly by 10-11 year old Finnish youth hockey players at Teemu Selanne hockey camp in Finland.
The hockey stickhandling drill performed by 10-11 year old youth hockey players on a hockey practice at Teemu Selanne hockey camp in Finland.
Improve your hockey slapshot by understanding and seeing the techniques and skill of a slapshot, same principles goes for wrist shot, performed in slow motion.
10-11 Years old youth hockey players in Finland showing the hockey drill on a hockey practice at Teemu Selanne hockey camp.

Synthetic ice, artificial ice or plastic ice on your backyard, play hockey whenever you want.
Hockey Player Path templates, will help you to create common path for practices, drills, coaching and values in your hockey team or club.
A visualized hockey player path document will create clarity for hockey players, parents and sponsors, it will be clear for everyone one what you strive and stand for. The CSBA will be featuring a new series on our website, in line with our priority of sharing best practices in public education across Canada. The coaches do offer evening practices for swimmers who cannot make the morning practices due to summer camp or other obligations. Check the board by the snack shack for evening practices AND swim clinics starting June 20.
After the three weeks, the coaching staff and family will discuss if it is appropriate for the swimmer to move up to the minimites and participate more independently in the pool.
Practices and meets are perfect times to watch your child progress and improve, and to socialize with other swim team parents. Every package has extensive reusable documentation for self-study, evaluation, as well as for project team and end-user training.
In the three other areas of the ice, hockey practice, you can run the hockey drill as 1 on 1, 2 on 2 and 2 on 0. Receive a pass, Gretzky turn, protect the puck round the cone, simple 1 on 1 situation, deke and shoot.
Define what’s most important in various categories and in different ages, along the hockey player path.

70 hockey drills, or use the hockey drills for season start up, or during the hockey season. Hockey practice 2 of 72 during the first hockey season for young hockey players, 7-9 years old.
Some are grassroots initiatives that started with one school; others developed from collaborative actions with community and non-profit organizations, industry and Ministries of Education. SAP Best Practices provide complete pre-configuration settings that give you everything you need to run mid-market specific key processes with minimal installation effort.
Replace forward skating with diffrent skating skill techniques (inner edge, outer edge), coordination and balance skills. Parent volunteering is required for every swimmer on our team because each meet requires 60+ volunteers to ensure that it runs smoothly and to allow everyone to enjoy the meet. Save a lot of time and create a red thread in your hockey camps for ages 8-10 and 11-13 years.
Its also an easy way to truly learn about what your child is involved in, and there are plenty of ways to get involved. Check on the Volunteers page of this website for information on opportunities and a link to sign up online.
Also, feel free to come watch your child practice, and attend the ribbon ceremony the evening after every swim meet at 7pm!

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